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In Which There Are Lazy Hamsters and ADD Gerbils

Posted by faiththemutt on March 19, 2010

I have probably the laziest hamster on the planet.  You want to know how I know he’s the laziest hamster on the planet?  I’m glad you do, because I’m going to tell you.  I was cleaning he and Uno’s cages yesterday afternoon and I discovered something– A few weeks ago, I purchased he and Uno those honey sticks, the ones with the seeds and everything is stuck together with honey, you know?

Anyway, when I first put it in his cage, he came over, sniffed it, tried to pull off a few seeds and when he realized it was going to take a little more effort than just half-hamsterdly gnawing at it, he got angry– Like, really angry.  If you never thought a hamster could literally have a temper tantrum…  Come talk to Ianto sometime… So he stares at this chew stick really hard, like maybe his Jedi Hamster powers will miraculously make it NOT require using his teeth and when that didn’t work, he actually started kicking it.  I kid you not, he got his little hamster boxing gloves on and started beating the crap out of this honey stick.  I was laughing so hard at the ridiculousness of what I was seeing, I almost missed him huffing back to his little house.  Had it had a door on it, he would have been slamming it.

This, however, was not was I was speaking of that made me realize just how lazy he is.  While I was cleaning out their cages I found his chew stick and although he had clearly decided to put some effort into eating it, he did in his typical Ianto sort of way:

He's so lazy, he won't even try to get the whole seed off... He just eats out the middle and leaves the rest. *insert eyeroll here*

I would get the hamster that does that.  In any case.  He wasn’t particularly thrilled I cleaned his cage out– he never really is, but I figured he’d get over it eventually.  I put he and Uno in their balls to run around, Uno didn’t know what to do with herself, as usual.  I try to show her every time I put her in, that pushing on the sides of the ball will lead to it rolling and then she can explore, but I think she still has concerns with this, so she just sat in it, wringing her paws and wondering when she’d be allowed to return home– She almost rolled, without intending too, when she saw me dumping out her old litter and realized I was destroying the giant nest she’d created.

I think she got over it though, she spent the majority of last night scraping up a new one.  <sarcasm> Nahhhhh, she totally didn’t do that until 2am, she’s too nice for that </sarcasm>.  Ianto on the other hand, had another temper tantrum abut me getting rid of his “Apocalypse Tomorrow” stash, as per his usual style, but at least was brave enough to roll around the room until I was done defiling his food pantry.  However, he wasn’t so adventurous when he heard me refilling his food dish.  Typically I dump out whatever is in there and replace it once I’m done with the rest of the cage and today was no different– except when I was putting the food in the dish, he heard it and all of sudden I hear “clickityclickityclickty” as he comes flying around the corner of my bed from where he had been hanging out for a while, smacking straight into his cage and staring at the food dish in my hand.  If that isn’t a one track mind, I don’t have a clue what is.

Aht leasht Ah'm weadhy fowh the end!

Sure, let’s all head over to Ianto’s place so we can survive on a couple of sunflower seeds and a dried out Wheatie…

Shaddup... Ah'm dun tahking to youah.

Awwww…. Don’t be that way, doesn’t mean I don’t love him…  He’s just a weirdo…

Naht hehlping.

Well, at least Uno loves me– Just doesn’t stay in one spot long enough to believe it.

I get that a lot... Actually.

Sometimes it gets better.

Hai-- Whatchya doin'?

I dunno what you're doing... But it's beginning to annoy me...

I just pretend this is your face-- That'll make me feel better.

How ’bout that in live action?

Just so you know, she’d had that tube for about 2.5 seconds… 3.5 seconds later it was decimated and in the process of becoming somebody’s new bed– that I had so rudely thrown out…

She gets a little carried away, but she’s still pretty cute–  And theeeen something happened!


And then all of a sudden, Mom was good enough to come to for help…  Kids these days, have to be dying or in trouble to visit their mommies…

But that's ok... She's still my favorite Gurbil

In other news, a few days ago the family and I were at Target and I wandered (of course I wandered) down the Dog aisle annnnnd found THESE!!!!

Paisley for Paisley!

And pink and purple polky dots for Faithers... That Paisley got mud on less than 48 hours after Faith got it...

Despite the mud, I think they like their collars– I know Faith for a fact loves dressing up and getting new collars.  She has to run through the house to show everyone, because she’s got a new “dress” as it were.  For being a Tomboy, she’s still very girly.

Well, that’s all for now.  I’ll try to keep things updated as we get our new Etsy shop open (see previous entry if you’re not sure what I’m talking about).  We’ve gotten good reviews about the cookies we made so far and we FINALLY got the cookie cutters we need– Yeah, the ones that were supposed to get here like, LAST WEEKEND, finally showed up today.  And all mom got for her troubles was an “Oh… Sorry, we’ll ship it priority.”– Sure, MY questions are totally answered, thank you very much, useless cookie cutter people!  Don’t you know the doggies and kitties of the world are waiting for these delicious gourmet cookies that are only delicious and gourmet if shaped like fire hydrants and dog bones!  Seriously.

Anyway, until then!



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