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Yuri and the Story of the Hyper Thyroid

Posted by faiththemutt on February 1, 2010

*Edit* Yuri’s surgery will actually be tomorrow,Thursday, February 4th.  Please keep him in your thoughts.

I’ve been keeping things quiet regarding a few things as tough decisions needed to made and diagnoses revealed in the last few weeks.  Now that everything seems to be settled, I guess I’d like to ask everyone to keep Yuri in their thoughts the next few days as he will be undergoing some fairly serious surgery come Tuesday.

Let’s start from the beginning– On Christmas morning, everyone was opening presents and generally being excited for the holiday.  Yuri in particular; he had just gotten some rawhide bones and was looking forward to chowing down on one.  After getting his little puppy lips on one, we noticed that it disappeared rather fast and that he had begun to walk funny.  Mom was worried that he had chewed about half, got annoyed it was taking so long and swallowed the rest of it whole.

Plausible, right? Sure looks like he ate one!

So, the next day she took him to emergency care to see if they could find it and what to do were it there.  Apparently x-rays can’t pick up rawhide (I don’t know why not) but it was very detailed in the picture of the staple he had swallowed.  He’s pretty, not always bright.  Despite the staple looking gargantuan and poky, the vet was less concerned about that and more concerned about his calcium levels from the blood work they had taken.

Yuri has always had issues with kidney stones and such, so high calicum levels weren’t especially surprising to us, but the vet was concerned it was a preface to a cancer diagnosis.  So, we were referred to a specialist, who was very impressed that Yuri looks so good in his old age (he is almost 15 years-old you know) and made him feel special.  She couldn’t tell us anything conclusive from the tests they perform at the office, so she made it apparent we needed to get a sample to one of their off-site labs as quickly as possible so we could begin treatment on whatever it was.

My boy :0)

Whatever it was being either cancer or a Thyroid condition– the latter being the more preferable of the two.  So Mom worrying for her baby (as we all were) had them get everything sent off and then either through incompentence or just plain idiocy, it took over a month to get his test results back.  I won’t go into the gory details, but if a lab specifically tests for something, like cancer– would it not make sense to have the supplies to actually perform the test?  So, whatever it was had a month to continue doing what it was doing to Yuri.

You have to keep in mind, we had taken him to the vet concerning something that wasn’t even related, which happens a lot in our family, but because of that, it’s not like we were aware of what kind of symptoms to really look for, or if he was handling being sick better than anyone could think of.  And even if symptoms did come up, how would we know what it was or what to do without a diagnosis?  After several frustrating weeks, we finally found out what’s wrong with him.

He has Primary Hyperparathyroidism (try saying that 10 times fast) and it’s caused a benign tumor (ask me what benign means, I dare you) to grow on his thyroid gland.  Despite it not being cancerous, the tumor itself will continue to grow and eventually block off his windpipe (It’s already causing him breathing issues) and it’s also causing the gland to overproduce and distribute calcium throughout his body.  Left untreated, it will cause his organs to harden and shut down and that is a most painful way to go.

So, despite the happy news that it’s not cancer, the unhappy news is that it requires surgery.  Both to remove the tumor and to remove bladder stones that were formed through the tumor being on the gland.  At age 14, he’s probably more at risk than a younger dog to have complications and from previous experience with a surgery to remove kidney stones, he heals very slowly and is irked by stitches.  He will be wearing the cone of shame for a while.

Don't worry, Dug. Yuri doesn't like the cone of shame either.

I’m very scared for him.  I know that as a dog, his life does not necessarily outweigh that of a human’s and he doesn’t necessarily understand what’s happening, but he’s my baby.  He’s my beautiful, funny, dorky, pushy, talky baby and I’m scared he won’t come home to me and the girls.


So please, if you have a little or even better, a lot of understanding for what it’s like to have so much love for a fuzzy love, please keep him in your thoughts during his surgery Tuesday and of course his recovery during the coming weeks.  If he were your dog, the joy he would bring you is insurmountable.

Be strong my sweet boy. We all love you and are pulling for you :0*

Much love to all our readers and most especially to Yuri, the bestest Husky of them all.

Until then,

Jaina, Yuri, Faith & Paisley


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Belated Christmas: Paisley’s First

Posted by faiththemutt on January 7, 2010

Yes… I forgot to write a Christmas post.  I suck at this blogging thing–

Anyway, we had a very Merry Christmas at our house and the dogs, made out like the bandits that they are.  Really.  I have pictures.  I was pretty spoiled too, but I have to say the dogs did pretty well!

But before we get started with the evidence, we in the midwest hope you all had a Merry Christmas and as Paisley says “And a Hippee Nude Deer”.  You might need an online translator for that one.  And now on to what we’re really here for.

Dad woke Faith and I up Christmas morning as he traditionally does, with Mannheim Steamroller playing to wake us.  It’s one of my favorite traditions and I think after 10 years, Faith has figured out that this is her cue to run to the door because Santa Paws has come and gone.  She loves getting presents so she was pretty excited when I kicked back the blankets and made my way to the door.  She wasn’t the only excited one.  Paisley had been let out of her kennel and was making a ruckus when she saw all the new things under the tree.  They hadn’t been there when she had gone to bed the night before and like a little kid, she knew immediately that there was something new:

Ohhhh, Chwismas twee ohhh Chwismas tweeeeeee, how yummy awe yowr bwanches!

Since Paisley likes to gnaw on Pine tree branches– I felt it was appropriate.  Just so you know, all of the packages wrapped in blue, are for the dogs… And you can’t even see them all from this angle…

I got a Sock Monkey! Paisley thinks it's hers but it's mine.

Oh man, were they ever excited to see all of those presents:

See what I mean?

Iz dat mine too?

They were quite excited to get their presents open.  A few of them were rather stinky (A real dog magnet) and they could tell it was for them just by sniffing them.  Yuri, is really rather good at getting presents open on his own:

This is the best Christmas EVER!

Paisley and Faith were just as happy:

Whatevewr yew're opening, it's miiiiiineee!

I would post photos of all of us opening our gifts as we all received some awesome gifts.  My Dad and I actually found gifts for Mom that she loved and for once, she had no idea what they were.  A typical Christmas includes Mom grabbing her gifts, giving it a little shake and calling it before she opens it.

This is rather aggravating.

But this time– HAHAHAHAHAHA.  WE WIN!!!  So, she was surprised, we were surprised and the puppies were happily gnawing on toys and Beggin’ Strips and not surprised– Because we’re wrapped around their little paws.

Anyway, like I said, I would have added pictures of the non-fuzzy people, but it was early in the morning and none of us were exactly– Attractive at that time.  I’ll post one that is a little less scary of myself– I had just received a Garmin Nüvi for Christmas and was very excited as I’ve needed one of those for years.  As I’ve mentioned in previous entries, I am directionally challenged.  Sometimes, I can’t even find my way around my own hometown and it’s rather humiliating.  Soooo, I was about two seconds away from kissing it.

At least I brushed my hair before I came downstairs, so there's that...

Sorry if you feel a sudden need to stab your eyes out…

So, I would say overall we all had a good Christmas.  We had a lovely Christmas meal, delicious turkey and sides and I’m very happy to say my Dad was able to accurately recreate my Grandmother’s turkey gravy; a recipe that had been lost for several years after she passed away.  I loved my Grandma very much and when she died it was hard to get used to holidays without her.  I remember family gatherings being what they were because she was there.  She made things from memory and the recipe for the gravy was no exception.  It was one of those “A dash of this, a handful of that” sort of things and we were fairly sure after many, many failures that it was a lost cause.  Well, this year, Dad tried again with the ingredients we knew were necessary and it was success.  So much so that I nearly cried when I tasted it as it transported me back to those days at her house during Christmas, her hovering over everyone and making sure her grandchildren were stuffed to the gills.  I miss her and I hope she and my grandfather who has also passed are celebrating together again.

Sorry… Reminiscing.  But as I said, the puppies were well spoiled this past Christmas and although I know it’s over for a while, Paisley is already plotting what she gets next year!

Much love and a Happy New Year!

Jaina, Faith, Paisley & Yuri (Oh and Mom & Dad too)

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Faith Goes Christmas Shopping

Posted by faiththemutt on November 28, 2009

So, yesterday was “Black Friday”.  Or for those of us who work in retail/grocery– Hell.  Luckily I didn’t have to work until well after the rush was over and frankly, I’m not thinking a lot of folks are looking for deals in their local grocery store.  At least not after 1pm.  So, I avoided that… Work-wise…

Mooooom, however, found a deal for something that couldn’t be passed up.  And guess who got to go get it?  Yeah.

So I made Faith go with me.  It was a little chilly out so I bundled her up in her new coat (her fur is really thin, oook?)

Weady! Wewe's my Cookee?

Isn’t she adorable?  The hood is faux-fur lined and everything.  It even has a pocket on the back– Why?  I don’t know, extra cookies?  Though if we did that, we’d make millions because Faith would become the world’s best canine-contortionist.  No way would she leave cookies back there, all alone and unattended!

Anyway, we left, knowing we might not come back alive and I say this half jokingly, because honestly there have been several deaths associated with this horrific sales day– not counting the brawl that broke out between two people at an outlet mall nearby over a Bath & Bodyworks item no less– which is really sad.  Honestly, is there anything at all in this world that’s worth trampling someone for?  It defeats the whole point of Christmas.  However, when you can go into a store and see people lined up clear to the back with 6 cartloads each of crap no one really needs.  You have to laugh out loud, with a touch of horror, because you’ve just joined the masses.

Which, we did.  I cannot believe I actually waited 20 minutes just to park my car and it looked sort of like this:

I had several people point out the spots they were in, letting me know they were leaving.  Which was nice, but not terribly helpful as there were still at least six cars in front of them that would keep them from exiting for a while.  One woman decided she wouldn’t be waiting and reversed anyway, nearly smashing into one car and coming precariously close to mine.  Thank goodness my car has a surprisingly loud horn because I was not having any of that.  Just got the window fixed on that thing, not going to have the butt-print of some idiot’s car imprinted on mine.  Unfortunately it wasn’t a white Prius, so I couldn’t make a connection…  But oh well.

Finally after circuiting the store several times, speaking with clueless and clearly exhausted employees, I found what I had been sent for– in the shoe section.  And let me tell you.  I wasn’t looking for shoes, I was looking for:

Haha, like I would actually tell you what it is. It’s a present for crying out loud!  I’m just saying, it’s not shoes!  It shouldn’t have been in the shoe section!

After acquiring the target, the challenge then extended to getting through the line quickly.  Seeing as I only had one item, that self-serving part of my brain began listing all the reasons why I should be able to skip in front of all these “Black Friday” nerds with their game plans and reusable bags, purses unzipped for easy wallet access and store charge cards getting sweaty in their grubby paws.  But no.  I had to wait in line too.  Even when a “1 item or less” line would have been handy!

20 minutes later (20!  I’ve never waited that long in line before!) and I finally got checked out!  20 minutes…  Unnnnnnbelieveable.

Never again my friends!  Never again!  If I get my Christmas shopping done early, I’m perfectly content to pay full price or maybe snag a deal a few days before Christmas, but never will I traverse into the wild that is this after Thanksgiving “special”.  It should be renamed After Thanksgiving NIGHTMARE!  And to think there are people out there, that actually sit out in the rain and cold and snow and CRAP, late into the night, so they can be the first ones in at 3am.  NOTHING is worth that.  If I had kids, I’d love to see them smile, but I don’t think I can ever love them enough to buy a Happy-Slappy-Facelift Barbie that early in the morning.

Good grief!

However, we did survive.  Within an inch of our lives (did I mention it took another 10 minutes to get OUT of the parking lot?) and neither of us was the worse for wear– Well, maybe:

Bwack Fwiday makes me sweepy...

Me to Faithee, me too.

At least one of our posse is happy about things:

Give me, de bottwle and I wiww weave you awone!

She loves plastic bottles, just as much as Faith, if not more.  If Mom happens to have a bottle of water, she better get it done quick because Paisley will be watching.  The second you set it down, it’s hers!  No questions asked.  Or permission– what’s permission?

As demonstrated here...

She really shouldn’t be on the furniture, but there’s that whole listening thing again… :o/


Guess who’s fitting in nicely?

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now.  Sorry it wasn’t more interesting, but with school, homework, the holidays and all that other crap that means I’m an adult, this sort of stuff doesn’t get done as often!

Until next time!

Jaina & Faith

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Paisley’s Day Out

Posted by faiththemutt on September 25, 2009

So a few days ago, my Mom called me to run a few errands for her.  We were happy to do so for her and I figured it  would be a nice get away for everyone.  I’ve been feeling poorly, so doing things to get my mind off of it was ok with me and get the dogs out of the house.  So.  We did.

It was a clown car.

Let me outta Heeeeewwwweee!

Let me outta Heeeeewwwweee!

He likes her... Really.

He likes her... Really.



I promise… Yuri likes her– or at least tolerates her.  When we first had them meet, I think Yuri was excited to meet her, he just didn’t realize she was coming home with us.  Once he realized she was– He became slightly more cynical about the whole thing.  We’ve also discovered as he’s become the alpha male in our little pack, he’s sort of forgotten what it is to play and be puppy like.  Seeing as Paisley is both a puppy and intent on playing, Yuri is at a loss.  He doesn’t get it and it frustrates him.  So rather than loosening up, he becomes as I like to call him Senor Crankypants about it.  He doesn’t really flip out on her, he just reasserts that he’s in charge, which Paisley often forgets– she’s got that “no fear” attitude puppies have.

See what I mean?

See what I mean?


I wiww eat dis camwa stwap if it's de last ting I doooo!

I wiww eat dis camwa stwap if it's de last ting I doooo!

Oh sure, *now* she's sleepy

Oh sure, *now* she's sleepy

My favorite photo ever!

My favorite photo ever! ©Jaina

She really does love riding in the car, but Yuri didn’t feel like sharing the front seat with her.



Can we go aweady?

Can we go aweady?

Definitely sleepy

Definitely sleepy

We got our errands done pretty quickly.  Mom needed me to pick up a birthday cake for one of her coworkers– That went in the trunk, because when you have three dogs in the car– one of which is a baby… No.  At least she’s a cute baby.

I have no idea how she does this

I have no idea how she does this

See what I mean?  She’s super bendy and she loves to lay like this.  Faith does too, but not quite as bendily.  It’s weird.  But, she’s decided she really likes beds, mine in particular.

It might as well be hers.

It might as well be hers.

I wish I could get myself to post these faster, but I’ve been feeling pretty badly the last two weeks.  It wasn’t until Thursday I actually broke down and went to the doctor.  2 1/2 hours of waiting and I found out I might either have Strep Throat or Mono… Which, let’s face it, I’m in college, I could live in a bubble and still be ill.  Got some tests done, both came back negative, but I have a virus, no one could tell me a name and apparently either test could come back with a false negative.  I’m currently taking meds (since there aren’t really meds for viruses) that are supposed to deal with the symptoms.  Thus far, it doesn’t really feel like it, but I have no idea when it’s supposed kick in or what it’s supposed to do really.  I’m just hoping I can wake up feeling energized for a change and not in the middle of the night coughing with some serious chest pain.

Enough whining– aren’t my puppies beautiful?

Until then,

Jaina & Faith

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Introducing… Paisley!

Posted by faiththemutt on September 15, 2009

So this particular post may be short as I am absolutely exhausted from today’s events and really just want to sleep.  Whatever I’m sick with has only left on a semi-permanent basis and keeps reminding me it’s around by causing me to cough uncontrollably for several minutes.  So I’m thinking sleep is a good idea.

However, Faith and I had to share the news that Paisley has officially joined our family as of 7pm this evening.

FaithIcon: Yeah.  We gotta new bebe.  Onwee, dis one doesn’t squeak…

Jaina Icon 2: What do you think of her?

FaithIcon: I dunno yet.  She is cute wike my squeakies… But I can’t actuwee squeak her– and she copies me a wot.  Can’t do nuffing wifout her following me.

Jaina Icon 2: I think that means she likes you.

FaithIcon: It’s a wittle cweepy.  But, I guess dats ok… If she tinks I’m cool…

Jaina Icon 2: Of course.

This morning, after reassuring my professor, a fellow dog-lover, that I would let her know if we indeed adopted a puppy tonight, I sat through class and suddenly realized how anxious I was for the day to be near an end.  Seeing as then I would actually be able to meet Paisley and see if she could come home with us.  Class broke relatively early and I headed home to grab lunch, finish up some work and get Faith and Yuri prepared for their vaccination.  Which really consisted of me putting on leashes and getting them into the car.

I left a half hour early so I wouldn’t be late, seeing as the office we had to go to was a different branch of our vet’s office and I had never been there.  I should also mention I’m directionally challenged.  So, yes, it’s a good thing, or I would have been more than the 3 or 4 minutes late I was.  Found out they weren’t going be getting shots but nasal sprays, much to Faith’s relief and after that, got to head home to meet up with Mom so we could head to the shelter, an hour away from our house.

It felt like the trip would take forever.  Like, forrrreeevvver and we had already expressed some concern that for whatever reason, they might deny us an adoption or Paisley would turn out to be a bad fit for us, so this was torture.  Faith and Yuri were fine with it though, as long as they got a breeze from the open window and a bit of water from the bottle we bought them before leaving.

When we finally got there (on the first try no less) we nervously asked to see Paisley at which we were guided to an outdoor kennel where Paisley, her mother (so sad to have to separate them) and her father were waiting.  I hadn’t had any idea that the entire family had been brought to the shelter, I just assumed that the puppies were accidents (they happen) and that someone had brought them in.  Apparently they didn’t want any of them.  We didn’t really get a chance to see Paisley’s parents as there was a cacophony of barking and the girl helping us was  a bit overwhelmed with excited dogs.

And there she was.  Absolutely lovely.  She is clearly of Lab and Husky descent (obviously) and never before have I seen so many of my own dogs’ traits in one single animal.  My Mom and I were tickled to see that many of the quirks, looks and mannerisms Faith and Yuri have all on their own could be seen in Paisley.  She truly is remarkable to handle all of that.  In any case, I think it’s clear we had to bring her home.  A picture sent to my Dad via text had him leaving a message telling us that despite him being leery of adopting another dog, her cuteness had prevailed.  During the meet and greet with our dogs, Paisley handled herself amazingly and so did Faith and Yuri.  They all seemed to get along just fine and although Faith was worried she was meeting her replacement, she appears to be channeling motherhood and gets more upset with me if the puppy cries about something than me actually enjoying the company of a new puppy.  I’m ok with that.  So in the end, she definitely seems to be a good fit for us.  She’s beautiful, she’s clearly smart (more on that later) and she is loved by all.

Now if we can get that potty training out of the way pretty quick, we’ll be good!  I’ll leave you with some photos!  She’s a pretty girl and in case anyone notices, she has two eye colors, in an odd way.  One eye is entirely blue and the other is bi-color, both blue and brown.  It’s very cool, very odd, but very cool.

She goes in for her first check up this week, sometime, whenever I can actually make it to an appointment with her and hopefully the little concerns we’ve managed to find in the first few hours are nothing and she’s healthy as a horse— er, puppy and we can all just move on and have a good time.

Meet Paisley

Meet Paisley

Paisley is a good little baby

Paisley is a good little baby

Paisley has decided she loves the feel of wind in her fur

Paisley has decided she loves the feel of wind in her fur



And to pose for the camera

And to pose for the camera

While Faith pouts (sort of)

While Faith pouts (sort of)

And Yuri asks Mom "But, what do you do with it?"

And Yuri asks Mom "But, what do you do with it?"

But it all just makes her sleepy

But it all just makes her sleepy

Until she gets home

Until she gets home

Exploring new appliances

Exploring new appliances

And stealing Faithee's toys

And stealing Faithee's toys

FaithIcon: I want dat back in de mowning.

Jaina Icon 2: Oh, Faith.  What would I do without you?

FaithIcon: Pwobabwee die, mommy.  You’d nevew make it.

Jaina Icon 2: Thanks.  I definitely would not be the same.

Until then!

Jaina & Faith

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Little Possibilities…

Posted by faiththemutt on September 14, 2009

Jaina Icon 2: Well… We still don’t have any interesting photos to post today… Faith had to stop at the vet this afternoon–

FaithIcon: Against my wiww… I tawt it was gonna be a fun caw wide… But noooooo, I got a shot in de butt.  My BUTT!

Jaina Icon 2: It was only a little pinch and you’re better off for it anyway, I mean, our very nice vet gave you cookies, I gave you cookies and hey, you’re protected from Rabies for the next 3 years.  I’m not seeing a downside.

FaithIcon: It was a shot.

Jaina Icon 2: A teeny, tiny, insignificant little–

FaithIcon: IN MY BUTT!

Jaina Icon 2: Could you stop saying that?

FaithIcon: Saying what?  Butt?  Buttbuttbuttbuttbuttbuttbuttbuttbutt–

Jaina Icon 2: I’m glad I can call you my mature dog, oh wait!  No I can’t.

FaithIcon: Mommy, it huwt.  What is dis Wabies anyway?  I mean, is it like an evil Ninja dat only attacks butts?

Jaina Icon 2: Er.  No.  Have you seen Ol’ Yeller?

FaithIconIs it a cookie?

Jaina Icon 2: No… Actually.

FaithIcon: A squeaky?

Jaina Icon 2: Nooo.

FaithIcon: Den it isn’t worf seeing.

Jaina Icon 2: Ok, you know what, never mind… Rabies is bad.  Let’s leave it at that.

As you’ve probably gathered, Faith got her Rabies booster today and she wasn’t pleased.  She was very good, but as it is, she’s hijacked my bed and isn’t planning on returning it anytime soon– That and I gave she and Yuri a bath this evening.  That might also have something to do with her not speaking to me.  But hey, at least she smells better.

FaithIcon: I put de diwt dere fow a weason, mommy.  You distuwbed de diwt.

Jaina Icon 2: Faith, my love– It was gross.  You were gross.

And even after all of that torture, she has even more to endure tomorrow.  She and Yuri are going in to get Bordetella (I have no idea if that’s spelled right) vaccine or Kennel Cough, for those laymen like me that aren’t into all the highfalutin’ specialty words.

There’s a reason for this, actually.

We’re havin’ a baby!


See, on Sunday afternoon, when I was at work, the parents were out and about, doing stuff that despite not interesting me terribly, would have interested me a lot more than work.  At the time.  One of their stops happened to be PetSmart so they could pick up some treats for the dogs and a few surprises for Ianto– Who my mother, lovingly albeit a little annoyingly calls “Squeaky”–  Well, apparently while they were there, they realized it was National “Second Chance at Love” Day or something on that lines and the store was full of fuzzy faces looking for a home.

Since we’ve had a lot of heartbreak in the last year and a half, we weren’t really looking for a new family member, but these things have an odd way of happening.  And although nothing is set in stone, yet, we may have had one of those things, happen 🙂

While they were there, they happened upon a few puppies, probably 12 weeks or a little older, who were apparently the cutest little things ever.  Why so special to us?

They’re a Lab/Husky mix.  It’s like Faith and Yuri had a love child (FaithIcon: ew!  NO WAY!!!!) but in a completely not gross way, because in our world, Faith and Yuri our brother and sister.  So.  Whatever.  But it’s true.  Yuri is a Husky, Faith is a Lab (well, the majority of her) and it’s like these puppies were the best of both worlds.  Well, because we weren’t really looking, they came home without any fuzzy faces, but mom was determined to show me.  She found their photos online and we immediately fell in love with one of the boys of the litter.  His name was Bentley and he had big green eyes and very familiar Husky smile.

He had to be ours.  However, since Ozzie’s passing in June, it’s been very hard on Dad to even think about another dog.  He and Ozzie were close and as with any family, the loss was painful.  But he should know, this dog isn’t a replacement, no one could ever replace Ozzie, but Mom says “If you’ve ever had such a good friend, it’s not that you’re replacing them when you lose them, you want to have more good friends, just like them.” Also, since Yuri is getting up in years, Mom wants to make sure he has a friend, since Faith and I will most likely move out in about two years into our own home.  Seeing as Yuri is a Husky and Huskies are very social, being alone isn’t ideal.  So, Mom thinks finding someone to keep him company is a good idea and getting them at a time where life isn’t like it was when Ozzie reached his time.  I agree, but I couldn’t help feel excited when Dad agreed.

He’s been wonderfully patient with Mom and I.  I know it’s probably not easy for him and he’s leery about getting another dog, to join us and grow old, but I’m sure he’ll like them regardless.  Even if it isn’t right away.

I digress.

Bentley– Well, I called about Bentley, I e-mailed about Bentley and impatiently waited for a reply.  Trust me, I went to the movies with Blake and although I loved the movie, I was really hoping there would be a reply in my box saying he was available for us to adopt.

Seriously, how could you not WANT him?!

Seriously, how could you NOT want him?!

Unfortunately.  For us anyway.  He wasn’t.  Bentley had found a forever home and although I’m very happy that he’ll have a home and hopefully a very loving family, I couldn’t help but feel sad and a wee bit jealous of them when I received the call.  There was still some light at the end of the “Trying this Adoption thing Tunnel” when the woman (very nice lady) told me that they had one more puppy left.  A little girl.  Her name is Paisley.  She has a gold eye and a blue eye and although they had thought she was going to be adopted and didn’t post any photos of her on the website, the adoption had fallen through.

And were we interested?

Well duh!

Since we originally had our hearts set on Bentley, the thought that there might be another of the litter available was wonderful.  Because they’re closed on Mondays, we weren’t able to see her or even get a photo, so we don’t know for sure what she looks like (apparently she’s a bit bigger than Bentley, see above, he’s pretty big for a baby)– but they’ve said she looks like her brothers/sister With a mix of both eye colors.  Very cool as Yuri has blue eyes and Faith has brown.  That would make it even more perfect.  She is also, per the nice lady’s opinion, very sweet.  So I have high hopes, she’d be the first girl dog in this house as Faith acts like a boy 99.9% of the time.

FaithIcon: Hey!  What is dis, pick on Faifee day?

So, now we wait.  After an absolutely insane day!  I had class till 11:30, went to have a violin lesson that was canceled because I have a cough (long story, no time) and then playing a form of phone-tag with mom to figure out how to get the paperwork they sent us done, Faith’s Rabies shot updated and who knows what else in a matter of hours.  I surprised my vet into letting us have an appointment out of nowhere, rushed to C.R. to get the forms to scan and send, get money for Faith’s shot and then actually pick up Faith to get the shot.  All before I had to return to school for my symphony rehearsal… Oh, did I mention that even though I got the forms scanned, I forgot they were too big and it sent it back to me twice?  Yeah, can’t save anything on the desktop at school, so I had to bother Dad to fix it and send it for me so the director of the shelter wouldn’t think we’d blown her off.


But, that part’s taken care of.  For now.  Now we wait till tomorrow– I have a short class day and have to take the two brats, I mean, lovelies to the vet so we can protect them from Kennel Cough, just in case this little girl has it.  I don’t think they’re the type of place to let their dogs get sick, but you never know where some of them have been, who they’ve seen, etc.  If Faith and Yuri got Kennel Cough at their age, I’m pretty sure it could be disastrous.  I would not want that.  Ever.  I would like to bring this puppy home and call her mine, but not at the risk of my own baby, Faith.  She means too much to me.  So, off to vetland we go and she’ll hate me for about 5 seconds and then cookies and kisses will be exchanged and then we’re off to see baby.

We’re taking them with us, just to be sure they’ll get along.  Yuri’s pretty laid back, so I don’t foresee trouble, but Faith might think I’m trying to replace her and not feel so generous.  But, then again, she has that wonderful maternal instinct, maybe she’ll surprise me.  She did today at the vet’s, so I’m not overlooking anything.

Here’s to hoping we have a new baby tomorrow!  They can still deny the adoption for whatever reason (we have a fence, experience, food, love, trained dogs, the desire for a new dog… Why they would?) I don’t know.  So we’re definitely crossing our fingers that whatever kind of interview we have, it goes well and that we can bring Paisley home… At some point, maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day, I don’t know how that works.  If there’s anything I’ve realized, it’s that at least in our neck of the woods, it’s much more time consuming and difficult to adopt than it is to simply buy a pet at the store.  Which is why I’ve realized people don’t adopt as much.  I get that the shelter is trying to make sure already traumatized and forgotten pets are placed in good homes, but the process certainly scares people away, I’m sure.  If I didn’t love the idea of Paisley so much, I might not have put as much effort into getting the paperwork done and sent and made arrangements to meet her.  But, I think in the end, it’ll be worth it.  I hope my heart melts tomorrow, because then it definitely would be.  Here’s to wishing!

Until then!

Jaina & Faith

P.S. If considering adoption, please be sure to consider older animals.  I feel like a double-standard.  For us, a puppy is better, since we’ve had so much heart-break with our older pets recently.  Just keep in mind, older pets are sometimes better pets.  Sometimes they come trained and certainly full of just as much love if not more for you.  They deserve a second chance just as much as puppies or kittens and it’s depressing and unnecessary to see them wither away at shelters or be euthanized because everyone wants the glamor of a baby animal (Again, I’m a hypocrite, I know, but at least I’m being honest).  Just please, don’t forget the older pets.  4 or 5 years old isn’t old, it’s just the beginning.  Don’t forget them!

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The Day They Went for a Ride

Posted by faiththemutt on August 28, 2009

Feel free to ignore the first 4 paragraphs as college-student angst.

Jaina Icon 2: So it’s been a rather uneventful last few days of summer for me.  The vacation is over and my school year is just around the corner.  This week has been fairly slow and I suppose that’s ok, considering come Monday, I’ll be neck high in homework.  Which, surprisingly enough, I’m not that concerned about.

My boyfriend began school last week and has been fairly overwhelmed with several class loads worth of homework, but he has been making a true effort to stay on top of his game and get things done.  Seeing him do that has made me realize that I want to be a good student again.  I used to be.  When I was in high school my GPA average was a 3.8 and by some miracle I graduated with a 4.0.  Nowadays, I’m barely scraping close to a 3.0.  Some of that is due to a legitmate learning disability in mathematics and a poorly advised schedule around an emergency knee surgery but for the most part, it was just me being lazy.

I wasn’t happy at the college I was attending and really stopped putting effort into my academics.  I blamed being at a school I didn’t like as my reason and although I believe it did have an affect on my work, I know better than to think that’s the only reason.  Now I’m at a better college, with better teachers, better students and better classes.  I’ve made progress since transferring, but not enough for me to be satisfied.  They hold their students to a higher standard and I truly want to prove that I’m worthy of studying there.

Since getting things figured out, I know I can do it.  I have to apply myself, but I know in the long-run I can do it.  And I’m really not worried about it.  Sure, I could slip up, but I don’t intend it to be from laziness.  I’m closer to my goals and by the end of this year, I hope to have a 3.5 or higher– I’m really not aiming for a 4.0 since I have two years of being a less than admirable student under my belt and I’ve never been a consistent 4.0er as it were.  I’d be happy with my usual average, but I know I’ll have to work for it.  I’m OK with that.

Anyway, enough goal-setting, you’re only here for the dog anyway, right?

FaithIcon: It is cawwed de Doggy Bwoggy, mom.

Jaina Icon 2: I know, I’m terrible.  I should know better.

FaithIcon: I fowgive you mommy.  Now, teww dem about Wednesday!

Jaina Icon 2:  Well, Wednesday was a pretty rainy day.  We woke up to it raining and fell asleep to it raining for nearly two days straight, which was pretty scary, considering our city just survived a major flood last summer.  A consistent rain is not something we really wanted to see.  We had a lot of things to do, but the rain sort of sucks out your will to move.  Unfortunately, lazing was not really acceptable, so I ended up having to get my butt going anyway.

First we received a check that needed depositing.  Then I get a call from my Dad saying he and my mom need me to go pick up supplies for dinner and I needed to stop at Target to pick up a present for the boyfriend’s birthday (he turned 22 on Thursday, but we’re going out to dinner on Sunday with his and my families)– and I needed to buy some wrapping paper.  So, as I was preparing to leave, two sets of doggy eyes followed me– wheeeerever I went.

FaithIcon: Just reminding you dat we wewe dere.  And happy to come wif you.

Jaina Icon 2: Uh-huh.  So after guilt tripping me, I sent Faith to the car and latched onto Yuri, who as you’ve seen, is a Siberian Husky and thus, even in old age, will make a break for the hills if given the chance.   I didn’t realize that sending Faith outside was such a bad idea.  Until I saw the small, very frightened, wild rabbit sitting as still as it could in the grass.  Faith pointed (which confuses me as to what she is), tail straight and all, alerting me to its presence.  I think it probably died of a little bunny heart-attack right then.

FaithIcon: It was sitting wight dere!  I could have had a snack!

Jaina Icon 2: But I wouldn’t let her.  I didn’t know how I was going to prevent “Bunny Maul 2009” seeing as my hands were already full of purse, keys and Husky, but I told her to leave it and shockingly enough, she did.  Begrudgingly…

FaithIcon: It was WIGHT  DERE!

Jaina Icon 2: But she did it.  I was very proud.  I know it’s hard for Faith, very hard, to ignore her instincts, especially when those instincts are screaming “KILLCUTEFURRYTHINGINYARD!”, but she did it anyway.  So to me, that proves she’s a really awesome dog.  So, after that, we all bundled to the car, bunny unscathed and my nerves not yet on end.  We had to stop by Mom’s work to pick up the debit card (what, you think I paid? Ha) and got to see her briefly.

FaithIcon: I nevew get to go inside.

Jaina Icon 2: Because it’s a doctor’s office… I think they’d disapprove of the fur you’d bring in.

FaithIcon: *Huumph* Peopwe don’t know what dere missing!

Jaina Icon 2: Or they do and you just haven’t gotten the memo yet.  In any case, I got the card and headed to the bank– or, as the dogs like to call it “McDonalds”.  As soon as I got to the drive-up and had the check pulled out, both of them were in my lap and  sniffing at the window– as if there were fries in there or something.

FaithIcon: Dat pwace is magic, mom!  Evweetime we go, cookies come out of de wittle siwver box!

Jaina Icon 2: She means the tray people put their checks and other paperwork into while in the drive-up.  The teller was just nice enough to send out some doggy treats.  She almost forgot actually, until Faith pressed nose all pathetically up against the glass and then licked the window, as though she’d never seen food in her life and then she realized there were two dogs in the car (Heaven-forbid Yuri be left out).  So she sent some out, laughing as I explained to her, they were under the impression that this fine banking establishment was a fast-food joint.  And so concluded the second stop on our journey.  At this point it was sprinkling, so I started hurrying, knowing with my luck, I could break records in mad dashes through stores and it would still pour, straight into my car.  Luckily, the present I wanted to get was easily found, but I was drawn in by the sales they were having on DVDs and of course had to stop and see which ones.

I have a problem, ok?

So that ended up killing time and then I had a disagreement with myself over which paper to buy.

“Would Mom buy the three roll set for $5.99?  Maybe, but would she pick those colors?  Nah.  This one’s on sale for $2.99– but this one for $3.95 says Happy Birthday– Nothing says Happy Birthday like Happy Birthday on wrapping paper…”

Seriously, these are the kinds of internal struggles I have. So after spending even more time arguing with my inner-self about wrapping paper, I finally settled and bought some.  Hopefully he likes the bow, because I kind of almost forgot and then was so annoyed I ran back and grabbed one without really thinking, the whole time my head echoing with my mother’s sage advice about “Alwaysalwaysalwaysalways buy a bow or ribbon for presents. It makes it look classy, Jaina!”

I promise, my childhood was a happy one, I just have a very craft-oriented mother who understands what makes a sophisticated present.  Shut up.

FaithIcon: It’s twue…  Tell dem about how angwy you got when you saw de car next to us had pawked too cwose.

Jaina Icon 2: Iiii don’t think we need to go into detail.  Just needless to say, if you drive a white Prius and you have issues parking in a straight line– I’m on to you.

With that mission accomplished we headed back to the grocery store I work at (I bet they love seeing me come in on my day off “Heyyy, didn’t she say she wasn’t available Wednesdays?”) and I was hopeful the light sprinkle I was feeling was as far as the rain was going to go.  As I was getting out of the car, I gave the dogs my usual spiel, be good, don’t bark etc. (to which Faith gave me a hearty doggy salute and Yuri said “meh– we’ll see”.)– Apparently this startled a gentleman who works at Hy-Vee as he was on his way to his car.  He looked at me strangely until he saw Yuri’s ears over the seat and smiled.  About .5 seconds later he realized there was another one in there.

“Oh, you’ve got two in there!”

“Yes, it’s quite the clown car.”

[Gesturing in Faith’s general direction] “What’s the one in the back?”

“I have no idea.  She’s yellow.  Probably mostly Lab.”

“Yeah.  She looks Lab in the face.”

(I had to keep from laughing at this, because for whatever reason, I thought it was funny)


“Nice looking dogs, have a nice day!”

Which just confirmed he worked there, outside of the standard uniform I see every time I work.  Once you work there, you start telling people to have a nice day, even if you’re the customer and they’re the employee.  After his departure I made a break for the store, list in hand and dashed around the store like mad-woman.  I got my shopping done in less than 15 minutes and was proud of myself as I’m still learning where everything is at this store (I transferred from a different branch about a month ago).  I kind of wish they would put black beans in a can next to the refried beans in a can so as to make my life easier when shopping for taco ingredients, but once I found them I was golden.

I realized how different I must look in street clothes when three out of four managers greeted me like I was a customer and not one of the employees they had been directing the night before, but that’s OK.  I like a certain amount of anonymity when I shop.  I was pretty proud of my speed shopping until I got back outside with the cart and realized it was really starting to pour.  So I ran to the car worried my dogs would be cowering somewhere in the middle, away from the windows I had left partially down only to find both of them hanging their heads out the window with glee written on their faces

Que Sound of Music Soundtrack:  The Hillllls are alive with the sound of musssssiiiicccc…

I was worried for nothing, so I immediately stopped worrying about them and worried for my car interior, which was slightly damp, but not soaked.  Good.  Once I got in the car, I figured I could roll the windows up… Oh no.  Yuri glared me down as I tried to roll his up, thinking I was taking away his only freedom and Faith wants what Yuri wants so I compromised and closed it a little more, but not enough he couldn’t get his nose out and Faith could at least get a nice breeze.  He kept his head out the window the whole way home, despite the rain.  It wasn’t until we got home he pulled his head back into the car– Proceeding to shake his now wet head and effectively making ME wet in the process.

I was not pleased.  He was.  Faith was indifferent.

All in all, it was a productive day.  The rain was kind of a bummer, since I promised them they could have some Frosty Paws ice cream, but couldn’t give it to them, since they have to eat it outside (trust me, the mess is not worth their two minutes of happiness and brain-freeze) and I’ve sort of forgotten to give it to them since then– To be fair it only stopped raining today, so they wouldn’t have gotten it anyway, but someone seems to think I’m trying to torture her.

FaithIcon: … Tink?  I know.  You pwomised and i stiww didn’t get one!

Jaina Icon 2: Maybe tomorrow.

FaithIcon: I be watching.

Despite the weather, I’m glad I took them along.  They don’t get to go that often anymore and I like to make them happy when I can.  Especially since at the time they were being good.  I did say at the time.  Plus, how could you resist the joy it brings?

Taken while at a complete stop and no other cars were waiting.  FYI.

Taken while at a complete stop and no other cars were waiting. FYI.

Until next time (and we have more pictures, sorry my posts are so long!)

Jaina & Faith with guest star Yuri!

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Ohhh How I Hate Packing…

Posted by faiththemutt on August 14, 2009

JainaIcon: Actually, hate is not a strong enough word.  I loathe packing.

FaithIcon: What’s so hawd abowt it?  Twow in my favowite squeakies and a chew bone and you awe done.

JainaIcon: Who said you’re going?

FaithIcon: Who said I’m nawt?

JainaIcon: I think someone is in denial?

FaithIcon: We’ew going to Egypt?!

(Sorry… Had to.)

JainaIcon: No… Um… No.  I’m going to Florida, you’re staying here.

FaithIcon: I tink dat’s wong.

JainaIcon: Noooo…  Anyway.  Packing.  Lame.  If I could afford it, I would leave everything here and buy clothes when I get there.  Screw packing.  And paying the airline $45 to carry a bag I have to bring… You know, so I’m not naked.

FaithIcon: Ew.

JainaIcon: Exactly.

So as you can see, I’m going on vacation.  Mom, Dad, the boyfriend and I are heading to Florida for a wee bit of fun in the sun.  Specifically Disney.  Because that’s awesome.  This will be my 17th trip, since I was three–

FaithIcon: And how many times have I been dere?  Nevew…  Dis is a pwobwem…

JainaIcon: You got to go to that really fun dog kennel during one of our trips– And, and you know you love your dogsitter so you can stay at home with your babies now.

FaithIcon: You wouldn’t wet me sweep on de bed for a week aftew dat!  You said I was too stinky.  And is dis doggysittew going to bwing me squeakies?

JainaIcon: Well, you were pretty gross after that– and no, Richard is not going to bring you squeakies.

FaithIcon: Den he can’t come ovew.

JainaIcon: Would you like to starve, because you know you can’t get your kibble out by yourself and Yuri wouldn’t do it even if he could… So…

FaithIcon: I forgetted dat pawt.

JainaIcon: Yeah.

So, yes.  We’re down to the wire in the packing department and here I am procrastinating… Again.

I can't make up my mind on what to bring!

I can't make up my mind on what to bring!

I’m sure somewhere my mother is saying “I can help you with that!”, since I clearly have no talent in packing, whatsoever.  I kind of just fold it haphazardly and go “meh, it’s good” when in reality, I could be utilizing my suitcase space, much more efficiently.  Mom sees it as a game of Tetris, I see it as Universal Chaos.  So, I’m sure, in the course of the next few hours, my suitcase will be organized, looked at by mom and reorganized, several times before we actually leave.  I’ve also noticed how little help I’m getting:



I’m sensing a little bitterness on a certain blond dog’s part.  She knows I’m packing to leave and she is definitely not happy about it.

FaithIcon: Woold you be if you had to spend de week wif Yuri– by yowself?!  He bweaks my squeakies and den WAFS about it!

JainaIcon: He’s not that bad.  Besides, you pretty much ruined your last squeaky, he just helped finish the job.


JainaIcon: Right.  Terrible idea to defend Yuri.  Bad human, bad.

Why yes, I am watching a YouTube video of David Bowie and Bing Crosby singing "Little Drummer Boy" on Crosby's Christmas Special, because I am *that* desperate to not look at this suitcase.

Why yes, I am watching a YouTube video of David Bowie and Bing Crosby singing "Little Drummer Boy" on Crosby's Christmas Special, because I am *that* desperate to not look at this suitcase.

I rest my case.

So, in case any of you are wondering, I probably won’t be posting any time soon.  Faith would do it, but 1.) I’m afraid she’d smash the keyboard and 2.) Well, the spacebar is a bit tricky, with her not having thumbs and such.  I’ll miss my puppies a bunch while we’re gone and although I know Yuri could care less, I’m positive Faith will be sitting by the door until we return.  She’s just that kind of dog.  I know she’ll be taken care of though and I’m looking forward to some relaxation with my other favorite non-fuzzy friends!  Hope I don’t burst into flame in the sun like I normally do.  Being a red head can be dangerous sometimes!

It's going to be worth it though!

It's going to be worth it though!

Until then!
~Jaina & Faith

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Never Wear Lipstick when the Windows are Down and the Dog is with you

Posted by faiththemutt on August 5, 2009

JainaIcon: Well, today was interesting.  It was a slow start, but I think in the long run, I ended up doing more than I expected.  Translation: I spent more money than I was intending.

FaithIcon: You work tomowwow.

JainaIcon: Does not mean I want my hard-earned cash disappearing before it even gets in my checking account.

FaithIcon: Den how do I get my squeakies?

JainaIcon: *Headdesk*

I will never win this argument, she’s hell-bent on breaking the world record of “Dog with most Squeakies”, which, if you think about it, she’s inarguably the winner of anyway.  If she’s not, I’d like to meet the person who’s more insane than me and what their toy box looks like.  Because, Faith’s is too frightening to show to the public.

FaithIcon: And you fowgawt to take pictuws…

JainaIcon: *cough*… Nobody needs to know that.

Anyway, today I decided I had to find a water bottle for Ianto, something the poor little guy can actually drink out of, since the one I bought for him was such an epic failure.  Plus, every hamster needs a rolly ball– It’s a necessity or all the other hamsters will laugh at him for not being as cool as them… Because… There are so many of them around here.

Anyway, he needed one.  I would take a picture, but 1.) He played in it most of the afternoon and got all tuckered out, so no energy for a photoshoot (plus, I needed to pick my room up first) and 2.) When a hamster is in a small space for longer than, I don’t know, 2 seconds, they have a tendency to… Let loose.  So I also have to clean it before I start taking any photos or we’ll have even fewer readers.  He may have tiny poops but that doesn’t make it cute.

Buying a rolly ball was first on the agenda but ended up being the last thing bought.  Since Wal-Mart is terrible.  I’m getting ahead of myself here though, as today was rather chaotic.

9:30 am, Faith woke me by staring at me, reminding me that I had plans to do stuff.  Though, I was a little slow going despite her insistence.  I promised her she could come with me once I got myself into gear.  After lunch, we headed out and booooooy was she ready.

Open de doooooooor!

Open dis door... Now.

Awaiting her chariot to be prepped, Faith had the cogs turning.  Didn’t matter to her that I was only going (planning) on buying stuff for Ianto and possibly make-up for me, seeing as I’ve been out of foundation for like, a month.  No matter, she had a plan.



Give me de keys, I'll dwive I know whrew de squeakies awe!

Give me de keys, I'll dwive I know whrew de squeakies awe!

Like, really ready.  And no, she did not drive, I’m not quite that desperate to lose my life.  Or my license.

Goodbye howse, I'll be back wif a squeaky!

Goodbye howse, I'll be back wif a squeaky!

Do you see how her mind works?  It’s never good when she starts plotting.  I hadn’t even said anything about a squeaky at this point.  But then, we got to Wal-Mart and suddenly, I was told that I couldn’t come back to the car if I didn’t bring her something, soft, cute and squeakable.

Now dat is where de squeakies awe... You have your owdews...

Now dat is where de squeakies awe... You have your owdews...

I think she meant orders… But… Sometimes the Universal Translator fails me when it comes to Faith-Speak.  Maybe she meant odors… And then I would be mad.  However, as long as I am ignorant to this, she’s very persuasive.

Did I mention that this isn’t just me being a pushover.  Just mostly.  The night before last, Yuri (Faith’s older brother) decided to finish off the gorilla with the bad dye job when no one was looking.  Mom insisted that somehow the gorilla had exploded on its own and that Yuri was just an innocent bystander.  Hardyhar.  I don’t believe it for a second, but that’s her story and she’s sticking to it.  Since I wasn’t actually there, I can’t say much to his actions… Just that there was bits of fluff all over the floor.

She wins.

She wins.

There is actually make-up under that monkey…  Somewhere.  And, to be fair, Wal-Mart’s small pet section is stinky.  So we had to go somewhere else anyway.  Yeah.

SQUEAKY!!!!  I know it's in dere!

SQUEAKY!!!! I know it's in dere!

Sigh. At least she knows I love her.  That’s all that matters.



Really, really love her.  Since the rolly balls at Wal-Mart were ridiculous and too big, I had to go back to the store I bought Ianto from in the first place to find one and get a new bottle for him.  Aside from buying an assortment of items for my little boy, I found a case of gourmet dog cookies and seeing as I love my dogs, I had to buy some.  At least they were cute.

Even with my human sensibilities... I really wanted to eat these.

Even with my human sensibilities... I really wanted to eat these.

It brings out the demon in Yuri.



Yummy!  I wuv cookies toooo!

Yummy! I wuv cookies toooo!

If ever a clown needed to fear a dog...

If ever a clown needed to fear a dog...

She was very patient with me holding on to her cookie.  Unlike Yuri, who made a break for the living room.

Tank you.

Tank you.

Do not share!

Do not share!

So aside from spoiling my dogs, entirely too much– I also spoiled my hamster… What?  Every hamster needs a rolly ball, a good water bottle and munchie sticks!

P1070701Don’t judge me.

FaithIcon: Yeah, because den she might not buy me de tings I want… Do we have anymowr cookies?

JainaIcon: Not at the moment.

FaithIcon: Well dat’s nawt wight.  De wules showd change awound hewre.  Squeakies and cookies, evwee day!

Until next time!

Jaina & Faith

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The New Squeaky-Not-Squeaky

Posted by faiththemutt on July 25, 2009

Dis… Is a catastwophe…  I don’t know how it happened, or why.  Just dat it happened.

Today… Mom bought a squeaky and actuawwy said– IT’S NOT A SQUEAKY!!!!!

First of awl, dere is no such ting as “not a squeaky”.  I mean, sewiously, doesn’t it wook wike a squeaky?

It's a squeaky... I know it.

It's a squeaky... I know it.

Mom says I have to be nice to it.  I guess I can be, but I wemember saying we should go to Target for an ACTUAL, WEAL, BOOTIFUL SQUEAKY… Do you HEAR DAT MOM??!!  Geez… And to make it worse… It doesn’t sweep at night.  Holy squeakies!  How am I supposed to get any sweepies!?!  It’s aways in dat stupid wheel thingy!  I don’t know how much wonger I can take it.  Could you?

Don't fall for it...

Don't fall for it...

It's blurry... But dangerous

It's blurry... But dangerous

At weast my mom’s fwend, Kelsey came over (she helped buy de annoying squeaky-not-squeaky) but she played tug wif me and I guess dat made it easier for me to wike de new bebe:

I'm winning...

I'm winning...

Still winning

Still winning

Did I mention I was winning?

Did I mention I was winning?

Yuwi is not amused.

Yuwi is not amused.



Heeeee.  I wuv it when I win!

Heeeee. I wuv it when I win!

No, weally.  I wuv it.

No, weally. I wuv it.

And den she frew it again.  Geez.

And den she frew it again. Geez.

Besides being annoyed by de new bebe.  Wast Saturday, gwandma, gwandpa, Mommy and her boyfwend (Who, by de way, did not bwing me a new squeaky) went to de park for a pickynic.  We had hot dogs and beans, cheesy Cheeto poofs and oweo cookies.  De not-fuwwy puppies had dis stuff called potato-salad… Blech!  I wouldn’t touch dat for awl de squeakies in de world… Well,  maybe awl of dem– Anyway, dat was gwoss, but de pickynic was fun and I hope we get to do it again.

Yuwi was twying to sneak up on de Cheesy Poofs... I tink dey saw him

Yuwi was twying to sneak up on de Cheesy Poofs... I tink dey saw him

I wuv dis wheaver

I wuv dis wheaver

Gwandpa ate an oweo wifout me.  Not. Fair.

Gwandpa ate an oweo wifout me. Not. Fair.

He tinks he's sneaky.  But, we can seeee him!

He tinks he's sneaky. But, we can seeee him!

And dat was my week.  Too much to do.  And not enough squeakies.  Oy.


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