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A Wittle Note Fwom Paiswee

Posted by faiththemutt on December 4, 2009

Dis is a pubwic sewvice announcement fwom Paiswee Puppy.  You know… De coote one.

I wuv you!

DIS ONE… In case you fowgot.  Anyway… Wistun up!  I am a shelter baby.  I has a nice home now and I get wots and wots of cookies and squeakies and peopwle wike to go “awwwww” when dey see me, which is ok– annoying but ok.  Buuuut, being so adowable give me gweat amounts of powew ovew my humans.  Especially this newdy one who has a bwog abowt her dog.  So, hewe gows…

De shelter I came fwom has wots of amnimals dat need howmes.  Good howmes wewe people wiww wuv dem not mattew what.  Dey have doggies and kitties– Wots of kitties.  Sooooo many kitties, too many for dem to keep fowever… Pwus, it’s no fun being awone.


DO IT!!!


It’s true folks, Paws & More Shelter in Washington, Iowa has many, many kitties looking for homes.  They have a wide variety of ages, older, middle aged and kittens, all in need of someone to love them.  And, now they’re $20 off from an already fairly inexpensive adoption fee.  If it helps you decide, they adopt out of state and will make arrangements to help you meet your new fuzzy friend.

So take a look at their website:

Maybe you’ll realize your friend was waiting there all along 🙂

Until then!

Jaina & Paiswee Pup


4 Responses to “A Wittle Note Fwom Paiswee”

  1. steve said

    Here’s a little something for you and the ‘beasts’ to enjoy:

  2. Mommy said

    The “cootest” shelter baby ever!!

  3. Mommy said

    UPDATE! UPDATE! We want cookie pictures!

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