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Luka Muddypaws

Posted by faiththemutt on November 24, 2010

I chose to hold back on announcing the latest addition to our family because it seemed too soon after the loss of Paisley to do so.  Paisley was very important to us, as all of our pets are and as I have said on previous occasions never replaceable.

When the thought of bringing another puppy into our home occurred, it was well before Paisley’s untimely death.  We had been missing Yuri a great deal and the thought of bringing another red-headed fuzzy face, for Paisley to grow up with and give poor Faith a rest was forefront on our minds.  About a week or so before Paisley passed away, I had found an ad on an online forum from a woman who has Huskies on her farm.  She had a red and white Husky puppy with blue eyes available and for everything that we had been considering, he looked perfect for us.  We spent the week deliberating if we could handle another puppy, if we could deal with the potty training and rule enforcing and obedience training.  If we could handle Paisley’s endless energy and the addition of puppy wildness and all the other issues that come with puppies.

After thinking about it, we made an appointment with the woman and began to look for names for our potential new family member.  The Friday before we were to meet the puppy, heartbreak reached us through the loss of Paisley, her humor, her personality and her presence.  All of us were in shock and felt lost as to what to do next.  We weren’t sure if we should bring the puppy home, if we should cancel if we could go through with bringing home another puppy, so close to Paisley’s passing.  I felt, after thinking on it, that my “stretchy love” theory still applied.  We had intended to bring home this puppy and give him a life full of love and happiness, regardless.  He wasn’t a replacement for Yuri or Ozzie or any of the other family that we had lost in the last few years.  And with Paisley gone, he wasn’t a replacement for her either.  He couldn’t even if he tried, he is entirely his own fuzzy person.  He has his own personality and quirks and dorkiness.

And so, Luka became our friend and family.

And then he got a bath.

And he loved it.

In reality, he didn’t.  He hated every waking second of it.  But he also got over it pretty quickly when there were toys involved.

He is quite the character.  He howls funny, plays rough and is stubbornly refusing to learn the definition of  potty training.  He’s also still learning that the hollering response he receives after sinking his needle-like puppy teeth into someone’s skin does not mean bite harder…  I won’t be sad when those start falling out.  I’m hoping sometime in the next week or so.

Some might say he’s a catastrophe, some might say he’s a joy– I say he’s still learning and give it a week– month, year…

My only heart break is that he will never know Paisley.  I think they would have liked each other very much and would have appreciated the finer, more destructive things in life.

Love you Paisley,



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