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Bring on the Stress

Posted by faiththemutt on January 30, 2011

Welcome to my world.  I need a vacation.

The last few months, I’ve been pondering bonding Baxter and Watson, seeing as they both seemed to like one another, I figured it would be a good experience for them and for me.  And then you might recall this post: One of these things is not like the other…

Where I discovered that Watson may not be the droid I’m looking– er, male I thought he was.  Since this put a bit of a damper on my plans, obvvvvviously, I’ve been unsure what I want to do, so it’s been put on the back burner until now.  They shouldn’t have to live alone and I don’t want to keep saying I’ll do it, only to not– So, I made an appointment.

I originally made the appointment for Baxter, thinking it would be easier and less stressful for him to be neutered than Watson spayed.  Well, I took them to the vet, to have him take a look and confirm that everyone is actually who they say they are.  Despite the vet having an issue understanding what it is that I wanted, he did confirm that Watson is female (surprise!) and Baxter male.  He also recommended that Watson be the one given the surgery because it would not only prevent pregnancy, but also be a preventative measure against uterine cancer.

iz gud

I’m all for prevention, but that doesn’t make it any less nervewracking.  After Phoebe’s passing over a year ago that was so sudden, as well as the loss of Paisley, it just would be too much to go through it again with Watson.  She’s already a skittish bunny, I just don’t want her to be afraid and I don’t want her to have any complications.

Too much drama. :/

All I know is that I will be a nervous wreck tomorrow, until someone calls me to tell me she’s ok and ready to come home.  Of course I have a stupidly busy schedule tomorrow, so I’m having to ask my family to take care of her until I can do it myself.  ARGH!

I guess, until I find out more, keep your paws crossed that there won’t be any complications and she’s on her way to being healed soon so she can live in a nice hutch.



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Luka’s First Christmas and Other Assortedness

Posted by faiththemutt on December 25, 2010

Well, we had another Christmas come and go today.  It was also Luka’s very fist Christmas extravaganza and let me tell you– He handled it like he knew what it was all along.

We started the celebration yesterday, by making Snickerdoodles and Banana Bread, both of which turned out quite nicely.  Surprisingly enough, Luka actually acted like a little gentleman and didn’t need to be kicked out but once– simply because he has a tendency to lay down right behind you.  Good for knowing where he is, bad for not tripping on your face.

Can you... Just. Dwop whatever dat is pwease?

He was very interested in what we were doing and was also pleased with the scents that were being emitted by our oven.


Lemme jus check de wecipe, 2 cups sugew, 16 cups cookees...

He was very helpful.  Not.


Yes, I was.

He really wasn’t.

He was also helping me wrap presents.  Sort of.


I was on twash dutee!

He really was.  Not.


Faith was just waiting for anything at all...

And then the big day came–


All of these were our presents, but there were probably twice as many dog presents earlier.

Yeah, Faith is going in for the kill...

Faith waits for no one apparently and went immediately for the smelliest present she could find.


And then try to open them before anyone else can have some.

But Luka learned quickly...


And learned effectively...

And voila-- Happy Puppy...

Verrrrry Happy.

Faith-- Meet Faith...

You can’t really tell in the photo, but the toy does look like Faith, in a tug toy kind of way.



So he got a monkey.



It was a good Christmas– The puppies were happy, the other assorted animals were happy and all of the presents I gave seemed to go over well.  I love Christmas and I’m always sad to see it go– but, there’s always next year to look forward to and more shopping to stress over :0)  I can listen to Christmas music for little while longer and then it’s off to whatever holiday comes next… Easter?  President’s Day?  Who knows.

Anyway, all of us here at the Doggy Bloggy wish you the best of the rest of this beautiful holiday and the happiest of New Years (I actually have plans!  Wha-whut-whut?!).  Also, whatever weather occurs, we hope it isn’t overwhelming, as winter weather often is!

Off for leftover turkey!


Merry Christmas!!!

~Jaina & Faith & Luka and all the rest!


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We Wish you a Merry Christmas…

Posted by faiththemutt on December 25, 2010


Merry Christmas one and all.  Faith, the gang and I hope everyone has a pleasant and spirited holiday and that 2011 starts out wonderfully.

I’ll post photos later about our own celebration and what and alllll the toys the fuzzy faces got.  Because, frankly– They got way more than the rest of us.

Until then!


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Meet Snot…

Posted by faiththemutt on June 24, 2010

Snot is a rabbit– In case you started getting a strange look on your face were desperately looking for the back button on your browser.  Also, here’s a picture if you don’t actually believe me:


I decided to do a little post about Snot, because he’s (or she, don’t really know) has become a permanent resident of our yard.  Much to my Dad’s dismay.  Ever since we started landscaping the yard, the bunny population around it has appeared to get bigger.  With rabbits, it’s hard to tell, so you know, might just be we’re more aware of them.  We’ve lovingly named the Pansies we planted out front, “Pringles” because once the rabbits start eating them, they just won’t stop.

This little guy, has made himself comfortable and just about everyday we find him laying somewhere in the yard.  He’s gotten so comfortable living around us that he will even just flatten out in the grass all lazily and chew on the blades he can reach.  It’s ridiculous.  He doesn’t really have any distinctive features, but we always know it’s him, thanks to his mannerisms and the fact we can get pretty close to him before he runs:

I didn't know we were doing photos!!

Dad has tried scaring Snot off several times, but it doesn’t appear to have worked.  Obviously.  I personally don’t think he’s destroyed any of the flowers, but Dad has a vendetta against the little guy (still not working) and that’s how the bunny received the name Snot.

Who-- Me?!

Overall, he seems like a happy rabbit, content and all.  So I thought I’d share, because he’s the one pet I haven’t had to stoop to begging for and I don’t have to clean out his habitat.  Or buy him toys.   Plus he’s cute, so, you know… That helps.

Since I have a little free time before I go to work tomorrow, I’m hoping to do a little photoshoot with my fuzzy friends.  It’ll be nice out, so Baxter and Watson can go back outside.  After I was rudely awoken by thunder and lightening and pouring rain I realized it was raining into their hutch, so like a good mommy, I ran out into the rain (got soaked) and saved them from drowning (got more soaked).  Watson practically leaped into my arms (Did I mention he’s sort of talking to me again?!) and was like “GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO!” When he realized I was there and Baxter was like “Eh, I suppose I could stay in my box if it’s too much trouble for you”.  Neither was pleased they got a little wet (hello, I was SOAKED!) but were happy to get the rest of their fruit treats when I got them inside.  They’re going to get so fat.  It got so muggy today I thought I would let them stay cool inside but tomorrow should be in the low 80’s, so I think they can go back out and enjoy the day.  I’m hoping to get pictures of Buddha, since all I have are cellphone pics:

She’s cute either way, but I’d rather get some good photos of her like I have of everyone else in this house.  We’ll see.  I’m going to be doing a post about her being a TV junkie, so look out.  It’ll be awesome!

Until then!

~Jaina & Faith & Yuri & Paisley & Ianto & Uno & Baxter & Watson & Buddha

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Links, Squeakies and Naps

Posted by faiththemutt on July 29, 2009

JainaIcon: So, we haven’t posted in a while, not since the squeaky that is not actually a squeaky– Faith–.

FaithIcon: What?  I haven’t even wooked at it!

JainaIcon: That’s not true, but you have been very good about not trying to squeak him.  I’m sure Ianto appreciates not being your next squeaky.

FaithIcon: It’s not wike he’d of made a vewy good one anyway.  He’s too smawl.

JainaIcon: That’s true and you should remember that.  He’s a dwarf hamster so he’s even smaller than regular hamsters!

FaithIcon: You mean dey come in diffewent sizes?!

JainaIcon: Oh, dear.  How about we show people how cute he is?

JainaIcon: I haven’t been feeling the greatest the last three days, so I’ve been sort of lazy about posting or doing anything of usefulness lately.  Don’t know what the problem is but I’ve just been super fatigued for no reason and haven’t had much motivation to do anything productive.  Which is the complete opposite of what I was intending for this summer.  So, I at least am trying to keep up.  Faith’s suggestion is “MOWR NAPS”:



That doesn’t seem practical, at least not to me, sounds nice, but not practical.  Faith doesn’t think being practical has anything to do with it, but seeing as I’m supposed to be the human in this relationship, we’ll see.

We’ve been linking to a lot of bunny blogs lately, which isn’t too odd, considering I personally have had a rabbit most of my life (not the same one, that would awesome and weird) but for most of my life, there’s always been one living in the backyard.  Last year I lost my 9-year-old Dutch Dwarf, Grace, to mammary cancer, a loss I knew was coming, but was still unprepared for in the end.  This passed May, I lost Phoebe, my big white albino to an unknown illness.  It was completely unexpected and I still wonder what happened, I just wasn’t curious enough to allow a necropsy.  She was beautiful and I didn’t want anything to spoil that.  They were heart-wrenching losses and so close to everyone here that getting another rabbit is too hard.  So for now, Faith, Yuri and Ianto will be all that’s left and I don’t think we could have asked for more.

As for the bunny blogs, Faith thinks bunnies are cute, strange, but cute.  She thought Grace and Phoebe were pretty and smelled weird, but she always said hello when she went outside and never tried to hurt them (she never had the opportunity, but I think she knows better). Besides, Phoebe although not even half Faith’s size, had some monster thumpers on her, she didn’t take no for an answer and she certainly wouldn’t take any guff from some fuzz-faced goon, so I never really worried.  But now that we don’t have any bunnies, Faith likes to look at blogs about them, plus, we have yet to find any good ones about dogs (suggestions?).  So, if you’re curious, she loves de bunnies!  Loves dem!  And loves your pictures if you happen to notice we’ve linked to you!

And finally, have a little Faith, who knows how to be adorable too!

Just ignore the baby-talk.  I have no shame and it’ll continue whether it annoys people or not.

Until then!

Jaina & Faith

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