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Little Possibilities…

Posted by faiththemutt on September 14, 2009

Jaina Icon 2: Well… We still don’t have any interesting photos to post today… Faith had to stop at the vet this afternoon–

FaithIcon: Against my wiww… I tawt it was gonna be a fun caw wide… But noooooo, I got a shot in de butt.  My BUTT!

Jaina Icon 2: It was only a little pinch and you’re better off for it anyway, I mean, our very nice vet gave you cookies, I gave you cookies and hey, you’re protected from Rabies for the next 3 years.  I’m not seeing a downside.

FaithIcon: It was a shot.

Jaina Icon 2: A teeny, tiny, insignificant little–

FaithIcon: IN MY BUTT!

Jaina Icon 2: Could you stop saying that?

FaithIcon: Saying what?  Butt?  Buttbuttbuttbuttbuttbuttbuttbuttbutt–

Jaina Icon 2: I’m glad I can call you my mature dog, oh wait!  No I can’t.

FaithIcon: Mommy, it huwt.  What is dis Wabies anyway?  I mean, is it like an evil Ninja dat only attacks butts?

Jaina Icon 2: Er.  No.  Have you seen Ol’ Yeller?

FaithIconIs it a cookie?

Jaina Icon 2: No… Actually.

FaithIcon: A squeaky?

Jaina Icon 2: Nooo.

FaithIcon: Den it isn’t worf seeing.

Jaina Icon 2: Ok, you know what, never mind… Rabies is bad.  Let’s leave it at that.

As you’ve probably gathered, Faith got her Rabies booster today and she wasn’t pleased.  She was very good, but as it is, she’s hijacked my bed and isn’t planning on returning it anytime soon– That and I gave she and Yuri a bath this evening.  That might also have something to do with her not speaking to me.  But hey, at least she smells better.

FaithIcon: I put de diwt dere fow a weason, mommy.  You distuwbed de diwt.

Jaina Icon 2: Faith, my love– It was gross.  You were gross.

And even after all of that torture, she has even more to endure tomorrow.  She and Yuri are going in to get Bordetella (I have no idea if that’s spelled right) vaccine or Kennel Cough, for those laymen like me that aren’t into all the highfalutin’ specialty words.

There’s a reason for this, actually.

We’re havin’ a baby!


See, on Sunday afternoon, when I was at work, the parents were out and about, doing stuff that despite not interesting me terribly, would have interested me a lot more than work.  At the time.  One of their stops happened to be PetSmart so they could pick up some treats for the dogs and a few surprises for Ianto– Who my mother, lovingly albeit a little annoyingly calls “Squeaky”–  Well, apparently while they were there, they realized it was National “Second Chance at Love” Day or something on that lines and the store was full of fuzzy faces looking for a home.

Since we’ve had a lot of heartbreak in the last year and a half, we weren’t really looking for a new family member, but these things have an odd way of happening.  And although nothing is set in stone, yet, we may have had one of those things, happen 🙂

While they were there, they happened upon a few puppies, probably 12 weeks or a little older, who were apparently the cutest little things ever.  Why so special to us?

They’re a Lab/Husky mix.  It’s like Faith and Yuri had a love child (FaithIcon: ew!  NO WAY!!!!) but in a completely not gross way, because in our world, Faith and Yuri our brother and sister.  So.  Whatever.  But it’s true.  Yuri is a Husky, Faith is a Lab (well, the majority of her) and it’s like these puppies were the best of both worlds.  Well, because we weren’t really looking, they came home without any fuzzy faces, but mom was determined to show me.  She found their photos online and we immediately fell in love with one of the boys of the litter.  His name was Bentley and he had big green eyes and very familiar Husky smile.

He had to be ours.  However, since Ozzie’s passing in June, it’s been very hard on Dad to even think about another dog.  He and Ozzie were close and as with any family, the loss was painful.  But he should know, this dog isn’t a replacement, no one could ever replace Ozzie, but Mom says “If you’ve ever had such a good friend, it’s not that you’re replacing them when you lose them, you want to have more good friends, just like them.” Also, since Yuri is getting up in years, Mom wants to make sure he has a friend, since Faith and I will most likely move out in about two years into our own home.  Seeing as Yuri is a Husky and Huskies are very social, being alone isn’t ideal.  So, Mom thinks finding someone to keep him company is a good idea and getting them at a time where life isn’t like it was when Ozzie reached his time.  I agree, but I couldn’t help feel excited when Dad agreed.

He’s been wonderfully patient with Mom and I.  I know it’s probably not easy for him and he’s leery about getting another dog, to join us and grow old, but I’m sure he’ll like them regardless.  Even if it isn’t right away.

I digress.

Bentley– Well, I called about Bentley, I e-mailed about Bentley and impatiently waited for a reply.  Trust me, I went to the movies with Blake and although I loved the movie, I was really hoping there would be a reply in my box saying he was available for us to adopt.

Seriously, how could you not WANT him?!

Seriously, how could you NOT want him?!

Unfortunately.  For us anyway.  He wasn’t.  Bentley had found a forever home and although I’m very happy that he’ll have a home and hopefully a very loving family, I couldn’t help but feel sad and a wee bit jealous of them when I received the call.  There was still some light at the end of the “Trying this Adoption thing Tunnel” when the woman (very nice lady) told me that they had one more puppy left.  A little girl.  Her name is Paisley.  She has a gold eye and a blue eye and although they had thought she was going to be adopted and didn’t post any photos of her on the website, the adoption had fallen through.

And were we interested?

Well duh!

Since we originally had our hearts set on Bentley, the thought that there might be another of the litter available was wonderful.  Because they’re closed on Mondays, we weren’t able to see her or even get a photo, so we don’t know for sure what she looks like (apparently she’s a bit bigger than Bentley, see above, he’s pretty big for a baby)– but they’ve said she looks like her brothers/sister With a mix of both eye colors.  Very cool as Yuri has blue eyes and Faith has brown.  That would make it even more perfect.  She is also, per the nice lady’s opinion, very sweet.  So I have high hopes, she’d be the first girl dog in this house as Faith acts like a boy 99.9% of the time.

FaithIcon: Hey!  What is dis, pick on Faifee day?

So, now we wait.  After an absolutely insane day!  I had class till 11:30, went to have a violin lesson that was canceled because I have a cough (long story, no time) and then playing a form of phone-tag with mom to figure out how to get the paperwork they sent us done, Faith’s Rabies shot updated and who knows what else in a matter of hours.  I surprised my vet into letting us have an appointment out of nowhere, rushed to C.R. to get the forms to scan and send, get money for Faith’s shot and then actually pick up Faith to get the shot.  All before I had to return to school for my symphony rehearsal… Oh, did I mention that even though I got the forms scanned, I forgot they were too big and it sent it back to me twice?  Yeah, can’t save anything on the desktop at school, so I had to bother Dad to fix it and send it for me so the director of the shelter wouldn’t think we’d blown her off.


But, that part’s taken care of.  For now.  Now we wait till tomorrow– I have a short class day and have to take the two brats, I mean, lovelies to the vet so we can protect them from Kennel Cough, just in case this little girl has it.  I don’t think they’re the type of place to let their dogs get sick, but you never know where some of them have been, who they’ve seen, etc.  If Faith and Yuri got Kennel Cough at their age, I’m pretty sure it could be disastrous.  I would not want that.  Ever.  I would like to bring this puppy home and call her mine, but not at the risk of my own baby, Faith.  She means too much to me.  So, off to vetland we go and she’ll hate me for about 5 seconds and then cookies and kisses will be exchanged and then we’re off to see baby.

We’re taking them with us, just to be sure they’ll get along.  Yuri’s pretty laid back, so I don’t foresee trouble, but Faith might think I’m trying to replace her and not feel so generous.  But, then again, she has that wonderful maternal instinct, maybe she’ll surprise me.  She did today at the vet’s, so I’m not overlooking anything.

Here’s to hoping we have a new baby tomorrow!  They can still deny the adoption for whatever reason (we have a fence, experience, food, love, trained dogs, the desire for a new dog… Why they would?) I don’t know.  So we’re definitely crossing our fingers that whatever kind of interview we have, it goes well and that we can bring Paisley home… At some point, maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day, I don’t know how that works.  If there’s anything I’ve realized, it’s that at least in our neck of the woods, it’s much more time consuming and difficult to adopt than it is to simply buy a pet at the store.  Which is why I’ve realized people don’t adopt as much.  I get that the shelter is trying to make sure already traumatized and forgotten pets are placed in good homes, but the process certainly scares people away, I’m sure.  If I didn’t love the idea of Paisley so much, I might not have put as much effort into getting the paperwork done and sent and made arrangements to meet her.  But, I think in the end, it’ll be worth it.  I hope my heart melts tomorrow, because then it definitely would be.  Here’s to wishing!

Until then!

Jaina & Faith

P.S. If considering adoption, please be sure to consider older animals.  I feel like a double-standard.  For us, a puppy is better, since we’ve had so much heart-break with our older pets recently.  Just keep in mind, older pets are sometimes better pets.  Sometimes they come trained and certainly full of just as much love if not more for you.  They deserve a second chance just as much as puppies or kittens and it’s depressing and unnecessary to see them wither away at shelters or be euthanized because everyone wants the glamor of a baby animal (Again, I’m a hypocrite, I know, but at least I’m being honest).  Just please, don’t forget the older pets.  4 or 5 years old isn’t old, it’s just the beginning.  Don’t forget them!


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