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Faith Goes Christmas Shopping

Posted by faiththemutt on November 28, 2009

So, yesterday was “Black Friday”.  Or for those of us who work in retail/grocery– Hell.  Luckily I didn’t have to work until well after the rush was over and frankly, I’m not thinking a lot of folks are looking for deals in their local grocery store.  At least not after 1pm.  So, I avoided that… Work-wise…

Mooooom, however, found a deal for something that couldn’t be passed up.  And guess who got to go get it?  Yeah.

So I made Faith go with me.  It was a little chilly out so I bundled her up in her new coat (her fur is really thin, oook?)

Weady! Wewe's my Cookee?

Isn’t she adorable?  The hood is faux-fur lined and everything.  It even has a pocket on the back– Why?  I don’t know, extra cookies?  Though if we did that, we’d make millions because Faith would become the world’s best canine-contortionist.  No way would she leave cookies back there, all alone and unattended!

Anyway, we left, knowing we might not come back alive and I say this half jokingly, because honestly there have been several deaths associated with this horrific sales day– not counting the brawl that broke out between two people at an outlet mall nearby over a Bath & Bodyworks item no less– which is really sad.  Honestly, is there anything at all in this world that’s worth trampling someone for?  It defeats the whole point of Christmas.  However, when you can go into a store and see people lined up clear to the back with 6 cartloads each of crap no one really needs.  You have to laugh out loud, with a touch of horror, because you’ve just joined the masses.

Which, we did.  I cannot believe I actually waited 20 minutes just to park my car and it looked sort of like this:

I had several people point out the spots they were in, letting me know they were leaving.  Which was nice, but not terribly helpful as there were still at least six cars in front of them that would keep them from exiting for a while.  One woman decided she wouldn’t be waiting and reversed anyway, nearly smashing into one car and coming precariously close to mine.  Thank goodness my car has a surprisingly loud horn because I was not having any of that.  Just got the window fixed on that thing, not going to have the butt-print of some idiot’s car imprinted on mine.  Unfortunately it wasn’t a white Prius, so I couldn’t make a connection…  But oh well.

Finally after circuiting the store several times, speaking with clueless and clearly exhausted employees, I found what I had been sent for– in the shoe section.  And let me tell you.  I wasn’t looking for shoes, I was looking for:

Haha, like I would actually tell you what it is. It’s a present for crying out loud!  I’m just saying, it’s not shoes!  It shouldn’t have been in the shoe section!

After acquiring the target, the challenge then extended to getting through the line quickly.  Seeing as I only had one item, that self-serving part of my brain began listing all the reasons why I should be able to skip in front of all these “Black Friday” nerds with their game plans and reusable bags, purses unzipped for easy wallet access and store charge cards getting sweaty in their grubby paws.  But no.  I had to wait in line too.  Even when a “1 item or less” line would have been handy!

20 minutes later (20!  I’ve never waited that long in line before!) and I finally got checked out!  20 minutes…  Unnnnnnbelieveable.

Never again my friends!  Never again!  If I get my Christmas shopping done early, I’m perfectly content to pay full price or maybe snag a deal a few days before Christmas, but never will I traverse into the wild that is this after Thanksgiving “special”.  It should be renamed After Thanksgiving NIGHTMARE!  And to think there are people out there, that actually sit out in the rain and cold and snow and CRAP, late into the night, so they can be the first ones in at 3am.  NOTHING is worth that.  If I had kids, I’d love to see them smile, but I don’t think I can ever love them enough to buy a Happy-Slappy-Facelift Barbie that early in the morning.

Good grief!

However, we did survive.  Within an inch of our lives (did I mention it took another 10 minutes to get OUT of the parking lot?) and neither of us was the worse for wear– Well, maybe:

Bwack Fwiday makes me sweepy...

Me to Faithee, me too.

At least one of our posse is happy about things:

Give me, de bottwle and I wiww weave you awone!

She loves plastic bottles, just as much as Faith, if not more.  If Mom happens to have a bottle of water, she better get it done quick because Paisley will be watching.  The second you set it down, it’s hers!  No questions asked.  Or permission– what’s permission?

As demonstrated here...

She really shouldn’t be on the furniture, but there’s that whole listening thing again… :o/


Guess who’s fitting in nicely?

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now.  Sorry it wasn’t more interesting, but with school, homework, the holidays and all that other crap that means I’m an adult, this sort of stuff doesn’t get done as often!

Until next time!

Jaina & Faith


2 Responses to “Faith Goes Christmas Shopping”

  1. Mommy said

    Um….no more awful pictures of Mommy on the Bloggy please…

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