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Cleaning out the Phone

Posted by faiththemutt on January 27, 2011

My phone has a lot of photos on it.  Mostly of my pets.  Or things regarding my pets.  Or stuff that my pets would like.

I have a life.  I promise.

Unfortunately, I have yet to purchase a memory card for my phone, so I have a limited amount of space,  that means I have to save what I want and delete the rest.  Figured, I took them, might as well share them, so here’s a little trip down photo lane:

Anybody who thought this was for me-- clearly hasn't met my Guinea Pigs...

"I'm not on the couch, I'm not on the couch, I'm not on the couch"

Our dearest Mickey... Luka did love thee-- Perhaps too much.

I was studying and she wasn't happy-- So she watched TV.

She's a circus performer in her spare time...

I know, I know– Get a life.


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