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Ianto H. Jones meets The Squeaky

Posted by faiththemutt on August 3, 2009

JainaIcon: Well as I’m sure you’ve all been wondering… Faith got a new squeaky.

FaithIcon: Onwy took fowevwer.

JainaIcon: Listen, I’m not made of money.

FaithIcon: Appawentwy you’re not made of Squeakies eiver!

JainaIcon: Or I could just never buy you squeakies ever again.

FaithIcon: As if you couwd evew say no to dis face.

JainaIcon: Why does it always come to this, folks?  This constant cute blackmail?  Which, of course, works.  Because, look what she got?

The gorilla with the bad dye-job

The gorilla with the bad dye-job

FaithIcon: I wuv it.

JainaIcon: Of course you do. Which is why this happened:

Ugh.. I am dead.

Ugh.. I am dead.

FaithIcon: It is possibwe I wuved him a wittle too hawd…

JainaIcon: That would explain the explosion of stuffing.

But she got a new toy! Aren’t I a good mommy?  Aren’t I a total push-over?!  Maybe I should take a page from Faith’s book and not worry about my sad, sad little existence– Hakuna Matata as some would say.

P1070524Or maybe Bat-dog anyone?

Nanananana BAT-DOGGGGG!

Nanananana BAT-DOGGGGG!

Yeah, I should definitely take a page.  Napping sounds like it works for her, maybe it would for me.


In other news…

So, my little boy, Ianto (and for anyone who is as nerdy as I, yes, that is a Torchwood reference) was a little wound up this evening, so I let him go for a stroll before I called Faith up for bed.  Little did I know, he must have ingested sugar or something, because I could barely keep up with him… Or I’m actually getting old and just shouldn’t have a hamster, but in my defense, I did pretty well in keeping him from doing a leap of faith right off the side of my bed.

Regardless, I’m glad he’s not a biter when you have to fish him out of cracks and crevices and he certainly seems to enjoy wandering, so that’s good.  Hopefully sometime this week I can talk myself into wandering out into the warm summer weather and buy him a new rolly ball so he can run all he wants and I won’t have to worry he’s getting himself squished some place.  I need to buy him a new water bottle as the one I got when I bought him seems to be giving him trouble.  I’m not sure if it’s because there’s something technically wrong with it, or if it’s just because he’s little and his mouth is too small to get the ball pushed out of the way to get water out.

Either way, he’s currently drinking out of a well cleaned Rolaids lid.  It’s cute to watch him drink out of it, but I have to remember to refill it every day and I’m a little on the forgetful side.  So, definitely need to get on that.  Despite the trials and tribulations of being a hamster owner, I’m glad he’s photogenic too, though fast for the hamsterazzi.

Hmmm... Must contact Gareth David-Lloyd about the finale of Torchwood...

Hmmm... Must contact Gareth David-Lloyd about the finale of Torchwood...

He’s a fast little dude, but at least obstacles still slow him down.

There seems to be a giant gorilla blocking my path.

There seems to be a giant gorilla blocking my path.

And he’s got a bit of an attitude

Remove it silly human

Remove it, silly human

So, rather than risk him taking a fall off my desk, I let him take a stroll on my bed.

Ah yes, new terrain-- What is this shadow following me?

Ah yes, new terrain-- What is this shadow following me?

That kid is the cutest.  Gotta get that rolly ball.

Until the next purchase!

~Jaina & Faith


2 Responses to “Ianto H. Jones meets The Squeaky”

  1. Kelsey said

    I miss Ianto! But Captain Jack would eat him in two seconds flat. 🙂

    • faiththemutt said

      Probably true, I guess we’ll stick to pictures then. But, I’m sure you’ll come back to visit some day and you can come over minus the cat.

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