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Chwismas Cookees and Snowee Puppees…

Posted by faiththemutt on December 21, 2009

I know, I know, it’s been a long time since I posted. What’s new? Lots of stuff has happened since our last post and trust me it’s been interesting. As we’ve progressed into winter, we’ve all been getting things done, mostly Christmas shopping and the like, but either way. It’s been a long month and we still have a few days to go till Christmas.

Whiiiiich, by the way, for any of you who forgot, will be Paisley’s first. Though I’m pretty sure, she’s figured out that Christmas for puppies in our house means lots and lots of cool toys:

And dis is wewe all de bownes and Squeakies go, wight?

Paisley met her first Christmas tree a few weeks ago and has since taken to gnawing on it whenever she gets the chance.  It’s not surprising to look up and find a piece of Fraiser Fir stickng out of her mouth.  We noticed the trees were pretty sparse this year, so our tree is a little dry and easily chewed, so this isn’t a shock when she tries to wine and dine herself.  With nature.

Also, because we live in the midwest and winter isn’t winter without a blizzard– Guess what… We got a blizzard.  This was also Paisley’s first major snowstorm and she seems to be enjoying herself, even though the snow got to be about chest high on her:

Aneeebodee gawt a shovel?!

She’s more Husky then she lets on– she pants when it’s cold and can’t just walk passed snow– no, she has to have dive-bomb into every drift.  She never comes into the house dry.  I’m not looking forward to spring when there’s mud…  But at least the family gets that she loves to play in the snow:

Ah catch it! I wuv de snoooow!

This blizzard came as predicted and made it impossible for people to get around safely.  The college my father teaches at actually cancelled classes three days in a row, which never happens and my mother’s office decided to stay closed right before she left so she didn’t have to go to work.  Unfortunately, in some cases, as I attend a small college where 99.9% of the population lives on campus, closing is never a possibility.  And for the 1 or 2 people who live off campus– it sucks, because classes are never cancelled, even if there’s a lot of snow.  So, I got to make (or, rather, my mom did) an executive decision to stay home.  I wasn’t too broken up about it as this year seems to be the year for ridiculously stressful classes, and even though I was missing participation points, I honestly didn’t care I wasn’t there.

Since I stayed home, mom and I decided to do some of the baking we had planned on doing later in the week.  We had bought a cookie recipe magazine previously and had decided which ones we wanted to try and also a few traditional recipes we try to do every year, if possible.  And this year, we had help:

Dwoppp de cookee dowwwgh-- Dwopppp de cookee dowwwgh...

She’s Santa’s little helper these days.

Did you dwop any cookee dowgh yet?

We made several types of cookies and dipped Candy Cane Sticks, though we only handed out a few plates.  The rest we’ve been knocking back pretty well.  I’m all right with that.  They were good.  Aside from the usual sugar cookies, we also made Snickerdoodles, Chocolate Jubilees (omg, never make those if you only want a few!!  The recipe makes about ten thousand cookies!) and a few others that are soooo good:


Chocolate Jubliee dough... 600 ingredients, 5 million cookies

I will never... Ever... Make these... Again...

At least someone ended up being happy in the process:

Ahhhh, happyhappy.

However, some of us found out the hard way what trying to sample the cookie dough for free comes to:

I haz been banished...

Yuri didn’t think this was fair:

Give me a minute... I'll figure this jail door out...

I’m not sure Paisley got the point– She’s too tall for this baby gate anyway and frankly, she uses her cuteness to get out of trouble– A lot.  As in, one look and we’re all forgiving her, her transgressions… No penance here, just adorableness…

I am de pwincess of dis caswle.

I am de pwincess of dis caswle.

You see?  You’re falling for it too– don’t lie, I know.  You fell for it.  Get the Milkbones out now, because it doesn’t end here.

The snow kept going for two days straight and left us all with almost 10 inches of snow.  It doesn’t help the snow came back yesterday and came down so heavy that my parents, boyfriend and I couldn’t get to the extended family Christmas.  We had all been looking forward to it, we had presents to give and food to share and it took nearly an hour to drive less than halfway– That normally takes 20 minutes.  It just wasn’t in the cards, which was sad, because I was really looking forward to seeing my grandparents and family.  It happens, I suppose.  We live in the midwest, winters are usually hard and the weather doesn’t recognize holidays.  Gotta get over it and maybe we’ll get to visit later in the next week or so before I go back to school.

Anyway, Paisley has a big day tomorrow.  We’ve gotten some things together for PAWS & More Shelter where we adopted The Puppy.  She’s been with us since September and we’ve been lucky to see some good growth in her, both physically and behaviorally.  Although she still uses her genius for evil, she’s really very smart and can be a joy.  Since she’s brought so much to us, we figured it was only right to bring something to the shelter that brought her into the world and kept her safe until we could bring her home and add her to our family.  We’ve bought toys for the dogs and cats and also some treats for those fuzzy loves that haven’t found a home yet.

I’ll try to take photos tomorrow but the weather is threatening to stink again so we may not get to the shelter and I don’t know how crazy it’s going to get.  I guess we’ll see.  I’ll try not be slow when it comes to posting.

Whenever that it is, here are some photos of two of my fuzzy babies, looking lovely in the snow:

I wooowd weally wike to come inside pwease!

Or I wiww eat threw dis doow!

May I come in?

Until then!

Jaina, Faith & Paisley


2 Responses to “Chwismas Cookees and Snowee Puppees…”

  1. Mommy said

    Baby Puppy is soooooo cuuuuute!

  2. steve said

    Just stopping by to wish you and your family (of course “beasts” included) a wonderful Christmas and blessings for the New Year.
    From Steve and Sandy!

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