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With a Feather in her… Nose…

Posted by faiththemutt on October 19, 2009

Jaina Icon 2: Ok… So, I’m a really terrible blogger.  For whatever reason (*cough* I’m lazy *cough*) I have a hard time getting my act together.  I’m sorry.  Also, not a lot has been going on, other than me losing my mind in my current college course.  Believe me, it shouldn’t be this hard, but apparently it has to be.

FaithIcon: Appawentwee, educmuhcation is mowe impowtant den puppies and squeakies, but down’t twy tewwing hew dat.

Jaina Icon 2: Let’s not start on that again.  In any case, it’s been kind of on the low-down around here.  Paisley is settling in pretty well, she already knows how to sit, lay down, roll over, shake and is working on sitting pretty.  But, she’s still definitely got baby fat, so she’s got a serious case of puppy butt.  Meaning she gets about half way up and then rolls backwards.  It’s cute in a sad little way.   The potty training is slow, but she’s done pretty well the last few days.  As far as I can tell, no new messes, but I haven’t been home 100% of the time.

FaithIcon: She steaws my towys…  And she bites me.  I dunno why.

Jaina Icon 2: I’m sure it’s a sign of affection.

FaithIcon: Yeah… I kinda wike hew too… It’s wike a mini-me!

Jaina Icon 2: I know and I’m exhausted.

Anyway, the shelter we adopted Paisley from has a board at the front desk called “Happy Tails”, where they post photos of the animals who have been adopted and are now living, hopefully, happy lives.  they asked me a few weeks ago if I would send them a photo of Paisley for the board since it looks like she’s going to be sticking around.  I have a lot of photos of her already but I wanted to get a family photo of her with Faith and Yuri.  You know, since they’ll be living together for a while.

How’d it turn out?



I’d like to say that my dog’s are perfect.  They sit when I tell them to, they smile when I tell them to– in fact, no command is too much…



… to ignore…  I really hate it when they do that.  Well, before they scattered and tried to drag my poor boyfriend off the deck, just for being a sport and helping me do this, as I’ve been saying for days now that I wanted to do this photo (maybe just to shut me up?) and the weather had not been cooperating.  We live in Iowa, the first day of winter isn’t complete without a snowstorm and power outages.  It was finally sunny out and I had a weekend off for a change, it was going to happen eventually.

Clearly I overworked my furry friends because about ten minutes later they were passed out on my bed:

Sooooo tired

Sooooo tired-- Note the puppy butt

For the record, I just realized in most of my photos my sheets are the same…  I promise, they’ve been washed, in fact a week before this photo they were pink sheets.  Just in case anyone thought I had issues with that.

Awww.  Still sooo sweepy...

Awww. Still sooo sweepy...

And this just killed me.  As I was taking photos of Paisley sleeping, I realized there was a feather sticking up her nose that apparently wasn’t interrupting her sleep.

See what I mean?

See what I mean?

*snorebeepdebeepbedebeeepde* *tickletickletickle* *snorebeepdebeepbedebeeepde*

After telling my mom, she said she wished I had caught it on video.  Now I do too…  Because it would have been hilarious.

I know.  I’m lame.

Anyway, just wanted to share that.  I entered a photo contest a few days ago and I’m hoping, if I win (fat chance) I’ll get a Nikon D90…. Most excellent.  We’ll see what happens, it’ll be a while before I find out, like January or something.  I’ve entered a few photos of Paisley, Yuri and myself and some flower photos.  I had a few others I wanted to add, but I missed the regular entry date and the fees went up.  Depends on if I want to spend more money on it.  I have no idea how well it’ll improve my chances.

I’ll try to keep y’all up to date.

Until then!

Jaina & Faith (oh and Yuri & Paisley too)


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  1. steve said

    Glad to see the new pics!

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