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Posted by faiththemutt on February 2, 2011

I can breathe again.  Sort of.

Monday morning, my Dad dropped Watson off at the vet’s office for her surgery.  And all morning I checked my phone obsessively, thinking I had somehow missed a phone call or message.  Despite how long it appeared to take to me, it was actually quite short.  Watson’s veterinarian called around 11:30 to let me know that everything was fine and that Watson was up and aware and would be ready to go home later in the afternoon.

This made me beyond relieved, you have no idea.  I had been driving everyone nuts with my incessant worry.  Although there were risks, yes, they were limited since she was going to a professional and of course veterinary medicine has improved over the years the risks are low.  Doesn’t mean I wasn’t completely overwhelmed with worry.

Because I was.

This, however, was the look I got when I walked into the office:

I hatez yew...

Doesn’t seem like a whole lot has changed, has it?  She actually went out of her mind for a moment when she first saw me and started over to nuzzle my hand when I said hi but realized what she was doing and retracted her affection.

When I got her home I got her to relax for a little while.  She laid on my chest and looked around and for a few minutes snuggled under my chin.

The last few days she’s been ok, her suture is small, so hopefully it will not cause too many issues.  I’m sure she’s sore and it doesn’t help to have someone always prodding to see if she’s healing, but it must be done.  She’s been spoiled with treats lately, so I’m hopeful that makes up for it.

Now that we’ve been snowed in, I guess we’ll see what happens.  I hope to order their new hutch within the next few weeks, when she’s healed.  That way she can have more space.

Thanks for all the well wishes :0)

~Jaina & Watson


One Response to “Watson”

  1. Nicole said

    So glad to see she is well :]

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