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The life of a 12-year-old puppy, in love with squeakies and Ol' Roys



December 8th, 2009

Watson is a 9 month old broken Harlequin Magpie rabbit.  He is shy and finds it difficult to trust people; left at PetCo almost immediately after being born, Watson has lived a fairly sad life until now.  Hopefully he doesn’t think his life is sad now.  Despite his shyness, Watson can oftentimes be inquisitive (hence his name) and sometimes likes to explore.  Even if that means jumping out of a playpen and making Jaina chase after him around the yard.  Watson can also have an attitude if he dislikes what is going on; this is usually seen by an angry thumping of his foot accompanied by an unpleasant snorting sound.  When he isn’t suffering from a case of PBS (Pouty Bunny Syndrome) he enjoys making a mess of his Timothy Hay, eating Yogurt drops and snacking on yummy Kiwi.

UPDATE:  As of February 2011, it is confirmed that Watson, is indeed a SHE and not a HE… Whoops, PetCo.


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