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Paisley Claws

Posted by faiththemutt on December 27, 2009

Paisley went to PAWS & More Shelter last Tuesday to drop off  toys to those puppies and kitties that have yet to find a home, for Christmas.  She was very excited to get going:

Kay, I’m dwiving– Wet’s get dere aweady!

Dey’re going to be sooo excited to see me!

She was pretty excited about the car ride and despite being waaaay too big to sit on my lap anymore… She found a way anyway.  I still have a bruise from her pointy little elbows.  Mom thought it was pretty funny, but, I did not.  While we were in the car, she found some nature:

I tawt pine needles wewe edible…

It was nice seeing the place again, our experience was really quite exceptional as compared to some of the horror stories we’ve heard of in the past.  So thank you, to all of you at PAWS & More for your exceptional service to your animals and to your adopting families.

It’s not a very big shelter, but it I don’t believe they’ve ever turned an animal away and they take very good care of the animals they have.

And look who’s on their wall!

When we arrived, a few of the volunteers/employees recognized Paisley and were happy to see her.  They were also happy to report that her mom, Mystic had finally been adopted after having a few possible adoptions fall through.  Now the entire family has been adopted out, which is great to hear.  Happy puppies and less mouths to feed at the shelter.

While we were there, the volunteers decided to dole out the toys we had brought and the cats were more than happy to test out our donations for us:

It’s really quite sad to see all of these animals still needing homes.  As someone who has the full-spectrum of pets, from store-bought to stray to adoption I feel like I’ve gotten an idea of how things go.  At PAWS & More and I know Faith, Paisley and I have mentioned this on the blog before, the shelter is overwhelmed with cats.  They have so many that it’s pretty much an ASPCA commercial waiting to happen.

See what I mean?

This is in no way meaning the shelter provides subpar care.  Absolutely not, even with the sheer number of animals they have, they still find a way to care for them all and love them, even when it seems like there’s no end to the number of animals (the cats, oh the cats especially) who need to find a home.  I’ll just leave you to the photos:

They even take in bunnies… He, however, was adopted, so he’s good :0)

In the next post, I’ll feature some specific kitties, who sadly, have been waiting since 2008 to find a home.  If I had the room and the boyfriend wasn’t allergic, I would be adopting them all, because it’s far too sad.  Keep an eye out for them, maybe you’ll find a friend!

Until then!

Jaina, Faith & Paisley


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