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Uno De Gerbil V. Wheel

Posted by faiththemutt on January 25, 2010

So, as anyone who actually reads this blog (I’m assuming just people I’m related to, thus this post may be pointless) has probably figured out, I have new pet.  I wasn’t really intending to get another pet, since changing jobs and now working one on one with animals every time I go to work.  Also, I promised my parents I wouldn’t bring home anymore fuzzy things…  Err… Sorry about that?

But, when I met my latest addition, it was kind of a given she needed to come home with me.  You see, the littlest Gerbil had an accident and in the process ended up losing part or all of her eye.  It’s kind of hard to tell looking at her, but it is very obvious she can only see clearly out of her remaining good eye.  Because of her injury, she couldn’t really be sold so she was up for adoption and since I’ve been taking care of her for the last few weeks, I figured who better to take her home and give her a good and guaranteed spoiled life than someone who already knows how she works?  Also, in the process of telling my boyfriend about her, I ended up naming her andthenitwasalloverbecauseIstartedcallingherbynameeverytimeIsawhernoI’mnotsorry!

Why yes, I did just justify bringing home a new pet despite my parents direct orders.

Hey, I am an adult– even if I don’t really own the house…

Although she’s a wee bit skiddish (I think just because she has trouble seeing), she’s very sweet and rarely do I get the impression her visual impairment slows her down.  Even the parents have decided they like her, as they helped me figure out her two story condo when I got home with her and discovered just how pathetically weak I am when I couldn’t get two pieces of plastic snapped over part of the cage.  Good thing I have an awesome Dad who actually has, I don’t know, muscle, or the Gerbil would have been living out of her box for a while.  Even with all of that, the unveiling led to everyone “awwing” over the new baby.  She just about leaped out of the box she was so happy to see daylight again and everyone immediately gasped and put their hands out to catch her, because no, I don’t need her to loose her other eye within 30 minutes of coming home with me.

So everyone welcome:

Uuuunn... Um... Hello?

Let’s try this again–

Sonofa... SERIOUSLY?!?!!

Sonofa... SERIOUSLY?!?!!

*grumble* Try this AGAIN…

Of course I would adopt a ninja, so you can't see her...


Oh no! Human can see me, must throw Gerbil throwing stars!

All this tells me… Is either I need to put tranquilizers in her water or I need a faster camera…  REGARDLESS, may I introduce you to, Uno.  Yes, I named her based on her only having one good eye, but after seeing these photos, I’ve decided it’s a good gang name– You know, The Ninja Gerbils and whatnot.  Seeing as I spent 20 minutes snapping as many photos as I could and I couldn’t get a really awesome one…

I should also add, that she’s lived up to the age old knowledge that Gerbils like to chew things– and often not the things you’d like them to chew, like the munchee sticks or the toilet paper tubes or their FOOD… No.  They chew the things you’d rather them not– Like the built-in plastic wheel that comes with their cages… I mean, who honestly spends $20+ on a cage with a starter kit because they think the wheel is going to last longer than 48 hours?  Honestly?

Me.  That’s who.  I’m the idiot that thought since she was enjoying running in it, she would let it be and chew on the two or three toys I had put in there to deter her from chewing on the cage.  Yes, I am a fool.  How dare I think I could outwit a one-eyed Gerbil with her mind set on the total destruction of all things fun.

48 hours later and the wheel is a no-go

She must have sat there all day today, working on that.  And it’s like her mind wandered while she was doing it because she destroyed the nub that keeps the wheel on the stick part and thus, spinning and then all of sudden she’s chewed off a whole side.  Really?  How bored was she?

I don’t get it.  So now I get to add one more thing to the list of stuff I have to replace.  Gerbil proof wheel, new ball for Uno to run in when I clean her cage and a new water bottle, as the one that came with the set is the same kind I bought Ianto when I first got him– absolute crap.  If you ever think about buying a “Kritter Canteen” don’t.  Dwarf hamsters aren’t big enough to get enough pressure on the ball so the water will come out and apparently Gerbils don’t fare any better as I spent about 5 minutes squeezing the bottle for Uno because she wasn’t getting any water otherwise.  I suppose critter being spelled with a k should have been a clue, but alas, this one came with the cage too.

I did however learn something from this experience:

Destroyer of Plastic


48 hours later and the wheel is a no-go


Uno's long lost cousin

Good night all!  Until next time!

~Jaina, Faith, Paisley, Yuri, Ianto AND Uno (who better stop gnawing on that plastic ladder in her cage or she’s GROUNDED FOREVER!!!)


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