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Posted by faiththemutt on January 20, 2011

I apparently only post, when I have good or bad news.  Luckily, this is good news.  At least for me, Buddha may disagree at the moment:

Meet Dharma

Dharma is my new pig.  Dharma is very excited to be here.  Buddha is acting like she doesn’t know how excited she really is that Dharma is here.

Let’s just say, Buddha has been the Lone Ranger for a while and having Tonto enter the picture after all the prairie has been homesteaded is not an easy transition…  But Buddha is just going to have to understand we now have a “preserved prairie” area.

Iz mah prairee!

I’ve been reading up on how to introduce piggies to one another and apparently no one can agree on what’s best.  Thus far, I feel like I’ve done everything wrong, despite being aware they might not like one another right away.  Dharma has been nothing but friendly since she got here and seems to be aware that Buddha is indeed Queen Toad (I say toad, because she’s being one right now) and hasn’t done anything to dispute it.  However QT has taken it upon herself to remind poor Dharma as often as is piggishly possible.

It’s very hard not to have high expectations of one’s pig, when she’s been perfect up till a certain point.  I know Buddha has every right to look at this as a WTF?!?! moment, as her home/territory/prairie has essentially been invaded.  Right now, I’m trying to let them share a space for a little while and then I think it might be best to let Dharma sleep in Buddha’s old apartment until they get used to one another and I’m not afraid to go to sleep for fear of waking up to bloodbath.

Trust me, they don’t look like they could maim– Until they bite you.

I did at least do a few things right this evening.  Having them meet on neutral ground with a cucumber common denominator.  For a short time, it seemed like it was all going to be fine and then Buddha decided to have a hissy fit and I got to deal with that, like I don’t deal with that sort of behavior at work every day!  I also let them both sit on me for a while, of course, both prefer laying on my neck or sitting on my shoulder that was interesting to see, but they finally settled down for a while and didn’t bite me or argue that whole time.  Not sure why if they can’t deal with each at the moment.

She stawted et...

Omnomomnomomnom... I did wuht now?

I read on a few of the pig websites available, that behavior you really want to stop in its tracks is if there’s a lot of teeth grinding and raised hackles.  That’s great–

The only problem with that, is that I have two cowlick furred pigs.  I couldn’t tell you if their hackles were raised or if they were having a bad case of static electricity.

At least I can tell if they’re grinding their teeth, which thus far, aside from the nipping hasn’t been a problem.  Buddha did it to me when I removed her from the situation she decided to be annoyed about, but then realized who she was talking to.  Of course, I might have mentioned a sudden shortage of cucumber if she didn’t get over herself.

I’m trying to be realistic, but I really want them to be friends.  They’ve only known each other a short while and it is unfair to be expect Buddha to immediately be OK with someone moving in with her.  I’ll just have to be patient and understanding.

But I want this now!

Until then (or after a trip to the emergency vet),



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