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Paisley’s Barkday

Posted by faiththemutt on June 26, 2010

So, our little baby turned one– She actually turned one on the 16th, but this thing called WORK, kept preventing us from celebrating and well, I think we forgot too.  We’re bad, I know!  Anyway, since Mom and I got off work around the same time, we decided we would take Paisley to the pet store and let her choose whatever toys/treats she wanted–  We didn’t expect for her to want:

a Parakeet...

Mom and I tried to draw her attention back to the faux-furred, squeakable kind of toys, but she was not to be swayed.  She just watched these guys for probably 15 minutes while we were picking out her presents.  She couldn’t get enough– I joked that Paisley was probably wondering if the green ones tasted like mint and then Mom added that the blue ones were probably peppermint and the green/yellows were lemon-lime.

If you think we’re being mean, I should probably warn you, I have no love for Parakeets.  I think they’re pretty and all, but they are probably the ONE pet I would never, ever have.  They’re annoying, loud, they bite (to which your only consolation is when they DON’T draw blood) and they’re impossibly hard to catch when they get away from you.  How do I know?  I spent 30 minutes of my life trying to net one when he got out of his cage for the THIRD TIME.  As a family friend says they are “the little brainless, extremely mobile twits. They are SO aggravating.” To which, I could not agree more.

Anyway, so once she got over her Parakeet fetish for two seconds, we got her to look around the treat aisle, until she found what has to be the leg of a Wooly Mammoth.  Like, somewhere in the world, someone is breeding them and we just don’t realize they’re being sold in the dog treat aisle.


Fortunately we were able to pry her away from that one as gentleman walked by with a few bags of cookies that apparently the Blonde One could smell, because she pretty much followed him down the aisle.  So we found the brand he had been carrying and they’re much less stainy and wayyy more stinky.

We were in the process of choosing some more treats when a lady that comes into the store every day with her two dogs (though I admit I’m blanking on her name) passed us by.  Paisley saw her dogs and immediately had to say hi.  So, Maggie and Jasper spent some time with us while she chatted with us about this and that and the concerns she’s had with Maggie.  Maggie, by the way, is probably the sweetest dog, ever.  She’s a terrier so she has SOOOO much energy, but she’s friendly and has to say hi to everyone, no matter what their size (read: she ran straight over to a Pit Bull and stuck her nose up the poor gal’s behind… If that’s not trust, I don’t know what is…).  Jasper on the other hand is pretty reserved.  He only gets excited for people he really knows and stays quietly next to his Mom while she’s chatting.  The patience this woman has with both of them is a blessing to see, considering so many animals are essentially thrown away because their owners just don’t get them.

Maggie's the one with the big smile on her face.

I don’t really like small dogs, but these guys are some of the few exceptions.  They’re sweet and very well behaved, even if Maggie does like to get a little personal.

After saying our farewells to Maggie and Jasper, we checked out– I impressed my mother with my employee discount and then we headed to the one place, Paisley was truly looking forward to:


She got her own Happy Meal so she could have french fries (which she loves dearly) and then we got Faith and Yuri their own hamburgers so they could celebrate in style with their young padawan.

Yeah, Baby!

The birthday girl forgets her manners in the excitement... Or, this how she always eats...

Burger. Mine. Now. Do it.

Ooooh, I can't handwe de suspeeeennnnsssse! HAMBURGERRRRR!

They aren’t spoiled at all.  Once they finished their burgers, we opened up Paisley’s toys.  Which, I’m sure will be dead in about a week, if not less.  Don’t bet money on it, you’ll lose.

Faith was a bit jealous and decided to sneak a peek.

She has like 5 Bobos, all of varying size.

Notice how they’re all covered in fur and they’ve been out of the bag for about 5 minutes.

This one is my favorite-- It's a bitty dragon!

She got her own Sock Monkey, since she likes mine so much!

Not a Parakeet, but close enough that the ASPCA won't come after us.

And of course, the treats!

I don't know how anything with a cheese flavoring could be healthy, but if it keeps her out of my Cheesy Poofs!

They look like little Dachshunds!

This one had an eye... Or a bug.

I think we all had a good time, Yuri's still looking for the Pup Corn

Paisley seems to have enjoyed her birthday, even if it is belated.  As the baby, she definitely was more spoiled than the others were on their birthdays.  Somehow, I’m going to have to keep up for Faith’s birthday as we’re going out next week to celebrate hers!  I’m never going to save enough money for a house!  Eeek!  But, at least they’re happy and Paisley most of all as she’s figured out alllll the new toys are for her–

It's like the kid at school who licks the bottoms of all the desserts so no one will eat them... Isn't it?

We might have to work on the sharing thing.

Well, I’m exhausted.  Way too much partying for me, that’s for sure and I’m positive Paisley’s going to have a Pup Corn hangover in the morning.  Good thing she can sleep in!

Until then,

Jaina & Faith & Yuri & Paisley & Ianto & Uno & Baxter & Watson & Buddha (and because I forgot last post) & Snot


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