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Super Buddha

Posted by faiththemutt on September 19, 2010

So, last night, after taking Buddha out for a little lovin’, I discover my poor piggy’s fur has matted on her behind, despite my best efforts to keep her in order.  I had to trim some of her rump fur off to make everything better, but decided, no matter how much I cut off, it still was troublesome.  So, I dug out her shampoo (It’s called, Squeaky Clean– Clever, right?).  Anyway, I fill the sink up with lukewarm water and at this point, she’s watching me intently.  I set her in it and for a second, she seems all right, but as soon as shampoo is squirted into my hand, all bets are off.

Fortunately for me, the sink has a bit of an incline to it, so she couldn’t just jump straight out and break something, but let me tell you, she was persistent.  It’s given me insight on how it must be to give a toddler bath, especially when your hands are wet and probably have something slippery in them, like soap or shampoo and yet you still have to manage a grip that keeps baby from killing themselves but without it turning into a Vulcan neck pinch.  Somehow, I managed (because I do believe the pig is harder) and about a second later, the once clear water was almost completely brown.  The directions on the shampoo say to give your little one a bath every 2 to 3 months and I gave Buddha one the day she came home with me in late June, early July– So now I’m thinking I’m going to have to give her one every other week so I don’t have to trim all her fur off.

She was none too pleased when I emptied the sink out, only to refill it again and then leave it on so I could rinse her off.  Let me just specify here, her face was nowhere near the water and only the fur that flips onto her neck was wet.  The way she started wheeking at me, you’d think I was actually trying to drown her.  By the time I got done with the whole thing, she was more than a little PO’d at me, but once I got her wrapped up in a towel (my little Burrito de Carnitas) and snuggled with her while drying her off, she seemed to be ok with everything.

While I was drying her off, I realized her fur had dried a certain way:

Clarkeena Kent anyone?

My Guinea Pig– Grew a Superman curl.

Look at her eyeballing me!

Even though she hates me right now, she smells better, her fur is soft again and her butt doesn’t look like she spilled something on it anymore.  So, I’d say it’s win-win, she doesn’t realize it yet.

"If I were Superman-- I'd chuck you out this window."

So, if anyone is looking to hire a Superpig, I’ve got one readily available who is talented in haircuts (long story, maybe later), eating and wheeking for your attention.  Her pay is not much, just a million-billion-trillion cucumbers, to be paid in equal monthly sums.


Until then,

~Jaina & Buddha


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