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I Haz a Happy!

Posted by faiththemutt on March 26, 2011

For anyone following the blog– you may remember this post.  About a week ago, we discovered that Paisley’s mom, Mystic had found her way back to a shelter after being adopted, returned and lost many times in the last almost 2 years.  This last family had discovered too late that she is an energetic, intense dog and rather than returning her to the shelter (which they will ALL happily do, no questions asked), they listed her on Craigslist and gave her away.  Which explains how they “don’t remember” who they gave her to.

Because of her connection to us and the fact her life has sucked this far, I took it upon myself to convince my Dad she needed to come live with us.  He was resistant, as usual, but “Operation: Save Paisley’s Mom” was in full force.  I am perfectly comfortable stooping to begging when it comes to saving lives.  When it appeared Dad was immovable to her sad story, I stepped up my game.  This included a kidnapped phone, a quick contact edit and a personalized ringtone, concluding in a phone call that lead to Mystic finally finding her way home with us.

Today, Mom and I traveled back to PAWS & More (she had been transferred back a few days ago), where she met Faith and Luka.  We waited with bated breath, hoping that she would get along with them both enough to come home.  Luckily, she did!  It was heartwarming to see that, despite being shipped off and returned and dumped so many times, she still appears to be in good spirits and very loving.  She does look like she wasn’t treated very well and she’s trying to please everyone, even though our expectations are simply for her to listen as best she can.

It amazes me how much of Paisley I see in her.  From her tail, soft fur, to the way her tongue lolls out of her mouth.  I look in her eyes and I see Paisley.  I know she isn’t Paisley, and that was never the point of me wanting to adopt her.  I wanted to give her a home that was stable and loving, where she would never have to worry about someone kicking her out, or leaving her behind.  We at least understand what kind of personality and energy level she’s bound to have.  In fact, we discovered pretty quickly what kind of energy level she has, as she figured out how to get the front door open almost 20 minutes after she got here.  Running after someone for the first time in a very long time, definitely brought back memories.

I’m really glad she has a microchip.  I’m sure we’ll be seeing that again.

I’m happy she’s happy now :0)

I have a car!!!

I'm so glad I have a car!!!

Oddly familiar...

I took a picture of Paisley, Christmas before last that looks just like this... Clearly she's family...

She was actually a very good car rider.  She was quiet and kept to herself in the back seat.  She wagged the whole way home and stared into passing cars as though she were telling them she had her own and was going home.  She really is a sweet girl, even if she does need to work on her manners.

She handled all of this really well, even if she doesn't understand why we're doing it... AGAIN.

He likes the scratching...

And then he fell asleep against my pop bottle...

I really hope they get along.  It’ll be good if they do.

Hopefully I’ll have time to get real pictures of her soon.  I’m just happy she’s here now.

Until then!



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I Haz the Sadz

Posted by faiththemutt on March 20, 2011

So last night, my Mom and I were looking through the adoptable pets list of some of the shelters in the area.  I’m not sure why we do that as often as we do, but I suppose we just like to look at the little fuzzy faces and wish that we could do more for them.  Typically when we find a sweet face, we try it on Dad and he says no and we’re back to just looking.  But last night was a little different:

Does that look like anyone we know?

(My beautiful Paisley)

That’s because it’s Paisley’s mom.

When we were perusing the lists we saw a Husky/Lab mix adult female up for adoption– We thought it was a little strange to see that particular breed combo again, but didn’t think anything of it until I saw the dog’s name is Mystic.  Which was the name of the Husky/Lab female that had given birth to Paisley and her brothers and sisters back in July of 2010 at PAWS & more.  I told Mom it was too much of a coincidence that this dog was the same breed mix, the same name and was almost a carbon copy (albeit, older version) of Paisley.  When we read the description, all it told us was that Mystic had been brought to the shelter and a microchip had been found but the owner had not.  The way it was worded, it sounded like they had not been able to get any information about the owner that had been attached to the chip.

I’ve heard of stories where the dogs have gotten too far away from the area they were chipped in and the information has been partitioned to THAT area, making identification difficult.  So I thought maybe I could help if that was the case and sent an e-mail to what I’m assuming is the director of the shelter Mystic is currently at:


My name is Jaina– I was looking at your adoptable pet list when I noticed a somewhat familiar face.  In September of 2010, my family adopted a Husky/Lab puppy from PAWS & More Animal Shelter in Washington Iowa.  She had been born at the shelter to two Husky/Lab mixes, one of which was a female named Mystic.  Mystic had been adopted just a few days before we brought Paisley (our puppy) home.  I noticed that your description of her included her having a microchip (something PAWS & More offers with every adoption) but that you were having trouble locating the owner.  Although I cannot be completely sure, since I never met her in person and only saw her from afar, I am almost positive it’s the same dog.  She looks like a carbon copy of my Paisley.  I don’t know if this will help you, but I know that when we adopted Paisley, PAWS & More recorded all of our information, including her microchip number.  Perhaps you could contact them to see if they can reunite her with her family.

Unfortunately, our Paisley passed away this passed November due to an undiagnosed heart condition.  She was a joy in our household and we miss her dearly; it would make us so happy to see her mother reunited with her forever home if it is indeed the same Mystic.  If you have the time to let us know if this is the case, we would be delighted to hear from you.  We know how much happiness our fuzzy family members bring us, I can only imagine Mystic’s family is feeling great sadness at her being missing.

Thank you for your time,


I honestly didn’t know if it was going to help or if  it would make a difference.  In fact I wasn’t expecting an answer at all this morning, since the shelter is closed on Sundays and they don’t open till noon on Monday (shelters always have such odd hours) but I got a response that they wanted my phone number.  At first I wasn’t sure if they thought I was Mystic’s owner pulling a fast one or what, but when I got on the phone, the heartbreak just kept getting stronger.

According to the woman I spoke to, Mystic had been found in the area and the microchip had sent them to get information from PAWS & More (confirming it was Paisley’s mom) but the owners that had been attached to the chip, had stated they had “given her away to a new family, but couldn’t remember who they gave her to”.

I don’t know about you– but if I was “giving away” one of my fuzzy babies, I would KNOW every detail about who I was giving them to.  And the only way I would be doing that is if I was TOTALLY incapable of taking of care of them myself.  Anyone who knows me or has seen this blog knows I have many animals and although I work two jobs, they’re only part time and I’m not exactly making the big bucks; but I think it’s pretty clear my pets aren’t exactly suffering for anything.  But if it did come to that, I wouldn’t just give them to some joe-schmo who said they wanted them.  That kind of story makes my Gibbs-Gut go off and tells me that this family didn’t give Mystic away, they dumped her and now they don’t want to take responsibility for it.

Regardless of your situation, surrendering a dog to a shelter isn’t difficult to do.  They’re happy to help those animals that need it and it’s far more humane than just letting a dog rot on a street corner.  Granted I don’t know the real story, but I know people and this is what happens: They walk into a shelter, see pretty blue eyes and striking pointed ears and that’s it– they’re in love.  They don’t take into account that this particular dog is not only Labrador (so FULL of energy) but is also Husky (so FULL of energy and a deep desire to RUN) and that although they’re sweet, loyal, loving dogs, they honestly have been built to run and leap and escape and cost you hundreds in shelter fees.  If you don’t understand that– don’t get a Husky, or a Labrador– or for that matter any dog, because you don’t get it.

So now Mystic is right back where she started, just in a different shelter.  They had had trouble getting her adopted at PAWS and only just got her a “forever home” a few days before we adopted Paisley.

Hasn’t she been through enough?  She’s a sweet dog, according to the woman I spoke to today and at first she cringes like she’s been beaten, but apparently her temperament and attitude is similar to that of Paisley and it just breaks my heart.  I don’t understand how people can so senselessly throw their pets away, not when they don’t do anything to deserve it– they don’t know anything more than what’s in their hearts and souls to do, that’s why we as human beings, the supposedly ‘master species’ are supposed to care for them and keep them healthy and safe.

So here’s my warning people– when you adopt a pet, it’s for life.  You can’t get it and say “just kidding” and if you decide that’s what’s going to happen, be a grown up about it– take it back to the shelter so someone who’s able to take care of them can.  Don’t let them suffer because of your failings or any honest hardships that may befall you.  That’s not fair.

I’m sorry about your mommy, little one.  I wish there was something I could do.  Miss you.


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Luka Update

Posted by faiththemutt on March 19, 2011

Luka came home on Wednesday this week– he was minus a few things, but was well despite it.  Dad and I were barely in the office a few minutes before he realized we were there and started howling pitifully for us to come save him.  Since we had to take care of the inevitable bill and order Faith’s medicine, he ended up having to wait a little longer than he was hoping and the entire time– he was a’howlin’.

We finally got him out of the office, but not before he nearly busted a stitch trying to get into the car.  He was THAT desperate to get home or at least AWAY from the vet.  Granted, I did hear one of the vet techs tell him several times while we were waiting, to be quiet, so that tells me he wasn’t allowed to throw any ‘slammin’ parties, yo’.  I think he was also trying to protect his street cred, since he was forced to wear this:

I would probably hate myself a little too, if I had a giant satellite attached to me.

Oddly enough, the last few days, he’s been very good about not licking or chewing.  I don’t know if his stitches aren’t bothering him that much, or if he’s just oblivious (never mind, I know) but in any case, he’s been allowed to run free without the e-collar on the condition he doesn’t chew and so far, it’s been good luck.  Obviously he wears it when we’re not home, but Dad’s been on spring break this week, so Luka’s been under his watchful eye.  Next week is the school district’s spring break.  I still have to work, but I’ll be home by noon two days out of the week and have a day off, so he’ll be allowed more freedom until we get his stitches out on the 25th.

Can we get dem out naaaaaaow?!?

Did I mention his stitches are pink?  Yeah, as if to insult to injury, they chose to stitch him in pink.  I think he knows.

Anyway, I thought I would let anyone who was wondering know that he’s ok.  We were worried, but found out soon enough that things had gone well.  I’m sure the vet does a million neuter/spays a week, but that doesn’t preclude the possibility of something happening.  We’re just a little on edge, we’ve been burned enough in the last year to know better than to be totally unperturbed.

Until then,




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The Snip-and-Go

Posted by faiththemutt on March 15, 2011

Heaven help me– Luka’s is getting neutered tomorrow morning.  I’m sure everything will be fine and he’ll be fine and we’ll all be fine but I can’t help but worry because too much crap has happened in the last 6 months to make me doubt anything is foolproof.

I’m going to get ulcers from all this worrying.

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Posted by faiththemutt on March 14, 2011

Everyone, welcome Winston– Winston, everyone.

Hai everyone!

A few weeks ago, I brought home a Green Spotted Puffer…  I was planning to get one at some point.  I wasn’t planning on it being a few weeks ago.  I was actually trying to maintain a modicum of resolve because although I had purchased the tank, I wanted it to be set up correctly for my new little friend and have time to cycle and all that jazz.  Since Puffers are actually brackish water fish and are commonly sold as freshwater, I wanted to see if I could buy one from a saltwater specialty store.  Since the pet store I work at, doesn’t sell them at all, the one up the street from us sells them as freshwater and Wal-Mart is just a bad idea.  That way, all I’d have to do is make sure the salinity was right and my life would be 10 kabajillion times easier.  So here was my plan:

1.) Get the tank set up with brackish water and all the ameneties

2.) Purchase the fish after our trip in May

3.) Do not buy the fish from Wal-Mart

Here’s what I did:

1.) Bought the fish in February

2.) Bought the fish from Wal-Mart

3.) Set the tank up

Ladies and gentlemen– I am a moron.

I had dinner with a few friends that evening and one of them and I decided to wander through Wal-Mart.  Seeing as we’re both animal lovers and we work at a pet store, we stopped in the fish section so we could be snobby.  Not that it takes a lot to be snobby about Wal-Mart’s fish section.  Even someone whose never owned a fish could probably tell they don’t take care of them and most of them are obviously sick.  Regardless, we were squawking to each other about the state they were in, when I saw they had Green Spotted Puffers.  My friend is aware that I’ve wanted one for a while and that I’ve been researching them– lately, I’ve been the go to girl at work when people have questions about Puffers, because I won’t shut up about the ONE kind of fish I know a lot about now.

Needless to say, my heart broke when I saw the state they were in.  There were probably ten Puffers in a small sectioned off portion of their tanks.  All of them were pathetic beyond belief, hovering around the tank looking miserable.  Most of them had fins bitten to the point of tatters (because Puffers are aggressive and really shouldn’t live with others, unless it’s a very large tank) which is somewhat unavoidable when they’re for sale.  Some of them had Ick– Others were bloated from stress and there was one that was stuck to the filter with clamped fins.  There was also a handful of flake food floating all over the top of the tank from some haphazard attempt at keeping them alive– but if anyone had actually been trained in their care, they’d know Puffers don’t EAT flake, but are carnivorous.  Snails and brine shrimp and bloodworms are preferable, not tropical flake more fit for Guppies (I’m on my high horse, aren’t I?)  Not very good signs for a fish’s lifespan.  While I was looking at them and telling myself how I would save them all if I could, little Winston came to the front of the tank and eyeballed me.  He followed my finger around the tank glass and every time I came near he would swim to the front of the tank to greet me.

It was all over.

My friend didn’t help me all that much, seeing as she knew I’m soft-hearted and a pushover and told me that any life would be better than living at Wal-Mart and Winston (before he was named) was likely to die if he stayed there much longer and I could do so much more for him.  So I tackled (not literally) a Wal-Mart employee (who informed me the Ick would clear up in a few days– because you don’t need to treat that *eyeroll*) and had him bag me a fish.  Over the course of waiting for my fish I found out the man used to work at a pet store I had purchased a dog from several years ago that went out of business probably 10 or 12 years ago, watched him put almost a gallon of water in the bag and then blow (yes, blow) air INTO the bag with my fish.  Even if you don’t know much about science, I’d hope most people would know that when you EXHALE, it’s not oxygen that leaves your lungs but carbon dioxide– Which is not exactly healthy for fish, or– anything that needs air.

When I got home I scrambled to get the tank set up and hoped that his already stressed self would be able to handle a tank that hadn’t been running very long.  I always scold people who try to put fish in the tank too soon, especially since working at a pet store and I’ve had a little trouble keeping fish alive in my other tank, so my concerns were valid.

Not bad for someone who was on death row...

Although I still need to start mixing his brackish water (and switching it for freshwater– one blessed cup at a time) he’s done pretty well.  I fed him snails for the first time a few days after I got him and he immediately decided that was all he was going to eat.  So now to avoid having to go to work every few days to get him snails (thank heaven they’re free!) I’m attempting to colonize them in an old Betta tank.  They’ve started laying eggs, but I’ve lost a lot before being able to feed them to him, so I don’t know how effective it’s going to be.

Anyway, he’s doing quite well.  After a round of medication to get rid of any illness, his tail unclamped and I stopped wondering if he was just going to kick it right then and there.  Now when I walk in, he’s right there, waiting for me.

So much for sticking to the plan, right?

Oh, did I mention– had someone that’s been bugging us to take in his unwanted baby guppies for the last few weeks.  They were threatening to flush them.

Yeah.  They came home with me.  So much for not having a tank full of guppies.


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Under Construction

Posted by faiththemutt on March 11, 2011

It’s here!


Actually, it’s been here for about a week, but I haven’t had the time or the energy really to work on it.  However, after the millionth time of tripping over the box and seeing their sad little faces I finally just gritted my teeth and told myself to do it.

*cough* while dragging my poor Dad downstairs to help me *cough*

I could have done it, I swear!  But power tools and I don’t necessarily mix (should have seen me two weeks ago, sanding my fish tank stand!) and Dad knows that and he knows that I obsess over my animals.  So he was the dutiful father and helped me get it all screwed together and commiserated with me when a few pieces didn’t look like they even belonged in the box.  And of course the inevitable “shipping damage”, as in a whole hinge breaking off in the box.  Sweet.

Either way, the majority of it is complete:


Tomorrow, after work I’ll probably wander into the abyss that is Menards so I can get some new hinges and get the roof attached and hopefully get Baxter and Watson moved into their new place.  Just in time for spring and needing to buy them the OUTDOOR hutch I want for them.


I wish they’d consider getting a paper route.

I hope to have better pictures soon, also hopefully of the two checking their new digs out.  I will say this, it’s good this isn’t a smell-o-blog, because this hutch is stinky.  I don’t know if it’s whatever they treat the wood with to keep it from rotting or being bug-eaten or if it’s supposed to emulate pine.  Whatever it is, IZ NOT PRITTEE!!

Here’s to it airing out soon.  Blegh.

Until then!

Jaina, Faith & the fuzzy kids

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Pepper Breath

Posted by faiththemutt on March 4, 2011

I gave the girls green peppers that we had left over from our chili dinner.



P to the U!

That would be the result of the peppers… Happy pigs with a sudden urge to snuggle and mom’s face melting off.

WARNING: Do NOT leave piggies unattended with any large animals you may have.  Even the best dogs are still dogs and if given the opportunity, they will snatch smaller animals up.  Be very careful– Faith is gentle and I was within grabbing distance, so my worries were small, but that by no means, means it’s a good idea.

Whatz you doing down dere?


I givez up.

Luka was also being, though it happens very little, adorable towards Faith– But she was having none of it.

He makez me sweepy.

That was all– Nothing big, just had some cute pictures.


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