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Never Wear Lipstick when the Windows are Down and the Dog is with you

Posted by faiththemutt on August 5, 2009

JainaIcon: Well, today was interesting.  It was a slow start, but I think in the long run, I ended up doing more than I expected.  Translation: I spent more money than I was intending.

FaithIcon: You work tomowwow.

JainaIcon: Does not mean I want my hard-earned cash disappearing before it even gets in my checking account.

FaithIcon: Den how do I get my squeakies?

JainaIcon: *Headdesk*

I will never win this argument, she’s hell-bent on breaking the world record of “Dog with most Squeakies”, which, if you think about it, she’s inarguably the winner of anyway.  If she’s not, I’d like to meet the person who’s more insane than me and what their toy box looks like.  Because, Faith’s is too frightening to show to the public.

FaithIcon: And you fowgawt to take pictuws…

JainaIcon: *cough*… Nobody needs to know that.

Anyway, today I decided I had to find a water bottle for Ianto, something the poor little guy can actually drink out of, since the one I bought for him was such an epic failure.  Plus, every hamster needs a rolly ball– It’s a necessity or all the other hamsters will laugh at him for not being as cool as them… Because… There are so many of them around here.

Anyway, he needed one.  I would take a picture, but 1.) He played in it most of the afternoon and got all tuckered out, so no energy for a photoshoot (plus, I needed to pick my room up first) and 2.) When a hamster is in a small space for longer than, I don’t know, 2 seconds, they have a tendency to… Let loose.  So I also have to clean it before I start taking any photos or we’ll have even fewer readers.  He may have tiny poops but that doesn’t make it cute.

Buying a rolly ball was first on the agenda but ended up being the last thing bought.  Since Wal-Mart is terrible.  I’m getting ahead of myself here though, as today was rather chaotic.

9:30 am, Faith woke me by staring at me, reminding me that I had plans to do stuff.  Though, I was a little slow going despite her insistence.  I promised her she could come with me once I got myself into gear.  After lunch, we headed out and booooooy was she ready.

Open de doooooooor!

Open dis door... Now.

Awaiting her chariot to be prepped, Faith had the cogs turning.  Didn’t matter to her that I was only going (planning) on buying stuff for Ianto and possibly make-up for me, seeing as I’ve been out of foundation for like, a month.  No matter, she had a plan.



Give me de keys, I'll dwive I know whrew de squeakies awe!

Give me de keys, I'll dwive I know whrew de squeakies awe!

Like, really ready.  And no, she did not drive, I’m not quite that desperate to lose my life.  Or my license.

Goodbye howse, I'll be back wif a squeaky!

Goodbye howse, I'll be back wif a squeaky!

Do you see how her mind works?  It’s never good when she starts plotting.  I hadn’t even said anything about a squeaky at this point.  But then, we got to Wal-Mart and suddenly, I was told that I couldn’t come back to the car if I didn’t bring her something, soft, cute and squeakable.

Now dat is where de squeakies awe... You have your owdews...

Now dat is where de squeakies awe... You have your owdews...

I think she meant orders… But… Sometimes the Universal Translator fails me when it comes to Faith-Speak.  Maybe she meant odors… And then I would be mad.  However, as long as I am ignorant to this, she’s very persuasive.

Did I mention that this isn’t just me being a pushover.  Just mostly.  The night before last, Yuri (Faith’s older brother) decided to finish off the gorilla with the bad dye job when no one was looking.  Mom insisted that somehow the gorilla had exploded on its own and that Yuri was just an innocent bystander.  Hardyhar.  I don’t believe it for a second, but that’s her story and she’s sticking to it.  Since I wasn’t actually there, I can’t say much to his actions… Just that there was bits of fluff all over the floor.

She wins.

She wins.

There is actually make-up under that monkey…  Somewhere.  And, to be fair, Wal-Mart’s small pet section is stinky.  So we had to go somewhere else anyway.  Yeah.

SQUEAKY!!!!  I know it's in dere!

SQUEAKY!!!! I know it's in dere!

Sigh. At least she knows I love her.  That’s all that matters.



Really, really love her.  Since the rolly balls at Wal-Mart were ridiculous and too big, I had to go back to the store I bought Ianto from in the first place to find one and get a new bottle for him.  Aside from buying an assortment of items for my little boy, I found a case of gourmet dog cookies and seeing as I love my dogs, I had to buy some.  At least they were cute.

Even with my human sensibilities... I really wanted to eat these.

Even with my human sensibilities... I really wanted to eat these.

It brings out the demon in Yuri.



Yummy!  I wuv cookies toooo!

Yummy! I wuv cookies toooo!

If ever a clown needed to fear a dog...

If ever a clown needed to fear a dog...

She was very patient with me holding on to her cookie.  Unlike Yuri, who made a break for the living room.

Tank you.

Tank you.

Do not share!

Do not share!

So aside from spoiling my dogs, entirely too much– I also spoiled my hamster… What?  Every hamster needs a rolly ball, a good water bottle and munchie sticks!

P1070701Don’t judge me.

FaithIcon: Yeah, because den she might not buy me de tings I want… Do we have anymowr cookies?

JainaIcon: Not at the moment.

FaithIcon: Well dat’s nawt wight.  De wules showd change awound hewre.  Squeakies and cookies, evwee day!

Until next time!

Jaina & Faith


4 Responses to “Never Wear Lipstick when the Windows are Down and the Dog is with you”

  1. d0gl0ver said

    Enjoyed reading about your trip to the store! You have some very lucky friends!! 🙂

    • faiththemutt said

      Thank you! I’ve decided I enjoy sharing my fur-infested life with others, even if my pocketbook gets muuuuuch lighter. Faith says thank you too, but she doesn’t understand why visitors don’t bring her squeakies like she thinks they should 🙂


  2. Kelsey said

    I saw that exact same monkey at Wal-mart when I was looking for toys for Captain Jack. But something tells me my cat doesn’t have the same appreciation for squeakies as your dog does…

    • faiththemutt said

      Yeahhhh, I’m sensing a cat as suave as Captain Jack wouldn’t find as much joy in a squeaky as Faith does… Maybe one of those jingly mouse things, since he can toy with it like Cpt. Jack Harkness does love interests.

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