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Fuzzy Bake Sales

Posted by faiththemutt on May 20, 2010

Last weekend, PAWS & More had a few bake sales to raise funds for the shelter.  They held one at Theisen’s (a farm supply store) in Cedar Rapids and as we were looking to finish up taking photos of a few more treat selections for Paisley’s shop, we figured we would donate to the cause.

So a few days before the sale, Mom and I got things together and baked up the treats we have available for sale and got them ready.  I had to be at work at 6am, and Mom had to be at work by 8, so neither of us was able to drop the treats off once they were done– So.  Dad got to do it.  Which he did with a smile on his face.

In any case, when Mom and Dad went to check it out after work, half the bags were gone and there were plans to send anything that was left to the other bake sale.  As far as we know, the majority, if not all of them were sold.  We’re hoping to get more sales from any exposure we got at the sale– Along with Dad’s cute little tags, we also included a “Bounce Back” sale tag with a special code for people to use when they buy more from us.  We’ll see if we get any back.

While we were preparing the cookies, we had a little help:

Mouf is down hewe, cookee is nawt down hewe.

She got a little intense...

Well-- it does have her name on it, she should approve it.

Overall, I think the cookies turned out well, even if Paisley attempted to taste test them all.

Even if it made a mess.

Check us out, I'm sure your dogs will love them-- Paisley does.


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