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Luka Update

Posted by faiththemutt on March 19, 2011

Luka came home on Wednesday this week– he was minus a few things, but was well despite it.  Dad and I were barely in the office a few minutes before he realized we were there and started howling pitifully for us to come save him.  Since we had to take care of the inevitable bill and order Faith’s medicine, he ended up having to wait a little longer than he was hoping and the entire time– he was a’howlin’.

We finally got him out of the office, but not before he nearly busted a stitch trying to get into the car.  He was THAT desperate to get home or at least AWAY from the vet.  Granted, I did hear one of the vet techs tell him several times while we were waiting, to be quiet, so that tells me he wasn’t allowed to throw any ‘slammin’ parties, yo’.  I think he was also trying to protect his street cred, since he was forced to wear this:

I would probably hate myself a little too, if I had a giant satellite attached to me.

Oddly enough, the last few days, he’s been very good about not licking or chewing.  I don’t know if his stitches aren’t bothering him that much, or if he’s just oblivious (never mind, I know) but in any case, he’s been allowed to run free without the e-collar on the condition he doesn’t chew and so far, it’s been good luck.  Obviously he wears it when we’re not home, but Dad’s been on spring break this week, so Luka’s been under his watchful eye.  Next week is the school district’s spring break.  I still have to work, but I’ll be home by noon two days out of the week and have a day off, so he’ll be allowed more freedom until we get his stitches out on the 25th.

Can we get dem out naaaaaaow?!?

Did I mention his stitches are pink?  Yeah, as if to insult to injury, they chose to stitch him in pink.  I think he knows.

Anyway, I thought I would let anyone who was wondering know that he’s ok.  We were worried, but found out soon enough that things had gone well.  I’m sure the vet does a million neuter/spays a week, but that doesn’t preclude the possibility of something happening.  We’re just a little on edge, we’ve been burned enough in the last year to know better than to be totally unperturbed.

Until then,





2 Responses to “Luka Update”

  1. Nicole said

    I am glad to see he is doing well 🙂

  2. Lieutenant Shinysides said

    He wears the cone of shame!!!!

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