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Maybe You Can Tell Me…

Posted by faiththemutt on September 28, 2010

What in the *everloving* world this is?

I bought the girls some squeakies on Sunday before I left work–  Typically, because no one is happy if they don’t get their own toy, I paw (get it? Haha, I crack myself up) through the clearance bin until I find things I think they’d get a kick out of.  They actually can be quite picky sometimes, so I try to choose wisely.  I saw this thing and had to buy it simply because it’s ridiculous.

I get that it’s supposed to be a camel– But is it a species of camel that has ice cream cones for legs, rather than the regular knobbly-kneed kind?  I have no idea and that’s why I’m coming to you, blogging community.  Any suggestions?  New species name?

"I haz an ice cream legs!"

Of course, it couldn’t be any more strange than this little beauty:

"I don't know what I am either."

It’s a pig.  Sure.  But it looks like it ate a carnival and a Fuzzy Wuzzy flip mop (Google it, I dare you).

Judge me not by my oddly fabric'd face lest ye be judged, sayth the Lord Squeaky

I’m definitely putting more thought into this than is probably healthy.  I’m really glad I went to college– I’m going to do big things, BIG things!

Anyway, thought I’d post a few photos of the new addition and some of the oldies– My room is now completely girls.  Ianto was the unfortunate man out before he passed, but now with Evie here, it’s kind of like having an all girls dorm rather than co-ed.  It’s kind of fun, instant sleep overs, without the pillow fights.  Unless you count Uno CONSTANTLY CHUCKING HER BEDDING ONTO MY FLOOR RIGHT AFTER I’VE VACUUMED!!!






Hai!!!! I iz a Movee Star!!!

Oooh, yes! I LUVZ de Stwahbewee yogurtz!

Iz don' need you to hold et! ... STOP HOLDING DE YOGURTZ!

She really didn’t want me holding it anymore– She turned into a teeny version of He-Man and ripped it out of my fingers.  About a second later she shoved it into her cheek pouches with the other one I gave her.  Good thing she didn’t have any doorways to go through.  Her face kind of looked like this: ( O.0 ) (use your imagination).

See? I holdz et myself!

I getz dem outta de bag too...

I’m really going to have to keep an eye on her– She really isn’t so shy anymore…

Uno on the other hand, decided she didn’t want anything to do with “teh Yogurtz” and therefore wouldn’t sit still for pictures.  I don’t know why this frustrates me anymore–  She’s a Gerbil, they’re born to take blurry photos.


Still– It’s sad I have to put her in a headlock just to get a semi-decent picture.  I’m probably lucky I didn’t lose any of my fingers with this one.

I hatez you.

Of course, if I didn’t, all you’d get to see is:

"Oh look! Black Blobs are legal to have as pets now!"

"Oh man, soooo jealous. I've always wanted a Black Blob!"

I’ve also come to the conclusion Uno needs to go on a diet.  I play with her and all, but I get more exercise chasing her when she’s out of her ball, then she does.  And when she’s in her ball, she just sits there and wrings her paws wondering what she did to deserve to be put in the Bubble of Badness.  It’s a Gerbil version of the Cone of Shame.  I try to feed her right, she gets her seed mix and I make sure she eats more than just Sunflower Seeds (they’re like Oreos to a Gerbil!) and I give her Timothy Hay from time to time… I try NOT to give her too many Yogurt drops…

Though, I may fail a little on that…

They’re just too cute some nights!  So shoot me!

I’ll try to be better.  I don’t want her to die an early death because she has clogged arteries or something.

OH!  Hey!

Here's that spider I was telling you about! Yay! GROSSNESS!

Um... Crumply?

We don’t know what happened.  One minute it was being grotesque and spidery, the next it curled into a little ball and was carried off by ants while Mom serenaded it with the well-known funeral dirge “Circle of Life”…  I have it on video if you don’t believe me.

I just thought I’d creep y’all out too, it is getting close to Halloween and what better way to share than with a picture of a spider that could probably suck your face clean off?!

What would you do without me?

Well, I gotta get up in the morning!

Until then,

Jaina & Faith & Paisley & Uno & Baxter & Watson & Buddha & Evie & All De Bebe Fish


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  1. Kelsey said


    Also ur pets are adorable.

    That’s all.

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