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A Muchly Needed Update

Posted by faiththemutt on June 18, 2010

I think we’re all aware that I am terrible at updating. You’d think that now that school is out, I would be more capable of updating, apparently not. Anyway, a lot has changed in the last few months, so I might as well. We have a few new family members and let me tell you, they’re pretty cute.

First up are Baxter & Watson. These two were found and in my opinion, rescued from PetCo… Their situations were dire. Since my girls Phoebe & Grace died, I’ve been longing for little bunny friends to occupy my life again. Because we’ve done the zoo thing before, I was only looking for one bunny… However, when we were at PetCo, we ended up meeting both of them. They both seemed very, very sad.


Baxter was stuck in a cage that would have been better for a Guinea Pig and this disgusting, moldy towel stuffed in there with him. Plus, it was a cage that was open air and thus very easy for snotty-nosed kids to poke and prod at him.  His story included being purchased, allowed to grow into a too small cage and then left at PetCo because his previous owners didn’t think rabbits required as much attention as they do.  Which, they do.  As self-sufficient as they are in cuteness, they do require you put at least some effort into their care.  I’m not always the best pet owner, but I do snuggle them when I have the opportunity, bring them a variety of yummy, healthy treats and make sure that they aren’t drowning in poopy, that’s not a lot to ask.  *Sigh*, seriously people.  Despite this, Baxter is a sweetheart. Very nonchalant about things and the only time he reeeeally gets out of hand is if he sees food coming. As Dad says, “he’s mostly fur and fat”. I’d agree, but I’m afraid the fat issue is only being helped on my part. Since I work at a pet store, my pets have upgraded from being well-loved to outright spoiled.

(So what if I purchased microwaveable corn for my hamster? It turns into POPCORN and was on SALE!!!)

*cough* So.  Baxter has continued being the lovable, easily cared for, non over reactive bunny I adore– He’s much like my Grace was, in the sense she enjoyed being doted upon and was up for snuggles, as he is.  However, if his bowl is empty and he is hungry, he will be sure to let you know, either by dropping his wooden blocks into it as a helpful suggestion or trying to eat anything his brother has on his side of the hutch.  Through the screen dividing them.


Watson on the other hand, is hard to describe.  When I met him, he was in a teeny cage as well, very little room to hop and was (is) shy.  According to the associate, he was between 6-8 months old at the time and had essentially been left at PC since he was very young.  He had come in with his biological sister, but she had been adopted long before he had and he hadn’t received a lot of socialization. Unlike cats and dogs, no one wants a baby bunny so his chances were limited.  I guess he had been there for about four months, so again, his life must have sucked very early.   He was very afraid when I first held him and once he loosened up a little, things seemed more comfortable.  Mom and I both decided they were too sad to leave and much to Dad’s chagrin, we got both.

BTW, Watson was originally named, Duke.  Sorry to anyone who has a bunny named Duke, but that didn’t fit and frankly, I hate it.  He’s not John Wayne.  So we thought about it while we were out and when we got home, he was exploring his hutch and being inquisitive.  Mom mentioned naming him Sherlock and it sort of went from there.  Now that I think about it, Watson definitely fits, because although he is intelligent and enjoys exploring, he likes to do it at his own comfort and really seems more like a sidekick to Baxter’s outgoing personality.  My Dad and myself did discover rather quickly though, that Watson jumps.  Not the hopping kind– More like the:


… Kind.  This is why I have like, one picture of him, because the rest were of me dropping my camera as he leaped over a, at least 2 foot play pen that came with Baxter and made a break for it.  It’s a good thing we have a tall fence because it kept him slightly contained and kept the neighbors from seeing my mother and I running madly around the yard, laundry baskets in hand trying to capture the little bugger.

As of late, I’m not sure what’s gotten into him, my theory is that although we made progress with him trusting me, having had to leave on family vacation, right in the middle of that and having a stranger come feed him for a week kind of ticked him off.  I feel this way because the first few days back, he and I were still friendly and then once the honeymoon period of our return was over, he no longer wanted anything to do with me.  To this day, almost a week and a half later, I still can’t even pet him, much less pick him up.  I had to feed him by pouring the food from over top of his cage because he bit me (something he hadn’t done before) and was freaking out.  Even now only my Dad can contain him enough to get him inside from severe weather or other crisis and that’s a struggle.  My only other thought is that he’s not feeling well, but he’s been eating, drinking and pooping as well as he ever has so I don’t think it’s internal and as far as I can tell, he doesn’t have any external injuries.  So, my diagnosis is PBS (Pouty Bunny Syndrome).  I hope I can get him back into shape, but so far, all my attempts to woo myself back into his good graces have failed.  He’ll eat any treats I bring him, as long as I leave them on his front step and walk away.  He’ll stare at me while I sit and speak softly to entice him out, but he will not move.

Pray for me, America, I’ve got ticked off bunny!  And if you have an ideas that have worked for you with your bunnies, if you’re a bunny owner and have dealt with a bad case of the PBS, then let me know, heaven knows I’ve tried all I can think of.  I’ve trained a hamster, you’d think I could handle a rabbit, but I guess I was spoiled with the easy setting.

And finally, the last new fuzzy edition is:


Just ignore the idiot holding her.  I actually only got her today (6-17) but I’ve been wanting her for over a month.  She came in with the last batch of Guineas we got in May, but we got so many and they haven’t been selling well enough that she’s been in the “holding tank” as it were.  I first met her at that time when a coworker of mine brought her out to pet her and show the rest of us the kind of personality she is:

You cannot tell me she doesn't look like a Buddha. If you do, you're... Not smart.

She’s actually much fatter than that now.  Must be all the carrot treats and lovin’ she got from the other girls at the store, because everyone wanted her.  As my parents were afraid I would, I got attached and have pretty much begged to have her, everyday for the last month.  Whether by sending adorable photos of her or telling the cute stories that come along with her– I finally annoyed them into letting me have her.  I am unashamed.  In any case, when I discovered she was the next batch to go out, I upped the anti until finally my Dad said yes, thank goodness, because my easily melted heart would have broken if some bratty little 5 year-old had gotten her.

(I promise, I love kids.)

I tried explaining to my parents (which didn’t take) that although I have a lot of pets, I’m selective of their personalities.  Probably not selective enough in numbers, but in knowing their quirks.  Ianto for instance, likes to kick box things he doesn’t like (see earlier post about his laziness), Uno likes to play Peek-A-Boo with people who come into the room and wrings her paws when something overwhelms her (she also loves mini-popcorn, I’ve discovered), Baxter does his little block in bowl thing when he’s hungry, Watson thumps his foot when he’s upset (leaping over tall buildings in a single bound), Faith squeaks her toys really hard when she’s upset with you (usually when she doesn’t get what she wants), Paisley sees naked toes and has to bite them (I dare you to walk barefoot in our house) and Yuri, well, Yuri is Yuri.  He doesn’t need an explanation.

I’m out of breath and I’m typing this— Yeah, I have too many pets.

And Buddha, well, she’s just chill.  Unless you scare the crap out of her, which I’ve done twice today.  But she will sit on your shoulder and watch you type until the cows come home, she just is that laid back regarding nearly everything.  And that’s why I had to have her, because believe it or not, I never had an interest in getting a Guinea Pig until I met her and I’ve always said if I was going to get a Pig, I would get a smooth coat, because the cow lick ones are too weird.

Dead serious.  So, clearly, she spoke to me.  Or I don’t know what I want.  Which is highly more likely.

And in an end to this already lengthy post that you’ve probably stopped reading– I have some news!


We just realized what getting married means...

Yes, that’s my ring and yes, that’s a glass slipper.  My boyfriend Blake tagged along on our latest trip to Disney and had planned on asking since, Christmas, I’m told.  Don’t know why, I think he might be slow on the uptake that I am indeed– a freak of nature.  I tried showing him this by introducing him to my family, my bad habits, my insane number of pets, but apparently that has not deterred him (or he’s given up hope of finding someone less freaky than me).  In fact, he was about ready to buy Buddha for me 1.) Because I couldn’t get my Dad to say yes right away and 2.) I think he wanted me to shut up about it already.  It’s going to be till 2012, Blake wants to finish school first now that he knows what he wants to do and although I’m graduating in November, I would like to find a steady job and get things ready for our own household (hopefully we’ll have a house by then!) but things rarely go according to plan and certainly not when my family is involved.  I’ll probably post our wedding website once it’s as finished as finished can be.  We haven’t reserved a venue yet, but we’ve got our eyes on one that I’m hoping it’ll turn out eventually.  That would be a better place to read the proposal story anyway.  Keep your eyes open!

Until then!

Jaina & Faith & Paisley & Yuri & Ianto & Unto & Baxter & Watson & Buddha (*Faints*)


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