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And He’s Back…

Posted by faiththemutt on February 22, 2010

Well… He’s been back for a while, but you never want to report on these things too soon– and I’m lazy. So here is an update on Yuri’s condition.

February 4th, Yuri went in for his surgery, he needed to have part of his Thyroid removed and several bladder stones needed to be taken out.  As a 14 year old dog, there was no guarantee that he was going to survive the surgery and if he did, there was no guarantee he would recuperate well; nobody knew what was really going to happen.  So we gave him lots of kisses and goodbyes and see-you-laters and waited impatiently all day to hear how things had gone.

And then the vet finally called…

HE WAS OK!!!!  He had made it through his surgery very well and was resting.  He had woken from anesthesia and started howling almost immediately– Which is typical for a Husky who doesn’t like the vet.

Actually– That’s just a typical Husky everyday.

However, he was disturbing the other patients (not to mention the staff, I bet) so he was given a sedative until he was in his “happy place”…

Translation: He finally shut up.

That Saturday morning we got to bring him home and he was not at ALL sluggish or lethargic.  Which shocked us all as we expected him to feel miserable after such a horrific sounding surgery.  However, as soon as they brought him into the waiting room and he realized we were there, he was ready to go.  He got out the door before we did and was impatiently waiting for someone to ‘start the frigging car already because it’s cold out and he has no fur now!’  It was better than anyone expected, it was brilliant!

The car ride home was both happy and furry (he still sheds like crazy even though he’s shaved like a poodle) and it was nice to know he would be coming home.  I was so afraid any sudden stop would send him hurtling to his stitch-popping death, I had a vice grip on him the whole way home.  My coat still hasn’t recovered from the fur overload.  But, he had a happy homecoming regardless, because let me tell you– Somebody who shall remain nameless but is both yellow and Husky-like, missed him very much:

I wait hewe fow Yuwi.

Yuri was so happy to be home, I didn’t get much more than blurs for photos, so I can’t say there’s much to show except the many faces of Yuri on drugs:

Is this real?!


So sleepy

I need sleeeeeeppp!

Yeah, he was a little out of it, but check out his new haircut!  To be fair, since it’s been almost two weeks, it’s already started to grow back– Mom says it makes him look mysterious, I think he thinks he looks stupid, since everyone comments on how beautiful his fur is.  Hard to be beautiful when your claim to fame is half gone, but hey, what do I know?

His stitches weren't as gross as last time, and he didn't try to pull them out either! They've been out for a week now.

Sorry it’s blurry– He honestly would not stop moving and that’s ok with me.  It means he was happy to be home and feeling good.

Yes-- They did shave *everything*... Poor guy.

Why Mister Spock-- Your ears have grown rather fuzzy...

At least they didn’t take all his fur off.  But after the excitement of seeing his girls and humans, he needed to rest again.  And it was good.

Rest my good boy, we'll be here in the morning.

But not before he let us know he hadn’t forgotten where the cookie jar is:

Nah, just dump 'em all on the floor, I'll take care of it.

So now, after all of this, he is stitch free, his fur is growing back in, he can pee normally and he doesn’t have to go back to the vet to have his calcium levels tested anymore (since they had to remove half of a gland that controls that stuff, they needed to make sure the remaining half could take over sufficiently and keep his now normal levels at normal) he can now stay home and chillax on his bed or around the house rather than be carted off to doggy daycare while the humans go to work and earn monies to pay for his surgery.  I’d say he’s rather thrilled about the bed part, but isn’t particularly sympathetic about the toils of his human pets.  Or as he would say:

“I’m half naked– Get over yourself.”

Anyway, I am THRILLED my boy is home and is looking so wonderful.  Even with the missing fur, he looks fabulous, he seems healthier (and has from day one).  My only concern is now when he breathes, he either sounds like he’s percolating or he’s practicing his Darth Husky impression.  It’s funny some days, others it concerns me, even if doesn’t concern the vet.

They can’t be right all of the time.  Anyway, he’s home, he’s happy, we’re happy, he better live forever now and we all realized how much we love and missed him.

Yo'we my favowite Yuwi.

Until next time,

Jaina, Faith, Yuri & Paisley Puppy


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