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Posted by faiththemutt on July 12, 2011

It feels like, every other time I post on this blog anymore, it’s to write about the death of one my beloveds.  This post is no different and it’s tearing me up.  Every time I get comfortable and think that life has settled down for a while, something else happens and I guess this time was no different.

On July 11th, 2011.  My beloved gerbil, Uno, passed away.

The days before she died, I was away in Minnesota, so I don’t know if she was feeling unwell during the time I was gone or if it was just one of those things.  I had gotten back on the 11th and all seemed well, she greeted me in her usual fashion, though admittedly I wasn’t focusing on anyone in particular.  I was tired from the trip and was trying to get my things prepared for work.  I went to bed fairly late and fell asleep without hearing anything coming from her cage– however this was not unusual as she often went to bed and woke up with me.  Around 5:15 in the morning, I was awoken by a crack of thunder and the sounds of rain and hail beating against the house.  It took me a few moments to realize that not only was it storming, the warning sirens up the street from our house were also going off.  Without having a radio in my room and my weather updates telling me it was just a severe storm, I wasn’t sure what it was, but bundled Buddha and Dharma into their “storm carrier” and went to get Evie and Uno from their cages.  Although Evie was peering at me from her bed, I realized there was no movement from Uno’s, something that wasn’t typical, so I popped open the door of her house expecting her to shoot out and come stare at me.  It took a few moments of me feeling around the cage, before I realized that she was laying on top of her chew house and she wasn’t moving.

It took me completely by surprise and hit me very hard when I realized she was gone.  Of course it was the worst time to come to the conclusion and I was forced to rush Evie into her ball and wrap Uno in a towel so I could get everyone downstairs.  I sat downstairs, very upset about the storms, which I hate with a passion just because it causes a pile up of things that could go wrong and that my gerbil was gone but I couldn’t do much to mourn her at the moment because I still had to find out if the rest of us were needing to worry about our safety.  Finally we decided that the reports were telling us it was strong winds and rain but that we were not in danger of a tornado (doesn’t feel like it watching the news as many people’s homes and property were damaged) and decided to go back to bed.  I had to go upstairs minus one of my loves.

Even though it was almost 6am and I had work the next day I found it very hard to sleep.  I hadn’t put Buddha and Dharma back in their house yet, so I set the carrier on my bed and just let them come out at their own pace.  For once, they were cuddling and I made mention to them that I kind of would like some cuddling too.  I know it seems silly but when I said that, Dharma perked up and stepped a paw out on my comforter, wheeked at me softly and when I motioned for her attention she waddled (yes, they waddle, it’s normal) over to me and snuggled up with me, still wheeking as I pet her.  Buddha, not to be outdone by her younger sister came out to join us a few moments later, but was bold enough to climb up my tummy and stick her face under my chin.  I think we stayed like that for an hour, just cuddling.

Animals are perceptive and I think even the toughest critics would have a hard time denying that.  They both knew I was sad and I cried for a good long while.  I’m not ashamed to say it.  Faith knew too and stayed close to the bed, just watching us and knowing that it hurt me, whatever it was.  I went to work, where my kids were less perceptive to my depression and I spent a very long day trying not to think about there being one less fuzzy face waiting for me when I got home.  When I finally did get home from all of that, my Dad helped me bury my little friend in the backyard, next to some of our peony bushes.  Appropriate as peonies are my favorite flowers and she was one of my favorite gerbils.

I acknowledge that some people will think it’s dumb to be so attached to an animal.  I suppose if you don’t have any or you don’t have an interest in connecting with any, that would make sense.  I would like to think, even though I’m not a member of PETA or even vegetarian, that I do tend to connect with the animals I meet and especially the ones that have come to live with me.  Every single one of them has a personality and I’ve seen it in some way to the point I’ve wanted them to become a part of my family.  Uno was no different.

I met Uno in January of 2010 in the quiet area of the pet store I work at on the weekends.  She had fallen after escaping from a tote in the quarantine area of the store for new animals and was thought to have lost her left eye.  Her eye required daily cleaning and would most likely have to be adopted out because she was no longer in “prime condition”.  In the few weeks I had to get to know her, I knew she needed to join my family of furry friends.  Earning the moniker, Uno.  When I brought her home, her eye hadn’t gotten any better and I was told that likely it never would– it just didn’t seem normal that it would need to be cleaned out everyday with the kind discharge it had.  I took her to the vet and for the first time in my life, spent $66 for an appointment for a gerbil.  There, I was told she not only still had her eye, it was viable and the only reason it was still swollen was because she had Ringworm.  Had I not adopted her and brought her to the vet, she most likely would have died from lack of proper treatment.

Uno brought me a lot of joy.  I had never had a gerbil and had to learn how to care for them very soon after bringing her home.  Did you know, when you have a gerbil, you either get a chewer, a runner, or both?  And you don’t know which one it is until you buy them lots of toys only to find out they don’t want them?  I found out fairly quickly, Uno was a chewer– a beaver in gerbil clothing.  I had gotten her a lovely two-story home, with a “fun ramp” and a nice, quiet wheel.  Only much to my dismay, the wheel was turned to plastic chips and the ramp could no longer be qualified as a ramp after 24 hours.  To which she had to learn to jump up to the second story and decided the nice new *metal* wheel I bought her, was much more fun for sleeping in than running in.  She did however, adore the Nut Knots I brought home from work, where the prize for chewing through a maze of wood chews was a little nut in the middle.  She went through several small ones in a very short amount of time.  Usually two or three to Evie’s one and she always wanted them.  Finally, I just bought the size that was meant for Guinea Pigs and rabbits in the hopes they would last longer.  They did and Uno’s eyes would always get wide when I set one in her house, like I had just given her the grail of chewy toys.

She was an excellent doorman, always greeting people when they walked in.  I positioned her cage just so she could see who walked in.  Even if she was in her bed, if she heard the door open, she would (as my Dad calls it) “up periscope” to see if she knew the newcomer.  She hated running in her exercise ball and if I put her in it and set her on the floor, she would sit there, wringing her paws, wondering when she would ever get back home to her Nut Knot.  Her dislike of running and maybe my being a softie when it comes to treats, led her to be a bit overweight and although I cut down on her treats and fed her no more than anyone else, she still was a little chunky for a gerbil.  I always joked, I was the only person in the U.S. who had a gerbil with a thyroid condition and that if chewing on things counted for exercise, she would be tiny.

She was a messy roommate to be sure– I would clean her house and make everything nice, just in time for her to kick everything out onto my floor.  I went through three birdcage covers just to staunch the mess, but I would buy a million if it meant she was still here.  I can’t even think about cleaning out her cage right now, for fear of starting to cry again.  I miss her so much already.  I think this will always be the worst part of being a pet owner.  Losing one of your loves and getting over it.  I will always remember my little Uno and I wish upon wish that she is happy wherever she is now.


I love you, Uno.  I always will and I hope you’re happy and that someday we’ll see each other again.  Miss you.



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We Wish you a Merry Christmas…

Posted by faiththemutt on December 25, 2010


Merry Christmas one and all.  Faith, the gang and I hope everyone has a pleasant and spirited holiday and that 2011 starts out wonderfully.

I’ll post photos later about our own celebration and what and alllll the toys the fuzzy faces got.  Because, frankly– They got way more than the rest of us.

Until then!


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Maybe You Can Tell Me…

Posted by faiththemutt on September 28, 2010

What in the *everloving* world this is?

I bought the girls some squeakies on Sunday before I left work–  Typically, because no one is happy if they don’t get their own toy, I paw (get it? Haha, I crack myself up) through the clearance bin until I find things I think they’d get a kick out of.  They actually can be quite picky sometimes, so I try to choose wisely.  I saw this thing and had to buy it simply because it’s ridiculous.

I get that it’s supposed to be a camel– But is it a species of camel that has ice cream cones for legs, rather than the regular knobbly-kneed kind?  I have no idea and that’s why I’m coming to you, blogging community.  Any suggestions?  New species name?

"I haz an ice cream legs!"

Of course, it couldn’t be any more strange than this little beauty:

"I don't know what I am either."

It’s a pig.  Sure.  But it looks like it ate a carnival and a Fuzzy Wuzzy flip mop (Google it, I dare you).

Judge me not by my oddly fabric'd face lest ye be judged, sayth the Lord Squeaky

I’m definitely putting more thought into this than is probably healthy.  I’m really glad I went to college– I’m going to do big things, BIG things!

Anyway, thought I’d post a few photos of the new addition and some of the oldies– My room is now completely girls.  Ianto was the unfortunate man out before he passed, but now with Evie here, it’s kind of like having an all girls dorm rather than co-ed.  It’s kind of fun, instant sleep overs, without the pillow fights.  Unless you count Uno CONSTANTLY CHUCKING HER BEDDING ONTO MY FLOOR RIGHT AFTER I’VE VACUUMED!!!






Hai!!!! I iz a Movee Star!!!

Oooh, yes! I LUVZ de Stwahbewee yogurtz!

Iz don' need you to hold et! ... STOP HOLDING DE YOGURTZ!

She really didn’t want me holding it anymore– She turned into a teeny version of He-Man and ripped it out of my fingers.  About a second later she shoved it into her cheek pouches with the other one I gave her.  Good thing she didn’t have any doorways to go through.  Her face kind of looked like this: ( O.0 ) (use your imagination).

See? I holdz et myself!

I getz dem outta de bag too...

I’m really going to have to keep an eye on her– She really isn’t so shy anymore…

Uno on the other hand, decided she didn’t want anything to do with “teh Yogurtz” and therefore wouldn’t sit still for pictures.  I don’t know why this frustrates me anymore–  She’s a Gerbil, they’re born to take blurry photos.


Still– It’s sad I have to put her in a headlock just to get a semi-decent picture.  I’m probably lucky I didn’t lose any of my fingers with this one.

I hatez you.

Of course, if I didn’t, all you’d get to see is:

"Oh look! Black Blobs are legal to have as pets now!"

"Oh man, soooo jealous. I've always wanted a Black Blob!"

I’ve also come to the conclusion Uno needs to go on a diet.  I play with her and all, but I get more exercise chasing her when she’s out of her ball, then she does.  And when she’s in her ball, she just sits there and wrings her paws wondering what she did to deserve to be put in the Bubble of Badness.  It’s a Gerbil version of the Cone of Shame.  I try to feed her right, she gets her seed mix and I make sure she eats more than just Sunflower Seeds (they’re like Oreos to a Gerbil!) and I give her Timothy Hay from time to time… I try NOT to give her too many Yogurt drops…

Though, I may fail a little on that…

They’re just too cute some nights!  So shoot me!

I’ll try to be better.  I don’t want her to die an early death because she has clogged arteries or something.

OH!  Hey!

Here's that spider I was telling you about! Yay! GROSSNESS!

Um... Crumply?

We don’t know what happened.  One minute it was being grotesque and spidery, the next it curled into a little ball and was carried off by ants while Mom serenaded it with the well-known funeral dirge “Circle of Life”…  I have it on video if you don’t believe me.

I just thought I’d creep y’all out too, it is getting close to Halloween and what better way to share than with a picture of a spider that could probably suck your face clean off?!

What would you do without me?

Well, I gotta get up in the morning!

Until then,

Jaina & Faith & Paisley & Uno & Baxter & Watson & Buddha & Evie & All De Bebe Fish

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My Joys

Posted by faiththemutt on August 31, 2010

I’ve always been one to say that pets are truly the answer to one’s depression, whether it be a short-lived sadness, or chronic.  I have never been more sure of that statement until recently.

In the last few months, my family and myself have faced soul-hardening heart-ache.  The death of my Grandfather, the loss of Yuri and other hurts.  More recently, I, myself have endured a heartbreak I would readily sell my soul to never go through again.

Although my pain is not physical, the drain has often left me exhausted and not wanting to do much.  I’ve been disappointed in myself for letting it bring me to this point, but I imagine others who have felt as I have, know it isn’t easy to drag yourself up by your bootstraps, like it’s no big deal.

However, because of this, I have been privy to the joys that are my pets.  I’m sure there are plenty of people who would roll their eyes and plenty of those who would agree.  Either way, I have found myself admiring how perceptive they all are, even the little ones, (I’m looking at you, Ianto) that seem to know that I haven’t been feeling well about life and have been sweeter than I could have ever asked for.

Faith has always been empathic to my feelings and since day one has been there to snuggle and provide me with supportive kisses throughout the last few weeks.  And, well, life.  The day she’s gone, I will mourn the greatest friend I’ve ever had– I hope, upon hope that isn’t for a very long time.

Faith is just one example, as she is closest to me in everything– She has seen me scream, mull, rage and cry.  The others, though not as easily privy to my emotional state, still provide me with a comfort I cannot express through words.

I had a customer come into work and explain how having a dog (or pet) is cheaper than paying a therapist and I can only agree with that.  I find myself seeing that every time my emotional state is less than stellar– Snuggling with Buddha while watching a movie, letting Uno run around on my shoulders, Ianto kick-boxing my fingers when I feed him, my bunnies coming to bump my hand with their noses when I leave them treats, even Paisley and her crazy antics, just to make someone react.

No matter how I’m feeling, no matter how alone I feel or am– I know I have them.  They might just seem like balls of fur, but really, they’re little counselors and they don’t even know it.  I highly recommend their services if ever you find yourself alone and sad.

I owe them so much:





Naht hehlping.

Life may change, I may change, the people I love may change– But I don’t think my babies will ever change.  They’re my constants (Well, and I suppose my parents too :0) and I would not give them up for anything.  Maybe I’m weird, maybe people think that means I need a life– Maybe I do, but I’m happy that I have the love I have with them in my life.

Until the troubles fade,


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Buddha’s First Cucumber

Posted by faiththemutt on August 15, 2010

So, everything I’ve ever read about Guinea Pigs’ preferences and what is essential to their diet says, they looooove cucumber.  Almost to the point of obsession.  I figured this was coming from people who have Guinea Pigs and sure, they might be right it’s good for them, but I don’t know that obsession is the right word for foods a fuzzy might like… Like, Baxter & Watson love carrots, but they’re not obsessed with them, they’ll turn them down if they’re upset with me or aren’t hungry.

But, because I want Buddha to be happy and healthy, I said why not and talked my Dad into buying her a cucumber when he went to the grocery store a few days ago.  I should have taken a photo before I cut it, but I didn’t think of blogging about the experience until after I had cut it, but this thing is tiny.  Half the size, if not less of a normal size cucumber.  So I sliced up a few thin pieces for her and cut some carrots for Uno and Ianto (they get jealous) and got Buddha out to test this cucumber theory…  Here are their stories:

What is it? Nibble, nibble...



At this point she was already through a few of the slices I had given her and was already wheeking for more.  She also dropped a few bites down my shirt in the process and I thought I was going to have to call animal control–  Because she was going in after them.  I’d say it’s a fair assumption that the people on the Guinea Pig boards and magazines are right.

Guinea Pigs are obsessed with cucumber.

I’ve created a monster.  A cucumber addict.  At night, she’ll come out on her shelf and stare at me, shivering with withdrawal as I’ve not brought cucumber in days.  It’ll be horrific.


Oh boy.  I guess when I have my own yard, I’ll be growing cucumbers, right next to the Timothy Hay and carrots…  My pets are so demanding.

Holy bedhead, Batman!!

There better be cucumber in there!

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In Which There Are Lazy Hamsters and ADD Gerbils

Posted by faiththemutt on March 19, 2010

I have probably the laziest hamster on the planet.  You want to know how I know he’s the laziest hamster on the planet?  I’m glad you do, because I’m going to tell you.  I was cleaning he and Uno’s cages yesterday afternoon and I discovered something– A few weeks ago, I purchased he and Uno those honey sticks, the ones with the seeds and everything is stuck together with honey, you know?

Anyway, when I first put it in his cage, he came over, sniffed it, tried to pull off a few seeds and when he realized it was going to take a little more effort than just half-hamsterdly gnawing at it, he got angry– Like, really angry.  If you never thought a hamster could literally have a temper tantrum…  Come talk to Ianto sometime… So he stares at this chew stick really hard, like maybe his Jedi Hamster powers will miraculously make it NOT require using his teeth and when that didn’t work, he actually started kicking it.  I kid you not, he got his little hamster boxing gloves on and started beating the crap out of this honey stick.  I was laughing so hard at the ridiculousness of what I was seeing, I almost missed him huffing back to his little house.  Had it had a door on it, he would have been slamming it.

This, however, was not was I was speaking of that made me realize just how lazy he is.  While I was cleaning out their cages I found his chew stick and although he had clearly decided to put some effort into eating it, he did in his typical Ianto sort of way:

He's so lazy, he won't even try to get the whole seed off... He just eats out the middle and leaves the rest. *insert eyeroll here*

I would get the hamster that does that.  In any case.  He wasn’t particularly thrilled I cleaned his cage out– he never really is, but I figured he’d get over it eventually.  I put he and Uno in their balls to run around, Uno didn’t know what to do with herself, as usual.  I try to show her every time I put her in, that pushing on the sides of the ball will lead to it rolling and then she can explore, but I think she still has concerns with this, so she just sat in it, wringing her paws and wondering when she’d be allowed to return home– She almost rolled, without intending too, when she saw me dumping out her old litter and realized I was destroying the giant nest she’d created.

I think she got over it though, she spent the majority of last night scraping up a new one.  <sarcasm> Nahhhhh, she totally didn’t do that until 2am, she’s too nice for that </sarcasm>.  Ianto on the other hand, had another temper tantrum abut me getting rid of his “Apocalypse Tomorrow” stash, as per his usual style, but at least was brave enough to roll around the room until I was done defiling his food pantry.  However, he wasn’t so adventurous when he heard me refilling his food dish.  Typically I dump out whatever is in there and replace it once I’m done with the rest of the cage and today was no different– except when I was putting the food in the dish, he heard it and all of sudden I hear “clickityclickityclickty” as he comes flying around the corner of my bed from where he had been hanging out for a while, smacking straight into his cage and staring at the food dish in my hand.  If that isn’t a one track mind, I don’t have a clue what is.

Aht leasht Ah'm weadhy fowh the end!

Sure, let’s all head over to Ianto’s place so we can survive on a couple of sunflower seeds and a dried out Wheatie…

Shaddup... Ah'm dun tahking to youah.

Awwww…. Don’t be that way, doesn’t mean I don’t love him…  He’s just a weirdo…

Naht hehlping.

Well, at least Uno loves me– Just doesn’t stay in one spot long enough to believe it.

I get that a lot... Actually.

Sometimes it gets better.

Hai-- Whatchya doin'?

I dunno what you're doing... But it's beginning to annoy me...

I just pretend this is your face-- That'll make me feel better.

How ’bout that in live action?

Just so you know, she’d had that tube for about 2.5 seconds… 3.5 seconds later it was decimated and in the process of becoming somebody’s new bed– that I had so rudely thrown out…

She gets a little carried away, but she’s still pretty cute–  And theeeen something happened!


And then all of a sudden, Mom was good enough to come to for help…  Kids these days, have to be dying or in trouble to visit their mommies…

But that's ok... She's still my favorite Gurbil

In other news, a few days ago the family and I were at Target and I wandered (of course I wandered) down the Dog aisle annnnnd found THESE!!!!

Paisley for Paisley!

And pink and purple polky dots for Faithers... That Paisley got mud on less than 48 hours after Faith got it...

Despite the mud, I think they like their collars– I know Faith for a fact loves dressing up and getting new collars.  She has to run through the house to show everyone, because she’s got a new “dress” as it were.  For being a Tomboy, she’s still very girly.

Well, that’s all for now.  I’ll try to keep things updated as we get our new Etsy shop open (see previous entry if you’re not sure what I’m talking about).  We’ve gotten good reviews about the cookies we made so far and we FINALLY got the cookie cutters we need– Yeah, the ones that were supposed to get here like, LAST WEEKEND, finally showed up today.  And all mom got for her troubles was an “Oh… Sorry, we’ll ship it priority.”– Sure, MY questions are totally answered, thank you very much, useless cookie cutter people!  Don’t you know the doggies and kitties of the world are waiting for these delicious gourmet cookies that are only delicious and gourmet if shaped like fire hydrants and dog bones!  Seriously.

Anyway, until then!


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Uno De Gerbil V. Wheel

Posted by faiththemutt on January 25, 2010

So, as anyone who actually reads this blog (I’m assuming just people I’m related to, thus this post may be pointless) has probably figured out, I have new pet.  I wasn’t really intending to get another pet, since changing jobs and now working one on one with animals every time I go to work.  Also, I promised my parents I wouldn’t bring home anymore fuzzy things…  Err… Sorry about that?

But, when I met my latest addition, it was kind of a given she needed to come home with me.  You see, the littlest Gerbil had an accident and in the process ended up losing part or all of her eye.  It’s kind of hard to tell looking at her, but it is very obvious she can only see clearly out of her remaining good eye.  Because of her injury, she couldn’t really be sold so she was up for adoption and since I’ve been taking care of her for the last few weeks, I figured who better to take her home and give her a good and guaranteed spoiled life than someone who already knows how she works?  Also, in the process of telling my boyfriend about her, I ended up naming her andthenitwasalloverbecauseIstartedcallingherbynameeverytimeIsawhernoI’mnotsorry!

Why yes, I did just justify bringing home a new pet despite my parents direct orders.

Hey, I am an adult– even if I don’t really own the house…

Although she’s a wee bit skiddish (I think just because she has trouble seeing), she’s very sweet and rarely do I get the impression her visual impairment slows her down.  Even the parents have decided they like her, as they helped me figure out her two story condo when I got home with her and discovered just how pathetically weak I am when I couldn’t get two pieces of plastic snapped over part of the cage.  Good thing I have an awesome Dad who actually has, I don’t know, muscle, or the Gerbil would have been living out of her box for a while.  Even with all of that, the unveiling led to everyone “awwing” over the new baby.  She just about leaped out of the box she was so happy to see daylight again and everyone immediately gasped and put their hands out to catch her, because no, I don’t need her to loose her other eye within 30 minutes of coming home with me.

So everyone welcome:

Uuuunn... Um... Hello?

Let’s try this again–

Sonofa... SERIOUSLY?!?!!

Sonofa... SERIOUSLY?!?!!

*grumble* Try this AGAIN…

Of course I would adopt a ninja, so you can't see her...


Oh no! Human can see me, must throw Gerbil throwing stars!

All this tells me… Is either I need to put tranquilizers in her water or I need a faster camera…  REGARDLESS, may I introduce you to, Uno.  Yes, I named her based on her only having one good eye, but after seeing these photos, I’ve decided it’s a good gang name– You know, The Ninja Gerbils and whatnot.  Seeing as I spent 20 minutes snapping as many photos as I could and I couldn’t get a really awesome one…

I should also add, that she’s lived up to the age old knowledge that Gerbils like to chew things– and often not the things you’d like them to chew, like the munchee sticks or the toilet paper tubes or their FOOD… No.  They chew the things you’d rather them not– Like the built-in plastic wheel that comes with their cages… I mean, who honestly spends $20+ on a cage with a starter kit because they think the wheel is going to last longer than 48 hours?  Honestly?

Me.  That’s who.  I’m the idiot that thought since she was enjoying running in it, she would let it be and chew on the two or three toys I had put in there to deter her from chewing on the cage.  Yes, I am a fool.  How dare I think I could outwit a one-eyed Gerbil with her mind set on the total destruction of all things fun.

48 hours later and the wheel is a no-go

She must have sat there all day today, working on that.  And it’s like her mind wandered while she was doing it because she destroyed the nub that keeps the wheel on the stick part and thus, spinning and then all of sudden she’s chewed off a whole side.  Really?  How bored was she?

I don’t get it.  So now I get to add one more thing to the list of stuff I have to replace.  Gerbil proof wheel, new ball for Uno to run in when I clean her cage and a new water bottle, as the one that came with the set is the same kind I bought Ianto when I first got him– absolute crap.  If you ever think about buying a “Kritter Canteen” don’t.  Dwarf hamsters aren’t big enough to get enough pressure on the ball so the water will come out and apparently Gerbils don’t fare any better as I spent about 5 minutes squeezing the bottle for Uno because she wasn’t getting any water otherwise.  I suppose critter being spelled with a k should have been a clue, but alas, this one came with the cage too.

I did however learn something from this experience:

Destroyer of Plastic


48 hours later and the wheel is a no-go


Uno's long lost cousin

Good night all!  Until next time!

~Jaina, Faith, Paisley, Yuri, Ianto AND Uno (who better stop gnawing on that plastic ladder in her cage or she’s GROUNDED FOREVER!!!)

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