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Dog Biscuits: Trial & Error

Posted by faiththemutt on March 10, 2010

So, my Mom came up with this idea to help support PAWS & More Shelter (and for anyone that’s new, that’s where Paisley was born and lived until we adopted her)– As of late, the shelter has not been doing well and has sent out several e-mails in attempt to gather donations and interest in charity events for them.  It’s unfortunate that things are not going so well financially– They’ve been having trouble buying supplies for the animals and payroll is dangerously close to not being available.

So, if you happen to have a few spare dollars, maybe click their link and find the PayPal donation button?

My Mom and I are both sad to hear this and wish we could do more and in an attempt to do so, Mom and I are opening an Etsy shop devoted to PAWS & More.  My Mom will be making purses with a “Paisley Theme” and I will be making felties that look like a few of Paisley’s favorite toys.  In addition, we will be selling a variety of gourmet dog biscuits.  100% of the proceeds will be sent to PAWS & More and hopefully it will help a little.

In any case, Mom and I have never made anything like dog biscuits before, so we’ve been doing a little testing and have made some progress.  We baked up a storm this past weekend and then yesterday Dad made some comment cards for the treats for people to fill out.  We had some of Mom’s work friends test our experiments out on their own poochies and it appears no one has died.


It was an interesting experience.  Hopefully we’ll find out soon which ones we should focus on or try again or maaaybe, we’re just so awesome all the cookies are awesome now and we just need to mix up more.  Chyeah.  Anyway, we’re waiting on some cookie cutters, so the following photos are just of the testers.  They’re all generally the same shape, but in the future they’ll be bones, hydrants and other dog related things.  So enjoy!  It was funnnnn!

The ingreeediantttttts!

Cheesy Cookies, coming up.

Before being baked...


Yes... He did indeed try one. See how shocked the furry kids were?

He said and I quote: “You know– With a little gravy…”

"Dwop it wight hewe Dad!!!"

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies before baking


It was only after this photo was taken that Jaina realized she had been misspelling "biscuit" all day...

We took notes.

Good Ol' Dog Biscuits... I think.  I missed some of them.

Banana Biscotti... Before it was baked.

So I guess we’ll see how it’s going to turn out.  We’ve heard a few good things so far.  We can only hope folks will have a kind heart and buy lots of things so we can help PAWS & More out.

Until then,



2 Responses to “Dog Biscuits: Trial & Error”

  1. Sheila Hanson said

    You are so wonderful to do this for PAWS & More. What special friends we’ve found though beautiful Miss Paisley! Thank you so much!!
    Sheila Hanson
    PAWS & More
    Volunteer Board President

    • faiththemutt said

      No problem! We’re happy to help in any way we can. We don’t have the big bucks, but we’ve got the big hearts and I think that counts the most.

      You gave us Paisley and years of joy to come, we just want to make sure all of our furry friends at PAWS & More have the same opportunity.

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