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Paisley Pumpkin and Faithy Dinosaur

Posted by faiththemutt on October 19, 2010

Typically I try to avoid Halloween as best I can.  It’s never been a holiday I’ve been interested in and frankly, I think it stopped being a holiday the minute Snickers bars became the traditional meal.  I don’t like the underlying macabre, deathly tones, I hate haunted mazes and houses, I don’t like that it gives people permission to try and scare other people.

I do like seeing the little kiddies dressed up in their costumes, if I’m going to like anything about Halloween it’s that.  But, in the last couple of years, my family, meaning my Mom, has really gotten into it, at least in the realm of decorating.

We live on a particularly short street (it takes about two minutes to walk it and five seconds to drive it), which is occupied by a lot of people who can’t be bothered to at least hand out candy.  Except for our lovely neighbors to the left of us– This means, of course, there are only two lights on, Halloween night and therefore the kidlets know the candy swag they may get is going to be limited.  Which is sad.  I remember most years there being enough people to count on one hand.  So, now that Mom’s gotten into decorating, we stand a better chance of getting more trick or treaters and now that Halloween is on Sunday, I should be home for prime candy giving time.

We have fog machines. That alone should be epic.

Anyway– I thought, even though I don’t really care for Halloween, it wouldn’t hurt to have a little fun, even if it’s just with the family.  And because I spend enough money on them, they can just suffer:

Someone's going to be a pumpkin...

And now she won't talk to me...

I guess today was a better day to be a pumpkin...

Yup-- Still a pumpkin.

We have lots of costumes at my work– Originally Paisley was going to be a bat, it had a adorable little wings and was poofy, but I realized it also had the ears and I think Paisley would have chewed her own foot off if it meant not having to wear a costume with a head piece.  Plus her ears are already bat-like.  So– pumpkin it was.

Faith was going to be a dinosaur from the beginning.  It was purple, had a tail and it’s adorable on her.  Duh.

Her ears are too floppy to keep the head piece up on it's own-- Time for safety pins!

Does I wook beautomous Momma?!

Tail! Wait... Tail? Tail?


You may now howld de paw.

I love that Faith likes to dress up.  Whenever she gets a new collar she races through the house to show everyone and if it’s sparkly, even better.  She always did like to dress up, so maybe she won’t hate me too much for making her wear it.  She’ll get extra cookies for that.

Ah yes, the natural order of things-- A Pumpkin chasing a Dinosaur.

Can we have dinner now?

Yeah, I know Paisley is probably going to hate me for making her put it on again on Halloween and for much longer than this photo shoot took.  But guess what, you only live once.  If you wanna dress your dog up like a pumpkin, do it.  She’ll get over it when cookies are involved.  Though, I might have a problem– I saw a photo of a Guinea Pig in a costume and now I really want to get one for Buddha.  As if I don’t have enough animals that aren’t going to like me in a few days.  Maybe Etsy has something I can get here really fast…  Hmmm.

Anyway, Happy Halloween all– even if it is a little early.  I will definitely post pictures of the event.

Until then,



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