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Posted by faiththemutt on August 31, 2010

I’ve always been one to say that pets are truly the answer to one’s depression, whether it be a short-lived sadness, or chronic.  I have never been more sure of that statement until recently.

In the last few months, my family and myself have faced soul-hardening heart-ache.  The death of my Grandfather, the loss of Yuri and other hurts.  More recently, I, myself have endured a heartbreak I would readily sell my soul to never go through again.

Although my pain is not physical, the drain has often left me exhausted and not wanting to do much.  I’ve been disappointed in myself for letting it bring me to this point, but I imagine others who have felt as I have, know it isn’t easy to drag yourself up by your bootstraps, like it’s no big deal.

However, because of this, I have been privy to the joys that are my pets.  I’m sure there are plenty of people who would roll their eyes and plenty of those who would agree.  Either way, I have found myself admiring how perceptive they all are, even the little ones, (I’m looking at you, Ianto) that seem to know that I haven’t been feeling well about life and have been sweeter than I could have ever asked for.

Faith has always been empathic to my feelings and since day one has been there to snuggle and provide me with supportive kisses throughout the last few weeks.  And, well, life.  The day she’s gone, I will mourn the greatest friend I’ve ever had– I hope, upon hope that isn’t for a very long time.

Faith is just one example, as she is closest to me in everything– She has seen me scream, mull, rage and cry.  The others, though not as easily privy to my emotional state, still provide me with a comfort I cannot express through words.

I had a customer come into work and explain how having a dog (or pet) is cheaper than paying a therapist and I can only agree with that.  I find myself seeing that every time my emotional state is less than stellar– Snuggling with Buddha while watching a movie, letting Uno run around on my shoulders, Ianto kick-boxing my fingers when I feed him, my bunnies coming to bump my hand with their noses when I leave them treats, even Paisley and her crazy antics, just to make someone react.

No matter how I’m feeling, no matter how alone I feel or am– I know I have them.  They might just seem like balls of fur, but really, they’re little counselors and they don’t even know it.  I highly recommend their services if ever you find yourself alone and sad.

I owe them so much:





Naht hehlping.

Life may change, I may change, the people I love may change– But I don’t think my babies will ever change.  They’re my constants (Well, and I suppose my parents too :0) and I would not give them up for anything.  Maybe I’m weird, maybe people think that means I need a life– Maybe I do, but I’m happy that I have the love I have with them in my life.

Until the troubles fade,



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