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The Snip-and-Go

Posted by faiththemutt on March 15, 2011

Heaven help me– Luka’s is getting neutered tomorrow morning.  I’m sure everything will be fine and he’ll be fine and we’ll all be fine but I can’t help but worry because too much crap has happened in the last 6 months to make me doubt anything is foolproof.

I’m going to get ulcers from all this worrying.


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Pepper Breath

Posted by faiththemutt on March 4, 2011

I gave the girls green peppers that we had left over from our chili dinner.



P to the U!

That would be the result of the peppers… Happy pigs with a sudden urge to snuggle and mom’s face melting off.

WARNING: Do NOT leave piggies unattended with any large animals you may have.  Even the best dogs are still dogs and if given the opportunity, they will snatch smaller animals up.  Be very careful– Faith is gentle and I was within grabbing distance, so my worries were small, but that by no means, means it’s a good idea.

Whatz you doing down dere?


I givez up.

Luka was also being, though it happens very little, adorable towards Faith– But she was having none of it.

He makez me sweepy.

That was all– Nothing big, just had some cute pictures.


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Everything Rolled into One

Posted by faiththemutt on February 20, 2011

I got busy, life kept going, I didn’t update, so shoot me.

I’m here now.

So here we go:


Is doing WONDERFULLY!  Less than a week after the surgery, the vet said she would be healed enough for me to start letting she and Baxter hang out.  I was a little surprised by that, but after looking at the surgery site, her fur was already growing back in and it was little more than a scab.  That was exciting news and to be perfectly honest, I feel like she’s mellowed out quite a lot.  I still wouldn’t stick my hand in her cage and poke her, but she doesn’t freak out as easily and she is actually quite snuggly now.


Baxter & Watson Meeting:

I didn’t actually get any shots of them getting together, since I was too busy chaperoning, but I did get some cute pictures of Baxter anyway.

Yes... I'm on the couch.

Still on the couch...

And now I bathe.

As for their date– It went pretty well.  Baxter’s still a little forward with Watson, but at least now we can be sure there will be no baby-making.  I think they like each other a lot, so I can only hope to get the money together quickly so they can live together.  I think it will go well.

Valentine’s Day:

Let me make it clear– I hate Valentine’s Day.  I think it’s overrated, over-advertised and I’ve had relationships that didn’t go as I had hoped start on it, so I’m always happy to see it gone.  The only enjoyable part for me, is half-priced candy afterwords.  However, my Mom seems to have caught the ‘crafty-plague’ and the last few holidays, we’ve done more in the way of crafty or baking to acknowledge them.  Apparently this included Valentine’s Day.  So she bought all these supplies and things and I showed up.  The weekend before, we sat down and made about a billion (felt like a billion) little chocolate cherries and brownies and then glitterfied some plastic heart containers for those really nasty conversation hearts– What?  They taste like chalk!– For her coworkers and the little ones I work with.  The house is still covered in glitter from that incident.  Although the glitter didn’t stick as well as we had hoped, they turned out pretty well.


I think everything turned out all right– Her coworkers enjoyed them and so did the kids– and I guess a few couples need to go into therapy because of the fights that ensued after tasting the chocolates.

Dad got to be involved, even though he hadn’t intended to, when we discovered one of our canister’s lids had inconveniently become stuck and wouldn’t come loose– especially when it was needed at the time:

We'll try anything around here...

Now it was a quest...

Ta da! THAT took ten minutes longer than it should have.

Ah, the spoils of battle.

It was a valiant victory.  Against powdered sugar.

Of course, while we were working hard, there were some people that were hardly working.

Sorry about the quality, at the beginning.  I was using my new camera and I still have a ways to go at being proficient, so it took me a while to get it into focus.  :0/

He was howling for a variety of reasons (not just us winding him up) but the fact that not only had he been banished from the kitchen- but that his plan of rolling ALL of his new tennis balls under the gate and into the kitchen had failed in making him unbanished. So not only was he still banished, he had also lost of all his tennis balls.  Which, let’s be fair, is a travesty.

When he finally DID become unbanished:

He found a really fun game to play!  All by himself!  He was so proud.  He does this, will just start doing something completely odd and out of the blue and act like he’s done it forever.

I don’t get him sometimes, I’m just glad he’s happy.

Well, I think that’s all I have in me for an update.  Not a whole lot has happened on the home front and I’m days away from finishing my undergraduate, so I don’t think I’ll be able to focus on anything that’s not school related until Wednesday afternoon.  That makes me overjoyed– not.

Until then!

Jaina & the fuzzy faces

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Luka D. Thief

Posted by faiththemutt on December 28, 2010

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Luka– is a thief.


This evening, little fuzzy bratface decided he was going to help himself to my dinner.  I set my plate down– He pulled my hot beef sandwich off.  And then made a break for it.

Had to tackle him to get it back, because if I wasn’t going to enjoy it, neither was he.  I am honestly perplexed by how perplexed he was that he was banished to his kennel.  Seriously– You don’t steal a girl’s dinner and get away with it.

I’ll give him props for confidence, but there’s no denying his boldness is a bit over the top.

Then again... Make him mad...


He's such a brat...

In other news: (since it’s not surprising Luka’s a thieving lunatic)

I’m trying to grow a mini Bonsai!  We were at Barnes & Noble on Sunday and when I was checking out I noticed one of those little gift set things they have the front.  Totally a splurge and probably a horrible idea, but I want to try anyway.  These little seeds are supposed to grow into a form of mini Bonsai with berries!  The set comes with a wee little scissors and a teeny pot, so I’m excited to see what happens.

Of course, I tend to kill things, so nothing might happen, or something might happen and then blackened, wilting death may happen, but I guess that’s a risk.  I just think it might be fun and if I can keep it alive, it might be therapeutic to trim it.  I’ll try to update what’s going on with it.  Currently, the seeds are in the refrigerator for the next seven days… They must like the cold.  Anyway, by the end of the week, maybe I’ll start growing something.

We’ll see.

Until then,


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Luka’s First Christmas and Other Assortedness

Posted by faiththemutt on December 25, 2010

Well, we had another Christmas come and go today.  It was also Luka’s very fist Christmas extravaganza and let me tell you– He handled it like he knew what it was all along.

We started the celebration yesterday, by making Snickerdoodles and Banana Bread, both of which turned out quite nicely.  Surprisingly enough, Luka actually acted like a little gentleman and didn’t need to be kicked out but once– simply because he has a tendency to lay down right behind you.  Good for knowing where he is, bad for not tripping on your face.

Can you... Just. Dwop whatever dat is pwease?

He was very interested in what we were doing and was also pleased with the scents that were being emitted by our oven.


Lemme jus check de wecipe, 2 cups sugew, 16 cups cookees...

He was very helpful.  Not.


Yes, I was.

He really wasn’t.

He was also helping me wrap presents.  Sort of.


I was on twash dutee!

He really was.  Not.


Faith was just waiting for anything at all...

And then the big day came–


All of these were our presents, but there were probably twice as many dog presents earlier.

Yeah, Faith is going in for the kill...

Faith waits for no one apparently and went immediately for the smelliest present she could find.


And then try to open them before anyone else can have some.

But Luka learned quickly...


And learned effectively...

And voila-- Happy Puppy...

Verrrrry Happy.

Faith-- Meet Faith...

You can’t really tell in the photo, but the toy does look like Faith, in a tug toy kind of way.



So he got a monkey.



It was a good Christmas– The puppies were happy, the other assorted animals were happy and all of the presents I gave seemed to go over well.  I love Christmas and I’m always sad to see it go– but, there’s always next year to look forward to and more shopping to stress over :0)  I can listen to Christmas music for little while longer and then it’s off to whatever holiday comes next… Easter?  President’s Day?  Who knows.

Anyway, all of us here at the Doggy Bloggy wish you the best of the rest of this beautiful holiday and the happiest of New Years (I actually have plans!  Wha-whut-whut?!).  Also, whatever weather occurs, we hope it isn’t overwhelming, as winter weather often is!

Off for leftover turkey!


Merry Christmas!!!

~Jaina & Faith & Luka and all the rest!


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We Wish you a Merry Christmas…

Posted by faiththemutt on December 25, 2010


Merry Christmas one and all.  Faith, the gang and I hope everyone has a pleasant and spirited holiday and that 2011 starts out wonderfully.

I’ll post photos later about our own celebration and what and alllll the toys the fuzzy faces got.  Because, frankly– They got way more than the rest of us.

Until then!


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New Camera, New Snow, New Post

Posted by faiththemutt on December 11, 2010

So, today was my birthday!  I turned 23 at 6:37 pm this evening– and no, I don’t feel any older.  It was a lazy day, I got to sleep in for the first time in a long time, it was lovely.  I got to snuggle with my Faithy and do my own thing before my mother got done with work and we went to lunch at Olive Garden.  It was surprisingly good!  My parents got me some lovely presents and then we all came home and napped, because frankly, the weather has been dreary and we’ve all been working too hard.  I had a final symphony concert to play in for my college tonight, so that took a little bit of time, but it was a good day overall and we made it through the weather, since we’re also currently under a blizzard warning.

I guess we’re going to be getting around 6 inches between now and 6pm tomorrow.  I’ll believe it when I see it.

The other thing that happened this past week was I got my new camera!  I’ve been wanting a Nikon D90 since forever and my Mom was able to find a deal for me to buy the package I wanted, so now I have one!  I haven’t had a whole lot of time to play with it, since the class I’m in right now, is particularly homework heavy.  But, today was my birthday and I had my homework done, so nuhhhhh!

Thanks to that, I went outside and shot some pictures:

Very first photo I took with my new camera!! He looks thrilled.

Third picture I took... Still not happy.

Action Shot!

Butt shot

He had snow on his face.  Of course, it was only after all of these photos that I realized I have a movement setting on my camera, so I could have caught a few photos of him bounding after Faith around the yard.  Maybe some other time.  Would have been nice to see before we got a million inches of snow, but at least I’ll be able to catch his reaction to feet of snow, rather than the powdering we got a few days ago.  And maybe he’ll do more than this:

One of these days she’s just going to eat him.

Well, gotta go eat my cheesecake, I am the birthday girl after all!
Until then,


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Posted by faiththemutt on December 4, 2010

So it snowed.

A little.

Which, I suppose I should be thankful for now, since we’re under a weather watch for Mother Nature to explode on us today.  Since we’re having our extended family Christmas today, I’m hoping that holds off, same kind of weather happened last year and we had to turn back after it took almost an hour to travel what would normally take thirty minutes.  Kept us from seeing our family.

Anyway, Luka will be coming with us again, as he’s still too little to wait in his kennel all day– He was so good last time, I don’t know if he has enough goodness left to make it through today. All my cousins are excited to see him again, especially the little ones.

I wanted to catch his first reaction to snow on camera, but I apparently neglected to plug in my  camera battery from the last time I used it and my new phone won’t let me record video without a memory card.  So, I was out of luck on that and forced to take photos with my phone’s camera, which actually, isn’t too bad for a camera.

I haven’t heard anything about the Nikon I ordered through Best Buy (I’m watching you BB, you’ve messed with the WRONG hobbiest!) so I wasn’t able to use that either, obviously.  I’m hoping it comes soon so we can take some photos of Luka for the Christmas card.  We make our own and we try to be funny.  In the past we’ve used Ozzie, Yuri and Faith photos that made them look guilty and implied they had eaten Santa’s cookies.  Which really doesn’t need to be implied.  But, you know.


Iz wet!

Faith has seen snow many times and really isn’t a fan, but she thought she’d stick around for photos.

As Luka falls off the deck...

She may have laughed a little at that…


Don't EVEN look at me little Toad Boy!

It’s hard to tell if she likes him– Some days, she seems very sweet with him (at their vet appointment, she got very concerned when the vet tech took him away to show him to the other vet techs, like “Where are you taking my punching bag!?!”) and others, she looks like she just wants to eat him.  I don’t know.  Sometimes I feel like that too.

But then he does this:

And then I love him.

Well, we gotta get going, but I thought I’d share some of his first snow pictures, even if they are from a phone!

Until then,

Jaina, Faith & Luka


Original of that last photo-- Wish my leg hadn't been in there...

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Puppy Thanksgiving

Posted by faiththemutt on November 29, 2010

Yes, yes, Thanksgiving was last Thursday…  You all must know by now I’m not very good at timely updating.

Whatever.  How do you like the new layout?  I wanted to make it Christmas-ee since Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year.  Not for the presents (don’t get me wrong, I love presents!) but that it seems like, for one month out of the year, people are cheerful and good to each other.  Maybe I’ve idealized it.  Maybe it’s the Christmas carols.  I just like that Christmas is a time of celebration and family.  I look forward to it every year and all the traditions my family has to go with it.

I’m a little worried my Greenery Theme is gone for good, since WordPress seems to have phased it out of their theme options, but I downloaded the CSS file from the original designer’s site, so hopefully, if I decide to go back to it once the holidays are over, I can.  The trees and the grassy meadow in the header just always said “Faith” to me, so that’s why I chose it for her blog.  I digress.

On to Thanksgiving!

Because Luka is still young and working on the potty training, we asked my Aunt if we could bring him along.  She’s been an animal lover for as long as I can remember and understands their importance to us, so I don’t think it was ever going to be a negative.  Faith had to stay home and even though I felt guilty, she got enough Busy Bones to make her life complete for the day and really, it was probably a much needed rest from needle sharp puppy teeth anyway.

So we packed him in the car, bringing things for puppy to chew on that weren’t still being paid off and headed for the Thanksgiving feast awaiting us.  Luckily he was actually very good and only had to stop for a potty break once.

I gotz wotz of toyz annnd Iz vewy good!

When we got to my Aunt’s house, we walked in, Luka in my arms and the reaction was much like I had just had baby…  I can only hope the reaction is like that when I do have a baby (and that said baby isn’t quite as fuzzy).  Of course, I understand their enthusiasm, I can’t help but scoop him up and kiss him until starts struggling to get away from all the affection!

We kept him on a leash while we were there, just to be sure he 1.) Couldn’t destroy my Aunt’s always immaculate house 2.) He didn’t somehow MESS on my Aunt’s always immaculate house 3.) Just generally prevent any chaos he could rain down upon my Aunt’s always immaculate house.

He waited patiently while we ate our delicious meal, very happy to receive his own kibble when the time came and was actually quite patient when my little cousin’s decided they wanted to play with him.  Some with a little more love than others!

I don't think Luka realized what had just happened...

He took a shine to most of them and was quite happy people wanted to take the time to squeak his toys and roughhouse with him.  Most of them wanted to help take him out on his potty breaks as well, which, if they would come do that while he’s at home so I could focus on homework or other things that require my attention, would be wonderful.

You would not believe how often I’ve been looking at him, look down to read a paragraph from my textbooks, only to look up to see him making a puddle. >.<

I wuv it when people pway wif me!!

He was the life of the party!


You haz mah Duckee…

But, no messes were to be had at Thanksgiving and the car ride back was lovely as a certain someone was dead tired from playing so hard– He actually fell asleep on my lap all the way home.

I can’t say I didn’t love every moment of the snuggling.

Because the next day he was right back to his old self!

Despite all of his current faults, I still love him.  He does try, sometimes, but in typical Husky fashion, not very hard!


But still cute...

I suppose I should call it a night for the blog, got a few things to finish up for class and then I’ve noticed I should probably start the “Epic Cage Clean out of the Week”…  Not to mention, Evie’s having a hey-day rolling around in her ball.  She keeps smacking my door, like she’s going on a trip… It just never ends around here!

Until then,


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