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Faith’s Face

Posted by faiththemutt on September 3, 2010

Well, add one more to 2010’s victory over all that is pleasant and making it utterly suck.  About a week ago, I took Faith to the vet to have her face looked at.  In the last few years, Faith has become a fairly lumpy dog.  She has cysts on her face that come and go and a few that have concerned me as something more nefarious.

Recently, a second cyst showed up on Faith’s cheek and has since become problematic.  Between scratching it open and Paisley hanging off of it like monkey bars, this cyst refuses to shrink or heal and often breaks open and bleeds.  It’s obviously painful and it makes a mess and needs to go away.  Thankfully, as of Monday the preliminary test results of the needle aspiration her veterinarian (who is amazing) took came back negative for cancer.  I remain hopeful that this won’t change come the results of the cyst pathology once it’s removed.

It isn’t a particularly invasive surgery, but as Faith is 11-12 years old (since she’s a stray, we’re guesstimating) putting her under anesthesia is always scary.  I always worry when any of my pets are ill and away from me for any given time– Or if I’m on vacation or having to leave them.  I’m sure I over worry, but I can’t help it sometimes.  I just want to know they’re ok.

But Faith– Faith has been my friend since I was 13 years old.  I was in middle school, the most awkward, ridiculous, hormone drenched era of my life when she wandered into it and she’s made life better.  She’s been naughty, perfect, in-between and always my buddy since day one.  She has judged boyfriends, loved my friends, kept me sane through my college years and has accumulated a box of squeakies so full, I wouldn’t know what to do with them if she didn’t come home– So I’d rather not inherit them, if at all possible.

So, keep her in your thoughts if you would.  I really cannot deal with another heartbreak, another loss or even whisper of a hiccup this year.  I want her to be healthy and happy while also maintaining what’s left of my sanity.  That’s all I’m asking.  Really.

Until then,



One Response to “Faith’s Face”

  1. My heart goes out to you; I recently lost my sweet old boy to pneumonia and I miss him all the time – I will be keeping my fingers crossed for Faith.

    Let us know how she gets on…


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