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Posted by faiththemutt on October 27, 2010


Since I started working at the daycare and having to get up as early as I do everyday,  my stomach has decided, that although eating breakfast after 8am, usually means I feel like I’m going to die, not eating anything around 6:30am, also means I’m going to die.  My stomach puts up a racket and will not stop until I put something into it.

I’m not really a fan, since I usually prefer to sleep as late as I can before I become late for work and that typically means I have no time to eat.  Sometimes, if we have them, I’ll grab some Mini Muffins to stave off the bubbling attack of doom my tummy will thrust upon everyone else in the area, but if we don’t, I’m out of luck.  So my latest tradition has been stopping by McDonald’s on Thursday mornings to get the Egg McMuffin of deliciousness and perhaps a few extra Sausage McMuffins of deliciousness for two fuzzy faces we all know and love.

I know, I know– You’re all thinking, “But, Jaina– It’s Wednesday, are you so befuddled you can’t even remember what day it is?”

To which I would reply, yes– I am.  However, tomorrow, I have a buttload of things to do and I’m not entirely sure I’d have time to stop and get it and eat it and let them eat theirs.  So, rather than pull my hair out over figuring it out and live with two pairs of eyes burning holes into me because I didn’t do it.

We did it today.

That was an unnecessarily long explanation, wasn’t it?  I’m doing it again.

Anyway.  Just so you know, this is a sometimes food.  I know all the experts are crying and shaking their fists at me because I’m clogging my dog’s arteries.  So let me stop them now and say– Trust me, whatever arteries I’m clogging with some Sausage McMuffins are already halfway to hardened with all the crap they manage to find and eat without me knowing until it’s too late.  Let me reward them for being good for ONCE, once a week.  It makes them happy and they burn off enough energy during the day that I think it’ll be fine.  They’re in better shape than I will ever be.

*Off the soapbox*

So, this was supposed to be a short post.

That didn’t happen.


Until Then,



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