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Posted by faiththemutt on September 30, 2010


Words that don’t belong to the English language aside– WHAT?!  Should I be offended (Which I’m inclined to believe, yes) that someone stumbled upon MY delicate flower of a blog with “really discustin pictures” as their search topic?

To what “discustin” pictures are they referring to?  My pets?  The odd squeaky toy?  Me?

Will I ever know?

Until then, Ah’ll be lookin’ for really discustin’ vocabelury,



Some people were interested in seeing what other search terms come up when people do a search for my blog– I thought I’d do an update:

A few if these I can understand and even welcome… I’m not sure about the rest…


4 Responses to “Really?!”

  1. Kelsey said

    You have to admit, that’s pretty funny.

    Also, yesterday one of the search terms that brought up my blog was “taylro lautner shirless.” I’m reluctant to judge their spelling, since they obviously have excellent taste. 😛

    • faiththemutt said

      Oh yes, that shirless Taylro, he really gets the girls a screaming! I am not reluctant to judge spelling– This is actually the 3rd time that’s shown up as a search term, same spelling and everything. Also “rawdirty pig”. My reaction to this is “buh?”

      • Kelsey said

        This just confirms what we already knew: The internet is full of creeps.

      • Sara said

        What else do people find your blog under? That is a very amusing marketing tool they’ve added there… Perhaps to appeal to this audience you could post some pictures of dog vomit or even the horrific scene of hamster/guinea pig bedding tossed onto your newly vacuumed floor?

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