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Halloween Recap

Posted by faiththemutt on November 1, 2010

Ok, as you all know, it was Halloween last night.  And as promised– Paisley Pumpkin and Faithy Dinosaur handing candy out:

Whyz all de stwangelee dwessed hoomans getting all de candee?!


Paisley’s still working on the sharing thing…  And… Personal boundaries.

Anyway, they were a big hit, most of the kids who came to our door (all three of them) noticed there was something odd–  Like a blonde pumpkin and dinosaur.  They didn’t understand why we were handing out all the good candy to complete strangers that were dressed even more strangely then them, but they did very well not rushing the door or barking at people.

(read:  They were amazing and I’m not just saying that as a proud momma!)

Until next Halloween!  Oh and Turkey Day!!

~Jaina Faith & Paisley


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