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The life of a 12-year-old puppy, in love with squeakies and Ol' Roys


June 17th, 2010

The above picture is an accurate representation of why Buddha had to come live with Jaina.  She is the chillest Guinea Pig anyone has ever met and only freaks out when Paisley decides to shove her face up next to her habitat.  Buddha does not make “wheek-wheek” sounds like her fellow Piggies, but purrs when she is scratched in just the right spot which has lead to a consensus that a similar Guinea Pig was used for the sound effects for Star Trek: The Original Series’ “The Trouble with Tribbles”.  She enjoys sitting on Jaina’s shoulder while she is typing and has proven herself to be a TV-junkie— Currently her favorite movie is Superman II and her favorite TV show House Hunters.


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