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Sunshine… Rain. It’s all the Same in Iowa

Posted by faiththemutt on June 19, 2011

I got out of work this afternoon, as planned and boy was I glad to be done.  I figured it was nice enough, that I would let Buddha and Dharma enjoy the day before it started to rain.  They’d never been outside before and they got to borrow Baxter’s playpen just to check out the scenery.  Mom was nice enough to watch them for me so I could get my camera or we’d be stuck with some really crappy cell phone pictures.

Whoa, crazy hair!

What is this?

Mom trying to tempt Buddha with a piece of Clover.

"Do you see anything?" "No, do you?" "The grass on the other side of this thing must be *way* better!"

Annnnngry Dharma

Yay, grass!-- What's grass?

*Phoo* *Phoooo* Your hair is in mah face!

*Phoo* Really--

Oooh, leaf!

It started raining shortly after I got them outside.


They still enjoyed themselves and they got to kick up their heels.  They actually enjoyed it so much, when I went to grab them as the rain started to fall faster– they both grabbed a mouthful of grass on the way up, just to have a snack on the way back to their home.  I laughed a little uncontrollably when I saw this.  My girls are hilarious.

How about them pigs, eh?



4 Responses to “Sunshine… Rain. It’s all the Same in Iowa”

  1. Lietenant Shinysides said

    So did the pigs like the rain? Did you think of getting them little umbrellas?

    • faiththemutt said

      They didn’t seem to mind it all that much, to be honest. I was the one who was like “DAD TAKE THE CAMERA I HAVE TO SAVE MY PIGS!!”– They were still happily munching away as I grabbed them and they wheeked as we left the yard. I panic over these things and they’re just like “whatevs, mom”.

      • Buddha looks so great!

      • faiththemutt said

        Thanks! Her fur kind of just exploded everywhere though. I have to trim it whenever I can and she gets a bath way more often than she should, just because her fur gets so dirty. I need to get on top of getting a C&C or something similar so I can test out the fleece bedding. I think that would cut down on her dirty fur *a lot*– Dharma’s is getting crazy too, which makes me cry, I liked it short!

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