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Links, Squeakies and Naps

Posted by faiththemutt on July 29, 2009

JainaIcon: So, we haven’t posted in a while, not since the squeaky that is not actually a squeaky– Faith–.

FaithIcon: What?  I haven’t even wooked at it!

JainaIcon: That’s not true, but you have been very good about not trying to squeak him.  I’m sure Ianto appreciates not being your next squeaky.

FaithIcon: It’s not wike he’d of made a vewy good one anyway.  He’s too smawl.

JainaIcon: That’s true and you should remember that.  He’s a dwarf hamster so he’s even smaller than regular hamsters!

FaithIcon: You mean dey come in diffewent sizes?!

JainaIcon: Oh, dear.  How about we show people how cute he is?

JainaIcon: I haven’t been feeling the greatest the last three days, so I’ve been sort of lazy about posting or doing anything of usefulness lately.  Don’t know what the problem is but I’ve just been super fatigued for no reason and haven’t had much motivation to do anything productive.  Which is the complete opposite of what I was intending for this summer.  So, I at least am trying to keep up.  Faith’s suggestion is “MOWR NAPS”:



That doesn’t seem practical, at least not to me, sounds nice, but not practical.  Faith doesn’t think being practical has anything to do with it, but seeing as I’m supposed to be the human in this relationship, we’ll see.

We’ve been linking to a lot of bunny blogs lately, which isn’t too odd, considering I personally have had a rabbit most of my life (not the same one, that would awesome and weird) but for most of my life, there’s always been one living in the backyard.  Last year I lost my 9-year-old Dutch Dwarf, Grace, to mammary cancer, a loss I knew was coming, but was still unprepared for in the end.  This passed May, I lost Phoebe, my big white albino to an unknown illness.  It was completely unexpected and I still wonder what happened, I just wasn’t curious enough to allow a necropsy.  She was beautiful and I didn’t want anything to spoil that.  They were heart-wrenching losses and so close to everyone here that getting another rabbit is too hard.  So for now, Faith, Yuri and Ianto will be all that’s left and I don’t think we could have asked for more.

As for the bunny blogs, Faith thinks bunnies are cute, strange, but cute.  She thought Grace and Phoebe were pretty and smelled weird, but she always said hello when she went outside and never tried to hurt them (she never had the opportunity, but I think she knows better). Besides, Phoebe although not even half Faith’s size, had some monster thumpers on her, she didn’t take no for an answer and she certainly wouldn’t take any guff from some fuzz-faced goon, so I never really worried.  But now that we don’t have any bunnies, Faith likes to look at blogs about them, plus, we have yet to find any good ones about dogs (suggestions?).  So, if you’re curious, she loves de bunnies!  Loves dem!  And loves your pictures if you happen to notice we’ve linked to you!

And finally, have a little Faith, who knows how to be adorable too!

Just ignore the baby-talk.  I have no shame and it’ll continue whether it annoys people or not.

Until then!

Jaina & Faith


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