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Posted by faiththemutt on December 4, 2010

So it snowed.

A little.

Which, I suppose I should be thankful for now, since we’re under a weather watch for Mother Nature to explode on us today.  Since we’re having our extended family Christmas today, I’m hoping that holds off, same kind of weather happened last year and we had to turn back after it took almost an hour to travel what would normally take thirty minutes.  Kept us from seeing our family.

Anyway, Luka will be coming with us again, as he’s still too little to wait in his kennel all day– He was so good last time, I don’t know if he has enough goodness left to make it through today. All my cousins are excited to see him again, especially the little ones.

I wanted to catch his first reaction to snow on camera, but I apparently neglected to plug in my  camera battery from the last time I used it and my new phone won’t let me record video without a memory card.  So, I was out of luck on that and forced to take photos with my phone’s camera, which actually, isn’t too bad for a camera.

I haven’t heard anything about the Nikon I ordered through Best Buy (I’m watching you BB, you’ve messed with the WRONG hobbiest!) so I wasn’t able to use that either, obviously.  I’m hoping it comes soon so we can take some photos of Luka for the Christmas card.  We make our own and we try to be funny.  In the past we’ve used Ozzie, Yuri and Faith photos that made them look guilty and implied they had eaten Santa’s cookies.  Which really doesn’t need to be implied.  But, you know.


Iz wet!

Faith has seen snow many times and really isn’t a fan, but she thought she’d stick around for photos.

As Luka falls off the deck...

She may have laughed a little at that…


Don't EVEN look at me little Toad Boy!

It’s hard to tell if she likes him– Some days, she seems very sweet with him (at their vet appointment, she got very concerned when the vet tech took him away to show him to the other vet techs, like “Where are you taking my punching bag!?!”) and others, she looks like she just wants to eat him.  I don’t know.  Sometimes I feel like that too.

But then he does this:

And then I love him.

Well, we gotta get going, but I thought I’d share some of his first snow pictures, even if they are from a phone!

Until then,

Jaina, Faith & Luka


Original of that last photo-- Wish my leg hadn't been in there...


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