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I Haz the Sadz

Posted by faiththemutt on March 20, 2011

So last night, my Mom and I were looking through the adoptable pets list of some of the shelters in the area.  I’m not sure why we do that as often as we do, but I suppose we just like to look at the little fuzzy faces and wish that we could do more for them.  Typically when we find a sweet face, we try it on Dad and he says no and we’re back to just looking.  But last night was a little different:

Does that look like anyone we know?

(My beautiful Paisley)

That’s because it’s Paisley’s mom.

When we were perusing the lists we saw a Husky/Lab mix adult female up for adoption– We thought it was a little strange to see that particular breed combo again, but didn’t think anything of it until I saw the dog’s name is Mystic.  Which was the name of the Husky/Lab female that had given birth to Paisley and her brothers and sisters back in July of 2010 at PAWS & more.  I told Mom it was too much of a coincidence that this dog was the same breed mix, the same name and was almost a carbon copy (albeit, older version) of Paisley.  When we read the description, all it told us was that Mystic had been brought to the shelter and a microchip had been found but the owner had not.  The way it was worded, it sounded like they had not been able to get any information about the owner that had been attached to the chip.

I’ve heard of stories where the dogs have gotten too far away from the area they were chipped in and the information has been partitioned to THAT area, making identification difficult.  So I thought maybe I could help if that was the case and sent an e-mail to what I’m assuming is the director of the shelter Mystic is currently at:


My name is Jaina– I was looking at your adoptable pet list when I noticed a somewhat familiar face.  In September of 2010, my family adopted a Husky/Lab puppy from PAWS & More Animal Shelter in Washington Iowa.  She had been born at the shelter to two Husky/Lab mixes, one of which was a female named Mystic.  Mystic had been adopted just a few days before we brought Paisley (our puppy) home.  I noticed that your description of her included her having a microchip (something PAWS & More offers with every adoption) but that you were having trouble locating the owner.  Although I cannot be completely sure, since I never met her in person and only saw her from afar, I am almost positive it’s the same dog.  She looks like a carbon copy of my Paisley.  I don’t know if this will help you, but I know that when we adopted Paisley, PAWS & More recorded all of our information, including her microchip number.  Perhaps you could contact them to see if they can reunite her with her family.

Unfortunately, our Paisley passed away this passed November due to an undiagnosed heart condition.  She was a joy in our household and we miss her dearly; it would make us so happy to see her mother reunited with her forever home if it is indeed the same Mystic.  If you have the time to let us know if this is the case, we would be delighted to hear from you.  We know how much happiness our fuzzy family members bring us, I can only imagine Mystic’s family is feeling great sadness at her being missing.

Thank you for your time,


I honestly didn’t know if it was going to help or if  it would make a difference.  In fact I wasn’t expecting an answer at all this morning, since the shelter is closed on Sundays and they don’t open till noon on Monday (shelters always have such odd hours) but I got a response that they wanted my phone number.  At first I wasn’t sure if they thought I was Mystic’s owner pulling a fast one or what, but when I got on the phone, the heartbreak just kept getting stronger.

According to the woman I spoke to, Mystic had been found in the area and the microchip had sent them to get information from PAWS & More (confirming it was Paisley’s mom) but the owners that had been attached to the chip, had stated they had “given her away to a new family, but couldn’t remember who they gave her to”.

I don’t know about you– but if I was “giving away” one of my fuzzy babies, I would KNOW every detail about who I was giving them to.  And the only way I would be doing that is if I was TOTALLY incapable of taking of care of them myself.  Anyone who knows me or has seen this blog knows I have many animals and although I work two jobs, they’re only part time and I’m not exactly making the big bucks; but I think it’s pretty clear my pets aren’t exactly suffering for anything.  But if it did come to that, I wouldn’t just give them to some joe-schmo who said they wanted them.  That kind of story makes my Gibbs-Gut go off and tells me that this family didn’t give Mystic away, they dumped her and now they don’t want to take responsibility for it.

Regardless of your situation, surrendering a dog to a shelter isn’t difficult to do.  They’re happy to help those animals that need it and it’s far more humane than just letting a dog rot on a street corner.  Granted I don’t know the real story, but I know people and this is what happens: They walk into a shelter, see pretty blue eyes and striking pointed ears and that’s it– they’re in love.  They don’t take into account that this particular dog is not only Labrador (so FULL of energy) but is also Husky (so FULL of energy and a deep desire to RUN) and that although they’re sweet, loyal, loving dogs, they honestly have been built to run and leap and escape and cost you hundreds in shelter fees.  If you don’t understand that– don’t get a Husky, or a Labrador– or for that matter any dog, because you don’t get it.

So now Mystic is right back where she started, just in a different shelter.  They had had trouble getting her adopted at PAWS and only just got her a “forever home” a few days before we adopted Paisley.

Hasn’t she been through enough?  She’s a sweet dog, according to the woman I spoke to today and at first she cringes like she’s been beaten, but apparently her temperament and attitude is similar to that of Paisley and it just breaks my heart.  I don’t understand how people can so senselessly throw their pets away, not when they don’t do anything to deserve it– they don’t know anything more than what’s in their hearts and souls to do, that’s why we as human beings, the supposedly ‘master species’ are supposed to care for them and keep them healthy and safe.

So here’s my warning people– when you adopt a pet, it’s for life.  You can’t get it and say “just kidding” and if you decide that’s what’s going to happen, be a grown up about it– take it back to the shelter so someone who’s able to take care of them can.  Don’t let them suffer because of your failings or any honest hardships that may befall you.  That’s not fair.

I’m sorry about your mommy, little one.  I wish there was something I could do.  Miss you.



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