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Faith’s Face Redux

Posted by faiththemutt on September 5, 2010

Faith is home!

I knew my worries were probably a little overzealous– but you can’t blame a girl for caring.  I wasn’t actually kept up to speed with her surgery on Friday morning since I hadn’t dropped her off and wasn’t really available until after she was done with it and recuperating anyway.  I spent most of the day worrying and waiting for someone to call to tell me any news at all.  Friday was also the day everything was happening: Work, Faith’s surgery, a mandatory orchestra audition, more work, paperwork, blahblahblah.  A lot of it stuff I didn’t want to do– I know, I know, suck it up, you’re an adult.


Regardless, I was looking forward to seeing her and got home, just in time to see her with the cone of shame, barging through the house towards the door.  Seeing her face made me cringe:


She got a lot more stitches then we were expecting, and they apparently became concerned about the cyst near to her nose that’s been there for years and hasn’t caused nearly as much trouble so they had us authorize it’s removal.  It’s sad how much they have to cut in order to get all of the cyst, but I would rather them be thorough than sloppy, especially if the cysts are less likely to return now or if there’s even the slightest chance they might be cancerous.  So, although it might look pretty nasty now, I’m sure it’ll improve and her fur will grow back and if the scars don’t hide under that… She can tell people she got into a brawl with a Puma or something.

I’m just glad she’s home.  Since someone has been at home at some point to watch her, she hasn’t had to wear the cone of shame too often and strangely enough, Paisley has been leaving her alone.  She’ll talk to her and all of that, but she hasn’t tried to bite Faith’s face more than once the last day or so.  In fact, once her painkillers kicked in, Faith kept trying to goad Paisley into playing tug.  To which my mother promptly grounded them.

Of course that didn’t stick, since I bought about $40 worth of treats, toys and other fun stuff for her to make her feel better.  She had a rough first night home, her pain medication didn’t seem to be working and she was miserable.  So I was a good Mom and brought her own version of “Graham crackers and Sprite”.  Her stitches don’t come out for 14 days, which I think is way too long, but what do I know?  So I might as well make her happy.

Thank you all who kept her in your thoughts (I know of a few friends on Facebook that have been following as of late, I appreciate your well wishes.) it helped me and I’m sure it helped Faith, knowing you were thinking of her.

I know she’s fine, but it got me sentimental thinking about her– I’m a little rusty working with Final Cut, since I haven’t done anything substantial on it since my U of I days.  So bear with me if there are issues–  I know it’s just pictures, but everything in the video is of those people and things that she has loved throughout her life 🙂

Hope you enjoy (Ohh, by the way, before I get sued– The song is Forbidden Friendship from the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack– by John Powell.  I know, I don’t own it.  If I did, do you think I’d have to stoop to using other people’s music?)

Until then,



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