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Luka D. Thief

Posted by faiththemutt on December 28, 2010

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Luka– is a thief.


This evening, little fuzzy bratface decided he was going to help himself to my dinner.  I set my plate down– He pulled my hot beef sandwich off.  And then made a break for it.

Had to tackle him to get it back, because if I wasn’t going to enjoy it, neither was he.  I am honestly perplexed by how perplexed he was that he was banished to his kennel.  Seriously– You don’t steal a girl’s dinner and get away with it.

I’ll give him props for confidence, but there’s no denying his boldness is a bit over the top.

Then again... Make him mad...


He's such a brat...

In other news: (since it’s not surprising Luka’s a thieving lunatic)

I’m trying to grow a mini Bonsai!  We were at Barnes & Noble on Sunday and when I was checking out I noticed one of those little gift set things they have the front.  Totally a splurge and probably a horrible idea, but I want to try anyway.  These little seeds are supposed to grow into a form of mini Bonsai with berries!  The set comes with a wee little scissors and a teeny pot, so I’m excited to see what happens.

Of course, I tend to kill things, so nothing might happen, or something might happen and then blackened, wilting death may happen, but I guess that’s a risk.  I just think it might be fun and if I can keep it alive, it might be therapeutic to trim it.  I’ll try to update what’s going on with it.  Currently, the seeds are in the refrigerator for the next seven days… They must like the cold.  Anyway, by the end of the week, maybe I’ll start growing something.

We’ll see.

Until then,



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